What does it mean to go beyond? – Beyond Bank (60 sec)

Well… Mm-hmm What does it mean to go beyond? I think for me it would be to go beyond expectation. Believing in something that’s greater than what you ever imagined. It’s about dreaming and it’s about trying You can’t sit around waiting for stuff you gotta you’ve got to be the one to go beyond. To really push myself. No limits. Because what you’ll often find is that way I probably could have done that a while back but I’ve been telling myself this whole time that’s where I can get because that’s where I got maybe two years ago. The fact that you never thought you could do it and you’ve done it. You keep going and you set yourself higher goals, so if you love something and you’re good at it get better at it. Make it better. You want to achieve something. Like what’s life without achieving something? Have pride in what you do, you’ve got to like what you do, and do the best you can do it. That’s it really. It’s as simple as that.

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