Unlimited Free load to Any Network – Globe Smart Sun Tm Using Android / Ios

In this video, I will share with you where I got that free top-up or free internet from. Is it your first time to be here and wants to learn how to earn extra income online? Just click the subscribe button and the bell to get notified for new uploads. But before we start, since you’re using my referral codes from the websites and apps that I am sharing, let’s first give 250 pesos load each to two lucky winners. What you need to do is first, like this video. Next, type in the comment section the first name of your crush. Let’s go to proof of payment first to prove that they are really giving load and that they are truly legit. You’ll see here, regular 30 Smart load. You’ll see September 3. Smartload, on the bottom part, September 3 for 30 pesos. After I redeemed, I received the load within just 2 to 5 minutes. Freenet has been around for some time now, so, most of you maybe already have an account. But for those who don’t have yet, watch this. Let’s start with how to register. Go to the Playstore or app store of your phone. Then search for Freenet. Then install Freenet. After installing, click register. But read the Terms and Conditions too. Then just enter here your mobile number. Your active mobile number and currently in use. Based on my experience, they are not sending spams or other text messages. Then click register. Then just click yes to confirm your mobile number if it is correct. For the verification code, patiently wait for it. The verification code sometimes takes 2 minutes, sometimes 5 to 15 minutes to arrive. So, just wait for it. When you’re on that screen, don’t close that screen. Wait for the text message first. Even if the screen timed out, don’t close this application. so, just wait for the verification code. Because sometimes, it takes 15 minutes before you receive it. Once you receive the verification code, enter it here. So, this is a sample of the verification code via SMS. You’ll see that I requested multiple times, because I didn’t wait for it before. I resent it multiple times. So, guys take note, wait for it. Just enter the verification code here. Then click continue. Then read this and the Terms and Conditions, then click “Agree”. Then guys, check your interests here. your hobbies. Then click on “Submit” So, guys, here at Freenet, the points you see here can be converted to free internet or load For you to earn 50 points instantly, you need to put a referral code. This is important upon registration. Upon registration, do this first. Because if you did something else at first, you may not receive your referral bonus. I mean, you may not receive a bonus. So, do this first things first. To enter a referral code, that you’ll see here on the top left. Click these 3 lines. Then click “Referral Code” Then click on the “Input Code” Then put a referral code in there. You can use my referral code the one on the screen or you can also choose from our comment section. If you already have Freenet accounts, you can put your referral codes on the comment section below. Make sure that you will enter a referral code Do not skip this because you can get 50 bonus pts from it. It’s okay if you’re not gonna use my referral code, you can use one from the comments section. If you already have a referral code entered, click on “Submit Code” This is what I’m telling you about, that you will receive 50 bonus points if you enter a referral code. Then you’ll see at the bottom part, You’ll see on the 3rd tab, “Missions” Then click on “Freenet Internal” “Complete your profile” For you to earn another 100 bonus points. After completing your profile, you’ll see this pop-up, “You have earned 100 points” You’ll already see here the 50pts from referral code. Sometimes, it takes time to receive the points but that points will show maybe after 3 to 5 minutes. To earn points, there are two ways. First, there are missions. You’ll visit websites in exchange of points. Second, you may invite. It is not required to invite to be able to redeem load. Let’s check the missions where we can gain points by visiting websites. Click on the bottom, on the 3rd tab, Missions. By the way, our mobile is on live. You’ll see here what we have on the screen. Then just choose a website that you wanna visit. Then just click the website. Then click on “Proceed” Then just browse the website. The click “Back” after browsing. You’ll see, it is still 78 points but when you click on “Check your transactions”, Click that one. You’ll see the website you visited earlier The 2 points is there but it is not reflecting on the home yet. Just wait for it maybe after 3 to 5 minutes. After that, you can view other websites. 2 points every website. Just click on “Proceed” again. So, the 2 points popped-up already. Then just close this once done. You’ll already see 82 points because of the two “2 points” earlier. The 2 points earlier and 2 points just now. Total of 82 already. In Freenet, you may also view ads in exchange to points. Just click this if you want to earn points. I’m just not sure if it has daily limit. The points that you’ll get from the ads. Based on my experience, the website that they are asking you to visit, there are likely 4 websites every day. I’m just not sure about the ads on how many ads per day are they giving. I clicked on Freenet ad. Just wait for it to finish Once the ad is done, just click close. That’s it and you’ll receive points. When you’re redeeming click on “Shop” Choose there, Data and Load, just choose there. On the gaming pin, Garena, LevelUp, Mobile Legends, they also have Steam wallet. This is a sample, I redeemed regular 30 load. Just click on that 300 points Then click on redeem Then just wait within 5 to 10 minutes, you’ll receive your load. So, here’s mine, I received my load within just 1 minute. You can also join their daily raffle. They have give-aways daily But personally, I haven’t tried on won on that yet but you may still join that since you’ve already registered on the application. Just click on “Join Now” So, just read the details of their “Dailygaya” Then just fill this form up correctly because if you won on their daily raffle, that’s where they’ll send you the prize so, make sure it is correct. Then click on “Submit” once done. So there, you have 10 raffle entries. Click on “Okay” again. Just a friendly reminder, for mobile data users, if you’re just using mobile data, it may not be worth it if you focus on missions. Visiting websites or viewing ads. In exchange of points. It may not worth your mobile data in that case. If you’re just in mobile data, it’s much better if you focus on “Refer a friend” Because once you’re able to refer, they used your referral code, you’ll receive 50 points. By the way guys, This works on both Android and IOS. I am currently using Android. You can also use it in IOS but the problem with IOS is it doesn’t have a referral code. For you to enter a referral code, and for you to see your referral code, you need to use an Android. But for IOS, it only has missions. Thank you for watching. See you next time. There is a heavy rain right now, so, I’ll make it quick. Shout out for those waiting for it. Hello, shout out please, John Elvin Facal. Thank you and God bless. Nice tips. Shout out Idol, Sir Pentina Gaming. Hi, shout out please, Kurt Russel Baitamo.

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