Top 5 Legendary Pokemon Ash Should Have Caught

Hey guys, HDvee here. Now not long ago, i uploaded a video to the
channel going over the top five Pokemon that Ash should have caught, and whilst you guys
seemed to really like it, there were a number of comments going over the legendary Pokemon
that Ash should have caught. This got me thinking that looking back at
the movies, there were a bunch of legendary Pokemon that Ash really bonded with that could
have easily joined his team. The most likely reason Ash has never caught
a legendary Pokemon is because it would pretty much break the anime seeing as he’d easily
beat most trainers, but it’s still fun to speculate who he should have caught. With that being said, today’s video takes
a look at the top five legendary pokemon Ash should have caught. Don’t hesitate to drop a comment down below
about the video and if you found it interesting or not! Don’t forget to leave a like on this video
too to show your support and I’ll be sure to bring out a new video very shortly. Make sure to subscribe if you haven’t already
to keep up to date and follow my twitter to hear updates about the channel. Now, without further ado, let’s get into
the video and I really hope that you enjoy! Starting things off and claiming the number
five spot in today’s top five video is Lugia. Lugia is a very serious Pokémon with immense
power. Even with all three Legendary birds attacking
it at once, Lugia was able to employ very skilled moves in defending itself against
them. Lugia is intelligent and clear-minded, keenly
aware of its role in the legend surrounding the islands and also of its inability to quell
the Legendary birds by itself. This Lugia is set apart from other Lugia in
that it has a special connection to the song played by Melody on her instrument. Lugia makes song-like noises similar to this
tune and when played, the song has the power to restore Lugia’s depleted strength. In addition, Lugia is able to communicate
via telepathy, much like other Pokémon featured in the Pokémon movies. Lugia should probably have joined Ash’s
team, not only because together they saved the world, but there was also a prophecy written
about the pair which goes, Disturb not the harmony of fire, ice or lightning, Lest these
titans wreak destruction upon the world in which they clash, Though the water’s great
guardian shall rise to quell the fighting, Alone its song will fail, thus the earth shall
turn to ash, which pretty much says they’d meet one day, and let’s face it, a Lugia
on Ash’s team would have been incredible to see. Coming in at the number four spot in today’s
top five video is Suicune. While on a ferry going to Ash and his friends’
next destination, the group looked out into the woods and saw Suicune. Not knowing what it is, they called Professor
Oak and described it to him. Professor Oak said that it was in fact a Suicune
and told the group all about it. A while later, Suicune saw the Iron-Masked
Marauder making Celebi destroy the forest and saved Ash and Sam from falling off the
monster that Celebi created. Suicune eventually got caught in the monster’s
hand, nearly immobilized. It managed to struggle out of its grip, buying
time for Ash and Sam. They eventually succeeded into saving Celebi
from the Iron-Masked Marauder. Ash and Suicune seemed to have a really strong
connection in this movie, and hey, it beats the last time they saw a legendary dog, seeing
as Entei pretty much kidnapped Ash’s mum. Suicune also saved Ash’s life, so the Pokemon
clearly trusted him too and again, it would have been pretty cool to see Suicune on Ash’s
team. Coming in at the halfway point in today’s
top five video is Victini. When Ash, Iris, and Cilan visit Eindoak Town,
Victini transfers some of its power to Ash so he could save some Deerling from falling
off a ledge. It later telepathically guided Ash through
the tunnels beneath the castle. After Ash found his way back to his friends,
Victini secretly stole some of Cilan’s homemade Macarons just as Ash was about to eat them. Ash even sacrificed himself for Victini by
holding Victini and Pikachu in his arms, as his body freezes and he slowly runs out of
air during the scenes featuring the sword of the vale. After the Sword of the Vale is returned to
the surface and placed in a new location, Victini returns despite Ash assuming it had
given its life, and happily finds itself at the ocean. With the barriers destroyed, Victini is free
to go wherever it wants, and it journeys with Ash, Iris, and Cilan for a while before ultimately
saying goodbye. Victini has taken a liking to Ash as seen
when it powered up his Tepig and Scraggy when they were at a severe disadvantage and Ash
was willing to help Victini escape the barriers, holding it. So as you can see, a legendary Pokemon even
travelled around with Ash, even though it was short lived, and so could have definitely
found its way into Ash’s team. Coming in at the number two spot in today’s
top five video is Ho-oh. For some reason, Ho-oh has a huge significance
in the Pokemon anime, and to Ash. Ash first saw Ho-Oh in Pokémon – I Choose
You!. It appeared in a forest on his way to Viridian
City during his first day as a Trainer. He was lying on the ground with his injured
Pikachu and saw it fly over the rainbow that appeared in the sky after a storm. His Pokédex could not identify it and explained
that many Pokémon were still unknown. As fate would have it, Ash saw Ho-Oh a second
time in Gotta Catch Ya Later! after he parted ways with his close friends Brock and Misty. The third time he saw it was in Battling the
Enemy Within! after May pointed to it flying in the sky after Ash lost an informal challenge
against Pyramid King Brandon and was released from possession by the King of Pokélantis’
spirit. Ho-oh is one of the legendary Pokemon that
Ash has seen the most, so could that imply that it’s following him around on his journey? It would have been pretty cool to see Ash
finally capture Ho-oh, but who knows, with the new movie coming out this year which revolves
around Ash and Ho-oh, maybe the young trainer finally captures his first legendary pokemon. Finishing things off though and claiming the
number one spot in today’s top five video is Latias. Latias and her brother, Latios, lived in the
Secret Garden in Alto Mare, where they were the guardians of the Soul Dew. They were friends with Lorenzo and Bianca. Latias and Latios presented some very unique
powers in the movie, such as sight-sharing, invisibility, and shapeshifting. Latias commonly shapeshifts to appear the
same as Bianca, and befriended Ash under her persona. Latias is a very docile Pokémon. She appeared to dislike fighting and was easily
scared off by any conflict or anything attempting to cause harm to her. She cared much for people and Pokémon close
to her, including Ash, Latios, Bianca and Lorenzo. She was, however, shown to have a more mature
side besides her childish and playful side, bravely joining her big brother to save Alto
Mare from drowning. Latias is one of the few Pokémon seen in
the anime to have been shown to have a crush on a person, who, in Latias’s case, is Ash. After saving Latias from Annie and Oakley,
Latias was shown to have complete trust in Ash, wanting to play with him all the time
they spent together at the Secret Garden, and also being the one she sought for help
when Latios was kidnapped. Latias reminds me a lot of Bayleef, mostly
because they both had a crush on Ash, but because Latias always wanted to be with the
trainer, she seems the most likely candidate for joining his team. But with that, wraps up this video. I really hope you enjoyed it as much as i
did making it! If you did enjoy the video though, please
leave a like i’d really appreciate it! Like i said at the start of the video, I would
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for watching guys, have an amazing day, and i’ll see you, in the next video!

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