U.S. Chip Card Anniversary

Hey everyone! I’m Stephanie O’Connell, personal finance expert and author, and I’m excited to be partnering with Visa to celebrate the one year anniversary of chip card technology. So we’re here today in New York City to get some answers. Should I swipe or should I put the chip? Like, sometimes I swipe and they’re like “put the chip,” right, “put the chip,” and I’ll, like, swipe. It feels like it’s kind of been a pain, because i’m just so used to swiping. It seems to be working fine. It’s supposed to be safer method. By now, most of us have some personal experience using chip card technology, and while most consumers are becoming familiar with the dipping process, there’s still some confusion as to why this change was made and how it can actually benefit us. That extra, you know, three seconds to wait for the chip card is, is worth that time? Absolutely. I mean I’d like to embrace change, it’s just immediately it can be inconvenient to adjust to. When you sort of feel yourself getting frustrated, you’re just like all “Oh, but it’s safer,” so it it does help compensate for it. They’re very slow right now versus the credit card vs the swipe, but we’re noticing reading faster at some locations. I always think there will be an issue because I always see these, like, spendages that I don’t think was me, but I, it ends up it was always me. Did you know that the chip that is in your phone that allows you to make that mobile payment is the same chip that’s on your card? No I didn’t know that. Yeah. Okay, wow, I didn’t know that. Using a chip is more secure. Great, let’s transition. Just one year after the transition, we’ve come a long way. The most important thing to remember is that chip cards are working and preventing fraud. Thanks for watching.

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