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Each year, we, as a bank, have to allocate many resources to manually manage our insurance policies covering our customers invoices. The growth of this activity has made it complex. It was difficult to follow every terms and conditions. This took us a long time. In addition, it required a high level of regulatory capital in order to respect
the Basel three requirements. The Tinubu Square solution was a real asset to our digital transformation. Now, we have a better visibility of our activity. The development of interactions between our teams has decreased turnaround time. Invoice support requests are automated through a portal that offers the sellers, “our customers” to digitize all invoices and buyers data. Our new internal and centralized system is connected to international legal databases which enables us to check the solvency of these actors almost instantly. We have a clear and accurate vision of the management of the insurance policies that we subscribe to in an automated way with all major insurance companies. This new way of working allows us to provide our teams with higher value-added tasks. We reduce our capital requirements and we can now invest in new projects! Thanks to Tinubu Square, a new era starts for our bank. We are now able to offer our customers a more modern and reliable quality of service.

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