Yami Gets A Smart Phone

[Daitomodachi Intro] Seto Kaiba: This is it Yugi.
[Yu Gi Oh OST – Legendary Duels] Kaiba: This will be the duel to end all duels! Kaiba: You may have beaten me several times. Kaiba: But I will win! Yami Yugi: In your dreams Kaiba! Yugi: Now. Let’s. Due- Kaiba: Umm.. what are you doing? Yugi: I’m… getting my duel disk ready. Kaiba: Yugi! This is why you’ll always be inferior to me!
(Considering Kaiba lost every match to him.) Kaiba: This is why you’re Toys “R” us and I’m Amazon.
(Brace your eyes next scene)
[Yu Gi Oh OST – Black Magician Girl] Kaiba: This is why I’m the Seme and you’re the Uke.
[Top and Bottom in a yaoi relationship] Yugi: What? Kaiba: You see Yugi we’re not using duel disks for our duel. Kaiba: We’re using my Duel Monsters mobile app. Kaiba: No connection with Konami’s version.
[Disclaimer to the viewer.] Yugi: But, we always used duel disks. Kaiba: Yugi the only people who use duel disks these days are spoiled rich man-children who spend their money on frivolous toys
[Yu Gi Oh OST – Kaiba Seto] Kaiba: Instead of being contributing members of society. Yugi: Did you roast yourself?
(Well yes but actually no.) Kaiba: Until you get a smartphone and install the app. Kaiba: I will not duel you! Yugi: Ugh…
[Yugioh OST – Kaiba Seto] Millennial Girl: What the hell is this? Millennial Girl: I wanted version 10, not version 9.9! Girl: Go get me the right version, you bitch. Girls Mom: Yes dear.
(That’s the look of someone who can dispose of a body) Yugi: Fucking millennials.
[Yu Gi Oh OST – The Magnificent Mai] Yugi: Alright Kaiba I got my smartphone!
[Yu Gi Oh OST – The Trump Card] Yugi: Now let’s duel! Smartphone: Installing 1 out of 600 updates.
(Ah shit.) Yugi: What’s it doing? Kaiba: It’s installing updates. Yami: But, we’re playing a childrens card game! Kaiba: Look just wait for it to install the updates alright?!
(Hope that phone has enough storage for it.) Yugi: Well our duels can take hours. Yugi: I guess these updates won’t take too lon- (Should have gotten unlimited high-speed data) Yugi: Ah! Téa. Finish me Téa! Ah.
(Let your imagination run free.) Smartphone: Updates are finished. Yami: Now we can finally start this du- [Yu Gi Oh OST – Hidden Feelings] Yugi: Were you staring at me the whole time? Kaiba: *Ahem* Yugi I see you finally installed the updates.
[He isn’t denying it.] Yugi: Yes Kaiba now we can finally start this due- Yugi: Oh what the hell is it doing now?
[Lifepoint dropping notification sound] [Patince Points: 0] Ad: Fuck you Baltimore! If you’re dumb enough to buy a new- Kaiba: It’s playing an ad. Yugi: Playing an ad?!
[Yu Gi Oh OST – Shadow King] Kaiba: That’s right. Yugi(snapped): For a childrens card game?! Kaiba: Just wait for it to finish playing it ok?! Jesus!
(How is he so agitated?) Yugi: Well I guess it can’t take that lon- Yugi: HOLY MOTHER OF RA! Yugi: Screw this! Yugi: Back in my day we didn’t play duel monsters on smartphones or fancy duel disks! Yugi: We played them on rocks!
(How the hell does that work?) Yugi: HUGE! FREAKING ROCKS! Kaiba: I can see why your kingdom got destroyed. Yugi: You know what Kaiba. Yugi: Wanna what else we use the rocks for? Kaiba: What? (PAIN)
[E-Dubble – Be King] (Yugi about to duel old school) Kaiba: *Grunting in pain* Kaiba: *Grunting in pain*
(All we need is Joey to scream Worldstar.) Kaiba: *Still grunting in pain* Dai: Ha, Bitch. Yami Yugi/Tom Shaclk: Whew, Man it’s really exhausting beating the shit out of pussies all day.
[Daitomodachi Credits] Yugi: Anyway thank you all for watching. For more content subscribe to Daitomodachis channel. Yugi: And give this video a like. All the greatest duelist in the world like to videos on youtube.

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100 thoughts on “Yami Gets A Smart Phone

  1. 📣I'm going to aim for a bi-weekly schedule starting in June. Expect "It Came From The Stream: The FBI Congratulate Neptune" on June 7th. It's the first blender animation I've done and hope you guys look forward towards it 👍


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  2. 2:23 Kaiba you bring back Atem for one last duel and you insult his reign , now you must know Atem gets angry pretty quickly if provoked facing him for several years and has an arsenal of magical abilities thanks to the Puzzle.

    Going easy with the Mind Crushing you at least once, sparing you where others had worse.

    Do not upset him or things like this happen and with Yugi nowhere around your toast.

  3. I actually did the math to find out how long watching 1000 adds would be and if they were each 30 second non skip able adds Yami would have to watch 8 hours and 20 minutes of adds… Damn

  4. If they rebooted the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise and it was exactly like that I would be so happy. As in play that s*** on Adult Swim or Hulu.

  5. Lol yami'sex dream about tea finishing him off lol shame on u yami your with yugi your little one remember? How is anyone not notice ths i totally ship yami and yugi together

  6. > 2:42 when your opponent cycles through their whole deck and basically wins turn 1 because you didn't draw a single card that could counter from hand

  7. If I was Yugi, I rather go back to playing TTRPG's with Bakura, because at least it'll get the duel app going

  8. When my dad watched this with meh he’s like “ XD YAMI CONFUSED! POOR SE5O GETTING HIS A$$ KICKED XDD “

  9. For some reason I was expecting Yuugi to just say “Halt! You’ve Violated the law! Pay the court a fine.”

  10. i died at the seme and uke thing and kaiba staring at yami while sleeping..i didn't want this vid i needed this instead..lol kaiba gay for yami

  11. 1:51 when my teacher asks me whats 1+4LGDSMGSDOGnso nognoin oidng idrngndogndigdfhguguaahghdGHDIOGHOERHGOdjIJGJGWPGj 1:54 me doing a joke to avoid the question


    I think Yami didn't mean finish him off in a duel


  13. oh seto🗿🗿 claiming you don’t like Yugi.. but then you pull that ‘i’m the seme and ur the uke’ bullshit

  14. Yami: Wanna know what we use the rocks for?
    Kaiba: what?
    Yami: i summon rock and attack your heath points directly!!

  15. "Yugi the only people who use duel disks these days are rich man Children"
    Me:"Says the one who invented the duel disk"
    Yami:"Did you just roast yourself?"
    Me:"Yeah he did…He did"

  16. LOL!! >W<
    Welcome to life with lag, ads, more lag and social problems Atem!!
    I think Yugi didn't teach him as much of the 21st century as he could xD

    Bienvenido a la vida con lag, anuncios, más lag y problemas sociales Atem!!
    Creo que Yugi no le enseñó todo lo que pudo del siglo 21 xD

  17. 2:39 yes finally Yugi finally does something right stop beating him in a game beat him up in real life thank you daitomodachi you did this world a favor

  18. 2:17
    Yugi:well i guess it can't take that lon-

    Me:if i was a Yugi i would do the same one >:)

    When RA got his mother!?

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