Why Was Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 SO MEDIOCRE?!

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100 thoughts on “Why Was Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 SO MEDIOCRE?!

  1. Can we get a "train go boom" in the chat please? Each comment helps cure shitty writing in video games.

    ____TIME STAMPS____

    0:00 – Introduction
    2:50 – Campaign Story (Mind Games)
    25:01 – Campaign Gameplay
    27:47 – Multiplayer (A Futuristic Downgrade)
    37:46 – Zombies
    42:26 – Everything Else (Dead Ops Arcade)
    44:53 – Conclusion

    Special Thanks to Trace x Tears for helping with the thumbnail ► https://twitter.com/Trace_x_Gears

  2. I didnt enjoy the campaign becouse I didnt know what's going on. As then I was new to COD series It was even worse for me to understand the single player, but i really enjoyed the multiplayer. All of that advanced movement made me enjoy the game overall, but hey that's just my opinion. 😀
    A little add on from me : bo3 is the only not dead COD :/

  3. People dont really look into the black ops 3 story, players are used to having the story being very straight forward and spoon fed to us, the Black Ops 3 campaign isnt meant to be taken straight forward, if players look hard enough during the briefings before each mission, there are texts in the back that explains what is happening.The game is meant to fuck with you but when you understood the campaign, it will mind blown you that you arent truly who you think you are, because at the end of black ops 3 you said "Im Taylor" or something around those lines, that is our character, accepting their own death, they were never really in any of the mission besides the first one. Our character was dying while we experience the missions and memories that Taylor went through. And this isnt the first time Treyarch has done this. Take zombies for example, people loved it, but there was no story to it, there is one but people have to do alot of searching and looking through the whole game to know what was happening in Zombies, from World At War to Black Ops, we players dont know what was happening in zombies, until the players did digging and research. The same you can say about Black Ops 3 Campaign, if you dont know whats happening, you can look into it. When you find the answer, it will blow your mind and change what the whole campaign really meant.

  4. I enjoyed the story by removing myself and the gameplay from it, It is complicated and it doesnt work as a game story but the concept is pretty good and COULD be worked into a story way more and way better

  5. I always thought Black Ops III was supposed to have a different title at first but they switched it to Black Ops III at the last second because people liked the first two. There's no other way to explain why it's called Black Ops III since it has so little to do with the first two games.

  6. Made some good points, but wanting to stop the 54 immortals, because they kill people seems like a normal human thing, to me at least. I also really liked the story, because it wasn't straightforward with everything.

  7. The makers of this game knew the campaign story was bad, they wanted it to be bad, they designed it to be bad to give validation to focus more on their more profitable part of the game multiplayer and their Zombie mode, so by making a bad campaign story and us bitching about it they can easily just remove it, so when we complain about no campaign in the 4th installment they can simply say but we did not like it in the 3rd so why should we continue with something no one liked, they wanted this, and they got what they wanted.

  8. train go boom
    this is at 27:22in the video

    I agree with the campaign it makes no sense after trying the 3rd mission I went to do the weapon customization and combat simulation and zombies the map feels too small and I'm playing on an impossible mode multiplayer feels like Black ops 2 but with black ops 3 weapons and a bit less quality

  9. Gotta agree with you on the zombies. Every map was based around some crazy ass story/Easter egg that kind of pushed out the casual players who just want to fuck around with friends on zombies and see how far they can go. My brother and I used to do first room guns only challenge but idk if that is even possible on this game because to pack a punch u gotta do the most insane tasks.

  10. I enjoyed the shit out of BO3 personally, I know, the future stuff wasn't fun for everyone but, I kinda liked it, it was annoying, but yet enjoyable, then again playing with friends can make stuff better than alone.

