WWE Money In The Bank 2020 | Dream Match Card | Custom Story #1

Welcome once again to my channel welcome
to Kalifax WWE and welcome to my Custom Story Road to Wrestlemania
37. YES! Already on our Dream Road to Wrestlemania 37. Today we have
our first Episode WWE Money In The Bank 2020 Dream Match Card. Here we’re gonna
have a lot of fun and I will ask to you please to follow my lead on this journey
I want to all of you follow this series episode after episode I wanna read your
comments your storylines and your dream matches for each pay-per-view this
Custom Story it will be on this dates and the chapters will be on these PPV’s that you are looking on the screen the dates can change but the stories are
ready to go! and here we’re gonna start with the
first one but before to continue as usual I have to tell you don’t forget to
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are just two clicks that makes my work, Worth. And now let’s gonna start with my
Custom Story Road out to Wrestlemania 37 this time WWE Money In The Bank 2020
Dream Match Card and our first match here, it is on the Kick-Off Show, and this
time we have for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships… Heavy Machinery defending the titles
against the team of Shinsuke Nakamura and Sami Zayn. Now our second and last match on this
Kick-Off show we have another title contest this time it is for the WWE
Women’s Tag Team Championships and we have Beth Phoenix and Natalya facing the
IIconics. Now! Our Main Show our Opener Match here
we have the Men’s Money In The Bank 2020 Match
And…What winner would you choose!? On my Custom Story, here the winner of the 2020, Money in the Bank contract It’s…Adam Cole! Next match we have one-on-one action between
Aleister Black and Finn Bálor. Now, it’s time for the Intercontinental Championship and we have John Cena defending the title against Aj Styles. Next match, it’s time for the RAW Women’s
Championship and we have the Queen of Spades facing
the Queen, we have Shayna Baszler defending the title against Charlotte Flair. Now for the United States Championship
we have a triple threat match we have Andrade, defending the title, against Samoa Joe and against Buddy Murphy. Next match we have for the Universal
Championship The Fiend defending the title against our King Baron Corbin Almost to the end here we have for
the SmackDown Women’s Championship The Boss
Sasha Banks against The Pirates Princess Kairi Sane, with Asuka on ringside. And now in our Co-Main Event, we have for the WWE World Championship It’s time for this Scottish
Psychopath Drew McIntyre facing The Monday Night Messiah Seth Rollins with
the RAW Tag Team Champions, AOP on ringside. And finally here it’s time for our Main
Event match we have the Money in the Bank 2020 contract match but this time
for the Women’s once again let me know who will be your winner pick, because on my Custom Story, here My winner, it’s The Man, Becky Lynch. I have some things to tell you but that information. it will be on the marked comment below
so the video is until here that was it stay tuned to the channel because soon
it will be the second episode WWE SummerSlam 2020 I will see you there
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friends and social media and I will see you on the next chapter of my Custom Story, Road To Wrestlemania 37… Thanks for watching! Bye champs!

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