Thomas’ credit comeback

I was with this person for 18 years, and
then we split up. I had such a broken heart and then I got that little puppy. He was my rock. And then she stuck me with all this credit card debt at the time. It was at least five or six credit cards I had to default on. I was really struggling for a while. My boss was like, “You need to check out Credit Karma. It’s free!” And I’m like, “Perfect! If it’s free it’s for me.” When I first checked my credit score, I knew it was gonna be low, but I didn’t realize how bad it was
gonna be in a mid-500’s. That’s when I started reading all the little tips on Credit Karma about what cards to apply for and then how to use your credit
limit so that you can build your credit. When I got approved for the first credit
card, it was a very good feeling. I was like, “Holy moly!” ’cause I hadn’t had good credit for so long! I am now actually out looking to buy a home since I finally got approved for a mortgage. Cosmo is now 13 years old. I’m gonna try to pick the best house for the two of us. I hope he’s gonna like it! [chuckles] [dog panting]

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