  11. Best Zombies from 2008-2015 so Bo3 was Solid good for me but the Campaign is shity but I really liked the Multiplayer from B01-B03

  12. you could literally pick up any random weapon on the ground and still be as good as before at killing people
    especially when the game is call of duty SMG ops 3

  13. I agree with everything you said but I don’t think you gave zombies enough
    credit. Shadows of evil was all right, but chronicles is fucking amazing. Verruct is my favorite map and to see it remastered so well is awesome. I don’t think you have this on console, but on pc you have access to mods in zombies, making it infinitely replayable. You can be Kermit with fucking waw and ghost guns in McDonald’s but all the zombies are the juggernaut from mw2. The fun is endless. You pretty much get every zombie map ever plus mods plus dead ops arcade. The zombies alone makes bo3 a pretty damn good game. (I hate gobblegum tho, that’s my least favorite part of zombies)

  14. Kids thought this game have a deep story, but actually not because the dumbass story writer just put everything they think it's cool and make it as vague as possible lmao and ya'll be sitting on your chair and like "Wtf bro that's deep"

  15. Eh, personally thought the zombies in this game is the most replayable and the best in COD. Shadows of Evil is highly underrated and you can choose how easy or difficult you want your experience is with gobblegum. I pretty much agree with your other statements.

  16. I have a disagreement with your clans with the zombies yes the gobble gums may be over powered and I agree with that but with the maps they more cater for more experienced players and for it to be a little harder for Easter eggs and I had a blast trying to go for a Easter egg in one of the zombie maps and the remakes a amazing but this is my opinion I know I made this a little late but I thought would tell you what I disagreed with and this is you opinion video so I don’t want to say your wrong for anything it’s your opinion well those were my thoughts thanks for reading my comment

  17. I love the multiplayer in bo3. It would be even better if they made the microtransactions WAY more fair or just removed them all together

  18. only a sick person would say modern warfrare 2 had the best class customization, there where like 6 weapons, all useless except the m4 and m16, the snipers, a joke, shotguns were toys etc. it was awesome for a lot of reasons but customization was not one of them

  19. The summit Black ops 3 zombies pretty good is paid the wind but you aren't forced to use gobblegums
    Multiplayer personally I hated it but I think it's still pretty bad compared to other cods cuz I really liked Black ops 2's multiplayer not to mention the multiplayer is also very paid to win but unlike gobblegums you kind of have to have some of the really overpowered guns
    Campaign what was the need for it
    But we did get Dead ops arcade again
    Nightmares who even remembers that
    Free run who even remembers that
    this is where it ends but I'm just going to go ahead and rant why zombies is pretty good

    Overall yeah it does fit the mediocre justification the only really good thing about Black ops 3 was zombies a lot of the most memorable maps are from Black ops 3 you have
    der eisendrache one of the most fun maps
    Gorod krovi with one of the best Easter boss fights
    Revelations good match if you're trying to start out sombies for high rounds activate the 4 generator ritual things trap the apothicon shoot the three parts of the heart Pack-a-Punch to get the apothicon servant just search it on YouTube and you don't have to go for the god mask but if you're slightly okay you can just search how to get it on YouTube I feel like they could have done more work with it though because it has no new wonder has no new specialist weapon
    Zetsubou a lot of people hated it but really it's just because no one wants to just grind grind for the kt4
    Shadows innovated zombies with the apothicons but it messed him so well because then we learned about the great war and what happened so it wasn't like Jason blundell said dude throwing some tentacle monster you find in some questionable anime the Incorporated it's so well-written actually made sense
    The giant simple also good for people who just started playing zombies
    And then you have all the Chronicles maps so for people who didn't have all the DLCs like me for waw Black ops 1 in Black ops 2 or flat-out didn't even have them at all can play some of the maps that were in those games you can literally play world at war in bo3 (I know you can also do it in Black ops 1)

