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100 thoughts on “Watch full South Carolina Democratic debate | CBS News

  1. I actually picture Trump on the podium and imagine each candidate with him….Bernie stands out for his passion. I think he can go to to toe. The young vs the old farts who need to goooooo. #bernie2020

  2. We love you Bernie, you are so correct! If you've traveled you will see that the countries that do take care of their people medically do well. Arguing that when you spend sooooo much money on the military????? Warmongerimg allows for massive expenditures but our health????

  3. You who vote democrats – look at this and stop doing that: California – The Exodus From The Golden State

  4. Wellness checks by medical pros like EMTs, firefighters, cna's who should be paid more, nurses RNA's, makecit lucrative for them..they are worth it.

  5. Marijuana is what's helping me make it through this ridiculousness 😟😟 yet you feed pills for every damn complaint. Drugs approved by FDA on mass lawsuits class action against pharma a year later. Give us a break. Go bust BIG PHARMA for the opioid epidemic.

  6. Costa Rica has a lot better healthcare system them ours! But now fascists trying their best. We have to stop them here in US first. Bernie2020. Costa Rican Indigenous Rights Defender Shot 15 Times, Killed

  7. And now Bernie Sanders unveils $1.5 trillion universal child care and pre-K plan and high education for caregivers. Almost like in France and rest of developed Europe, and 10m subsidized apartments (like in Vienna EU). Student loans cancelled. And where we could possibly find money for all that? Same place where FDR found in the middle of great depression before the massive U.S.-led global purge of socialists and communists after WWII. And now as new socialists coming we may again get new new deal and new green deal.

  8. These people are so ridiculous! The only people who interfere in our elections are the democrats! Voter fraud and illegal aliens voting are their insurance policy!
    And to Biden.. You’ve worked like the “devil”? Yep! Good one!

    President Trump is getting things done and all you and your ilk have done is opposed him, every step of the way! You’re all out of touch with “the American People” and that’s why you’ll lose! How about stop virtue signaling, and stop pushing the identity politics. Yawn! Eye-roll!

    Trump 2020🇺🇸

  9. Hyenas. They would eat their young to have a shot at Trump. Whoever it is will lose. I don't think the whole government should be red, but just look at them. What a joke. Trump 2020

  10. A debate? Really? I don`t see anyone getting much wiser after this.
    You can NEVER explain complicated politics in 1 minute answers.

  11. Gun show “loop hole” is not real it is phony and they keep peddling it… it is wrong and if gun laws were correct the entire country would be safer and these massacres would never have happened… I wonder why Chicago is in such terrible shape having the most stringent gun laws in the country… gun laws only deter law abiding citizens by definition then the only people who can carry weapons are the criminals and the police that is a huge problem and self defense is a right not a privilege

  12. Hopefully after Trump is reelected, the same thing will happen to all these clowns that happened to Hillary… they'll all fade out and be forgotten about. This whole election is futile for anyone besides Trump. TRUMP2020

  13. Bernie Sanders became a multi millionaire from being a career politician his whole live. Has he ever created value? Has he ever hired people? No. And yet he has the audacity to point fingers at entrepreneurs because they're "billionaires".

  14. Non disclosure agreements are absolutely horrifying. Its exactly what r kelly did to his victims. Its what criminals do to hush up victims. Its surprising that society allows them to exist.

  15. When are they going to break down and put up a few communist and socialist flags. If they put up an American one they would spend the debate on their knees.

  16. MSNBC is fake news and Democrats are fake Americans. It wouldn't surprise me if the DEMOCRATS got caught paying people to spread the Coronavirus. Evil Democrats

  17. bernie never had a robber into his home or tried to mug him because he has bodyguards but the rest of us Americans we have the right to defend ourselves.

  18. Democrates rule! Socialism is really great! Communism is fckn awesome! Come on, America! Russia, China and North Korea believe in you!

  19. Warren is both trying to leach off of Bernie's popularity while at the same time excluding Bernie Sander's supporters by labeling unfair accusations at Bernie. This is toxic

  20. 1:15:04 Pete Buttigieg: "Yes, in effect it was because it was about profiling people based on their race. The mayor even said that they disproportionally stopped white people too often and minorities too little."

    Excuse me… what? I'm just gonna assume Pete slipped up and made his own statements too ambiguous

  21. if ANY of you think they have OUR BEST INTEREST at heart you CRAZY
    cause all they want to do is get in office & take TRUMP OUT & that's IT! ! !
    they don't have ANYTHING to do with helping the american people but to just
    FILL their pockets & to look the OTHER WAY like they BEEN doing.

  22. 1. People are either dumb or disingenuous to not understand what Bernie is saying about Cuba.
    2. Unless it is the person's turn to speak, CUT EVERYONE ELSE'S MIC!!

