Why Card Acceptance May Cost Less Than You Think

The B2B payments space is in constant evolution. Card usage is on the rise with U.S. commercial Card spend projected to grow 10.7% annually by 2023 70% of business buyers now expect a frictionless, consumer-like buying experience from vendors And today, many small business owners rely on credit to run their businesses, with 50% borrowing on their small business Credit Cards But a culture of late payments and paper check usage continues to plague the space. And accepting checks is far from free The average B2B invoice costs $17 and takes 10 days to process Factor in credit collection costs, payment delays, the potential for error and moreÖ and it makes sense that merchants are making the switch to Card payments The good news: accepting Cards may not be as costly as merchants think, especially when you deduct key savings, like: Tax deductions, DSO savings, Bad debt savings, and improved back-office efficiencies Delivering value and efficiency back to your business. Thatís the power of Card acceptance.

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