  20. As the famous Squidward said the reason why this game was a big reason on why people didn't like it was because of


  21. this is very long

    I'm going to argue with you on the zombies in this game I'm not saying your opinion is wrong but you grew up playing world at war in Black ops 1 so you never had this mine say of you need to get set up you need to do that your mindset was get a raygun get the wonder weapon of the map live for as long as you can but to me then gets boring after awhile well say many other people where you have to set up every game you play in you can do it different ways you have different options instead of just repeat loop every single game get this thing get that thing you have strategy within how you play Wilson's people don't like change they tend not to change how they play which means they do the same thing over and over again and I'm guilty of this too but I've been trying to do better and try to do different things like use no gobblegums I started doing this once I hit prestige Master because there was no reason to grind for high anymore because I used to always play origins with shopping free and Black ops 3 but I've been trying to slowly stop doing that and see how it was more like in Black ops 2 we're going back to the setup thing you actually need more skill in a way to get to high rounds on Black ops 3 (but anyone can get to a high-round on Black ops 3 because of gobblegum) but you try to get to high rounds on let's say der eisendrache once you get to round 40 you get for freaking panzersoldat and there's not a very good wonder weapon or weapons at that to kill panzers easily the best gun is probably the ray gun because the Bose really don't do that much in my opinionbut with like origins the stands do decent amount of damage to the panzer and you have the Mark II and if you're not just playing by yourself you can get the freaking BoomHilda which is basically a mini Mark II in the way you need skill if you don't use gobblegum you have to understand how to get the Wonder weapons of that map gorod krovi and the giant are the only two maps that I know that require no skill to get the high rounds because you can get the wonder weapon out of the box so there's my argumentunwine Black ops 3 zombies is a bit better than what you say it is but that's just my opinion a lot of my friends would probably support me but there would be a probably a lot of OG people out there that played waw and Black ops 1 like you that don't like that they want to go get high rounds by means of simple way

  22. The reason why Chronicles cost so much is because it comes with 8 maps so if you do the math it's $30 with 8 mats that means each map cost $3.75

  23. Mediocre? You mean shit?

    Oh. I thought the girl who was burned was apart of Taylor’s little group. I didn’t pay attention. Mostly because I couldn’t.

  24. Black ops 3 has my favorite zombies out of all the zombies games, n I’ve been playing zombies and doing the EEs since the beginning. I absolutely loved SoE. DE might be my favorite zombies map of all time, ZNS gets a lot of hate but I did enjoy that map, GK was amazing, and I didn’t like revelations. But thatextra zombies map pack remasters was awesome

  25. I want to add on MP I think I was rank 34 and on zombies I was master prestige rank like 379. But the only way to play zombies in BO3 was to train them. But my buddy n I spend HOURS figuring out the EEs by ourselves, we made sure we never looked anything up and figured all the EEs our. Granted we needed help on Gorod krovi valve step but it was so much fun figuring them out

  26. My opinion, Black Ops 3 has the absolute greatest zombies mode the game has ever seen to date.

    I spent so many god damn hours playing it and every single one was worth it.

  27. I LOVED THIS GAME. but u can ave ur opinion. Its realy in depth if u understand i recommend this explanation vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hCIULujOzI. "TRAIN GO BOOM"

  28. Who writes the subtitles? I appreciate the effort but there are some mistakes, like calling the Zombies map "Derry's" (?) and some other weird things throughout the video that have nothing to do with what Act Man said. I would help if I could but not a native speaker of the language, and some of the mistakes can confuse if you're not good at understanding certain words

  29. Zombies was one of the best, multiplayer is um….. shitty cod multiplayer as always. Campaign was fun only because it was coop and there was boss fights

  30. BO1: Season 1-5, Really good but could be better
    BO2: Season 6-10, Even Better but Many people could argue that Season 1-5 are better
    BO3: Season 11-15, Nowhere near as good as 1-10, but still OK
    BO4: Season 16-20, Still not as good as 1-10, but better than 11-15 (this ones just my opinion, I like BO4)

  31. Bo3 NIGHTMARES MODE WAS LOWKEY A GOOD STORY TO TELL AS ZOMBIES. Instead of the actual campaign. It literally explained the campaign as a whole n foreshadowing DR MONTY & YHE SHADOW MAN

  32. Why havent you mentioned the mod tools and all of the custom content? People still make maps and modes for this. This is the best feature of the game.

  33. So i got a proposition, what if they make lootboxes BUT you can't get duplicates? Then the lootboxes wouldn't be bad since there eventually is 0 luck involved cus eventually you will guaranteed get all weapons. But there is also something to grind for just besides levels.

    It's still lootboxes, so activision can still get money like there is no tomorrow but also if you work for it you will get everything. Importantly tho they cant just put 500 emotes 500 calling cards and stuff in there.

    Just an option, because we all know the lootboxes will never leave.

  34. I feel like COD supply drops should be like Rainbow six siege alpha packs, just skins, outfits, headgears and that's it, nothing making it pay to win

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