USB OTG Card Reader Type C | REVIEW

see you again, with me Afif This time i want to review a small thing but greatly covenience for me Yup, A OTG Card Reader Type C This mini size multifunction card reader is used to read Micro SD and SD cards, with this you can make micro SD as a flashdisk and OTG for your smartphone i bought at Tokopedia (Indonesian E-Commerce) at cost 68.000 IDR there’s some of them with famous branded at hundred thousand Indonesian Rupiahs but while i’m using this (non branded), the function and built quality is not disappointed So if you have a doubt with a cheap price don’t worry, it’s enough for you The Package content, there is a card reader and user manual in English and Chinese language let’s talk about feature first, it’s Plug and Play easy to carry anywhere the body is scratch resistant ang lightweight has a type c usb port that supports transfers at high speed has a Micro SD slot and SD Card Slot that will be able to transfer data, watch movies, listen to songs the use of having an OTG card reader is perfect for you photographers or just travelling which is your camera doesn’t have a wifi feature or when the camera battery runs out if you had this small tool, you just have to remove the card and attach it to your smartphone, just choose which photos you like and the photos will be copied quickly not only that, you can also directly share the copy of the photo to social media if you can’t wait to show off the photos so, the consclusion is this is a very useful tool for you to have, for me, this OTG Card Reader always brought along everytime I take photo hunting because it saves me from carrying a heavy laptop and buying a tool that functions the same but is more expensive that’s all review from me this time Thank you for watching
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8 thoughts on “USB OTG Card Reader Type C | REVIEW

  1. sampai saat ini gada masalah kan sama barangnya bro? oh ya speed dan kompabilitas dengan pc (usb 3.0 & windows) aman kan?

  2. Saya beli ini shopee (seller dari china), tapi ternyata dapat yg palsu, plastik di USB Type-A warna biru tapi cuma USB 2.0, dan meski pakai USB Type-C juga, tapi tetap USB 2.0.

    Saya test benchmark, emang positif itu emang USB 2.0.

    Hati-hati aja ya beli card reader kayak gini, banyak palsunya.

    Ciri yang USB 3.0 asli ?

    Bukan warna biru di USB Type-A, tapi dari metode penggunaan USB MicroUSB Type-B yg gabung sama USB Type-A.

    Kalau asli USB 3.0 itu menggunakan MicroUSB-nya model geser.

    Kalau yang palsu, cuma USB 2.0 itu menggunakan MicroUSB-nya model lipat.

    Tapi secara harga emang yg palsu itu lebih murah dikit, tetap aja penipuan, terlihat seperti USB 3.0 karena warna USB Type-A nya biru, tapi sebenernya cuma USB 2.0 yg lambat. Kan sejak awal emang pengen beli yg USB 3.0, karena Card Reader USB 2.0 saya sudah punya.

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