  23. I thought Castro is dead, why is he so important. What's their thoughts about Assad or Erdogan?? 💭😷😷😷😷😷😷

  24. Here's the thing: while a couple of candidates I'm quite fond of, a couple more I like and some I plainly don't, the bottom line is: Can I Picture Any of them as President of the United States??? Unfortunately the answer is NO…

  25. You know the minimum wage jobs were meant for teenagers to get experience before going to college and make a little money and college students who could only work part time while they were getting an education it wasn't a job people were meant to raise 4 children on
    Promising to raise the minimum wage has doubled the price of fast food for instance making it impossible to afford a meal if one is away from the home longer than 1 thought and they get hungry
    Of course McDonald's is still making a bunch of money because they're just taking the extra income that will be going to their employees soon from those of us that use to buy their stuff and notice I said use to buy because all no longer shop there nor any other place that is overcharging me through these things
    The upturn in our finances here in the United States did not start until after Donald Trump was voted in as president not when he took office but when he won the office and Obama's trying to take credit for it! We're not all as stupid as You think fill my phone seems to be as it can't spell properly when I'm using this voice Device It's concerned
    Obamma doubled the deficit it took over 230 years to build he took his salary and he took a lot of the tax payer money to travel around the world on family vacations on make up artistes in designer clothes and now they're living off a money they stole while neither he nor his wife are allowed to practice law since losing that license to practice law for various reasons you should look up on the Internet
    The point I'm making is the democrats have seen their day and it's over. The only way a Democrat will ever again office again as far as the White House is concerned is never but perhaps Obama can run for the president of the world through the UN? He'd probly when there then we can see him for who he really is. And if you don't know who that is pick up a Bible and start reading as soon as you can because the tribulation is at hand very soon and many of your gonna be Left Behind to deal with it

  26. Everyone talks about Heathcare and weapons but no one talks about the Elephant in the room the millions of homeless due to a bad economy and as long as Democrats ignore that why should people vote for them?

  27. Sitting on a sofa on a Sunday afternoon. Going to the candidates debate. Laugh about it shout about it when you've got to choose. Every way you look at it you lose.

  28. Bernie should've Trumped the audience at 1:35:12 "Ohhh it sounds like we got a bunch of rich people in the audience." crowd boos "Hey rich people do you think oligarchs like Bloomberg should be able to buy elections?" boos intensify "You know, the fact that the DNC had to raise the ticket prices to $2000k to make it look like Bloomberg has any friends PROVES that the entire political establishment is terrified of our campaign."

  29. Bernie is really fighting for the people for 50 years…The other candidates just echo the same policies that never worked for the past 60 years !!!!

  30. Here is the math how Bernie can pay for free college and healthcare !!
    Quit giving free money to giant corporations. they make enough money to support themselves !!
    Top 100 list below

