Tips for Paying the USCIS Fee After Getting an Immigrant Visa from an Embassy Green Card Interview

Hi I’m John Khosravi Managing
Attorney of the JQK Immigration Law firm
helping applicants and immigrants from across the
world come and live their
lives in the United States. And today I want to talk about
an important part of the Green
Card process, if you’re doing
Consular Processing, you know
the interview at the Embassy
before coming in and when you
get an immigrant visa. When your case does get
approved and you’re about to
come to the U.S. it’s very important to pay the
USCIS fee, right now it’s 220 dollars, as soon
as possible before you enter United
States, and that will allow
the green card to be shipped you mailed to
you much faster. But one problem that happens
when people try to go pay that
fee is the numbers they’re
supposed to use the case
number and the alien number sometimes
don’t work and they can’t get
past one of the first screens. So I wanted to help you out
with some information on that. First of all you need your
alien number, just that the A
Number. It is usually nine digits. If you only have an eight
Number alien number, add a zero to the beginning of it. You could find the only number
on the immigrant visa itself. I have a picture right here
showing where it should be. Now other than that you have
to have your Department of State case number and this is
number you know the NVC number that you’ve been using
and seeing a lot. It starts with the first three
initials that are letters that
represent the Embassy you went to. Then the year you’ll see 20
something like 16, 17, to 18, 19 and then some more
digits. Now when you look at your
immigrant visa you might have
more numbers at the end which makes the
number not fit in that fee payment system for the Green
Card. But what you do is use the
three letters and then the 10 digits that come
after that. If there’s more numbers after
that don’t include those, just
those basic three letters 10 numbers
and you’re all set. I hope that helps you complete
the process and start your
life in America. So until next one, have a good

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