Tron Peterson Cares for Veterans – People Helping People Created by Arvest Bank

(Wind blowing flag) (Truck noise) (Michael) I got to figure out where I’m going. (Tron) There is no greater joy than seeing
hope restored in a veteran’s life. (Narrator) Tron Peterson has spent the past
decade helping veterans adjust to life after the military. (Tron) I really started seeing the veterans
coming back injured maybe with PTSD and just ready to give up a lot of times. They would go over there so many times, you now confident and stuff, and they would come back and a lot of them, it was hard for them to cope with society. So I thought, what can I do as an individual? (Narrator) That’s when he created Peterson
Outdoors Ministries. They provide recreational therapy for injured veterans, with the goal of helping them redefine their purpose in life. (Tron) I really felt that it was put on my
heart to have a place that would facilitate those with severe disabilities where they
could stay on the property as a family. We would take them outdoors, let them have a wonderful time. (Michael) Pull! (Gun shot) We have clay pigeon shooting, that’s always
fun to see them competing against each other. Bass fishing, we do a lot of stuff here at
Lodge of Hope. And just to see them interacting again and seeing that joy on their face makes it all worthwhile. (Michael) I’m a veteran of the Army. I was injured twice in service. Once in September 2010 and then again in February 2011. Later that year, December of 2011, in fact,
I was medically retired from the Army. Tron had asked me if I liked to hunt and I
told him I did, I just wasn’t quite sure how I was going to do it anymore. He then told me that he has an organization
called Peterson Outdoors Ministries and they have a lot of adaptive equipment to help veterans or somebody with a disability to get out in the woods again. And kind of brought a smile on my face. (Adam) You can see the impact. You can see tangible results. It’s not mailing a check somewhere. It’s not putting a bumper sticker on your
car that says, ‘Support our Troops.’ It’s meeting people who need help and providing
them with the help they need. Sam’s ready to take these people on the
boat. (Tron) You know there’s so much bad news
in the country right now, but whenever you can see a life changed, you see a veteran and his family find hope again, that’s what’s exciting to me, that keeps me going. Just knowing we’re making a difference.

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