    Rank Parent Subsidy
    1 Boeing $14,908,500,735
    2 General Motors $6,873,943,055
    3 Intel $5,992,621,396
    4 Alcoa $5,805,167,889
    5 Foxconn $4,825,691,168
    6 Ford Motor $4,328,501,671
    7 NRG Energy $3,900,376,199
    8 Cheniere Energy $3,864,202,239
    9 Sempra Energy $3,361,530,958
    10 NextEra Energy $2,697,269,352
    11 Southern Co . $2,533,816,774
    12 Tesla Motors $2,441,582,590
    13 Iberdrola $2,287,629,113
    14 $2,287,574,819
    15 Fiat Chrysler $2,196,662,312
    16 General Electric $2,103,493,561
    17 Nike $2,094,781,049
    18 Mubadala Inv $2,035,262,371
    19 Summit Power $1,979,911,371
    20 Venture Global $1,869,575,000
    21 General Atomics $1,852,433,143
    22 Sasol $1,851,232,180
    23 Nissan $1,826,106,415
    24 Cerner . $1,822,536,296
    25 Royal Dutch Shell . $1,795,683,725
    26 Lockheed Martin $1,722,330,660
    27 Berkshire Hathaway $1,716,186,754
    28 IBM Corp. $1,692,290,571
    29 Dow Inc. $1,598,981,545
    30 SCS Energy . $1,590,807,785
    31 JPMorgan Chase . $1,579,880,617
    32 Energy Transfer . $1,415,135,745
    33 Northrop Grumman $1,276,747,990
    34 ArcelorMittal . $1,251,572,161
    35 United Technologies $1,247,982,406
    36 Duke Energy . $1,243,735,748
    37 Continental AG . $1,234,592,093
    38 Walt Disney . $1,180,896,180
    39 Archer Daniels $1,178,754,320
    40 Jefferies Financial $1,120,662,497
    41 Abengoa . $1,082,520,583
    42 Volkswagen . $1,071,478,311
    43 Exxon Mobil . $1,015,682,466
    44 Toyota . $998,386,939
    45 Forest City $984,244,837
    46 Exelon $936,629,374
    47 Valero Energy . $921,967,565
    48 Mazda Toyota Manu $900,000,000
    49 Comcast $896,011,755
    50 Pyramid Companies $887,944,842
    51 Alphabet Inc. $882,966,350
    52 Air Products & Chem $881,810,290
    53 Delta Air Lines . $878,127,081
    54 Bayer . $836,033,262
    55 Apple Inc. $820,690,826
    56 Brookfield Asset . $818,014,584
    57 CF Industries $810,715,945
    58 SunEdison . $803,513,344
    59 Goldman Sachs . $796,696,599
    60 OGE Energy $795,624,588
    61 E.ON $793,913,159
    62 Texas Instruments . $791,974,643
    63 Nucor $761,737,180
    64 NuScale Power $755,327,311
    65 Triple Five . $748,000,000
    66 AES Corp. $746,436,073
    67 Daimler $734,272,908
    68 EDF-Elec de France . $733,941,550
    69 EDP-En de Portugal $733,555,383
    70 Johnson Controls $728,713,090
    71 LG $706,586,507
    72 Battelle $702,413,986
    73 Bank of America . $689,530,980
    74 American Electric $687,832,369
    75 Michelin . $674,756,212
    76 Verizon Com . $674,490,850
    77 Sagamore Dev . $660,000,000
    78 Caithness Energy . $653,769,411
    79 Dominion Energy $639,237,176
    80 Ameren $618,093,398
    81 Bedrock Detroit $618,000,000
    82 General Dynamics $606,070,421
    83 FedEx $598,690,645
    84 Mayo Clinic $587,888,781
    85 Wells Fargo $580,703,961
    86 AT&T $580,593,897
    87 Microsoft $579,237,295
    88 Invenergy $573,139,535
    89 Sears $572,269,111
    90 Clean Coal Power $550,000,000
    90 Sematech $550,000,000
    91 SkyWest $547,095,291
    92 Scripps Research $545,000,000
    93 Dell Technologies $541,217,623
    94 Siemens $530,377,483
    95 Edison International $527,175,012
    96 Honeywell Int $519,941,926
    97 Raytheon $519,684,831
    98 Koch Industries $511,186,137
    99 Citigroup $504,768,056

  31. Advocating reparations should make you unelectable. So should playing identity politics. Steyer and Warren need to leave.

    If it's not Bloomberg, it's Trump. Simple as.

  32. Background checks don’t save lives they get people killed. Don’t believe me idc do your research on how many times it’s stopped a binaries criminal from getting a firearm. Vs how many times it’s gotten a law abiding citizens killed. And the gun show loophole is a myth. You can not go into a gun show and get a gun without a background check.

  33. NO STATUS QUO. BERNIW2020 HE NEVER SOLD AND NEVER WILL ALWAYS FOR WORKING PEOPLE FOR MORE THEN 50 YEARS. 8 hrs work = livable wage, free college or training, free kindergarten from 0 to preK, medicare for all save lives for the half price. But with first three checked who needs a doctors? And where the money come from. Same place as FDR did in the middle of Great Depression. But rich don't want to pay. They would rather switch to fascism, Bannon etc. Bernie2020. "8. Fascism is a capitalist response to socialism" (Richard D Wolff – google, YT from 10 things to know about socialism)

  34. Something notable. Bloomberg Thomas Steyr, and Biden are the only ones wearing a flag lapel pin. At least they got pandering to a science.

  35. If I could ask a question it would be directed at all on stage that are working or worked in the White House. Here is my question, why are we giving millions if not billions to foreign countries and not putting that money into America for Americans? Let's make America better then it is now. Close NAFTA and make minimum wage 18.00 an hour starting the day a Democrat is hired to represent America not waiting five or more years for the wages to hit 15.00 a hour. We need the money now not in five or more years. More money increases spending in America creating new jobs and wealth, middle class would return and people could loosen that notch on their belts and breath instead of worrying if I buy a cheap pair of shoes at Walmart created by child labor , will I be able to hold off paying my electric bill a week more? This should never be happening in our countiry but it is. America is home to the 1% of wealthy and 99% of the working poor.

  36. y’all need to let my man bernie talk his hand is STAYING in the air, he wants to talk and he’s being respectful by not yelling over people like the others, please let him talk lmao.

  37. Every one of these Dems are morons and how childish that they don’t have enough respect for another candidate to keep within their time limits and stop talking over each other! The U.S. is doing better than ever under the Trump Administration and just the thought of one of these more elderly “one foot in the nursing home” candidates running our country scares me to death! Obama did enough damage to our Country, we sure don’t want to go backwards just when we have finally started turning things around. Facts don’t lie, look at what has changed and improved in just 3 years! Wake up ppl!

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