ThinkPad X240, X250 – Wireless WAN Card Replacement

Disconnect the AC adapter from the computer. Power on the system and continuously tap F1 to enter the BIOS. If you receive a general help window press enter to continue. Use the right arrow key to select the configuration menu. Use the down arrow key to highlight the power menu, and press enter. The power sub menu will be displayed. Use the down arrow key to highlight the disable built in battery option, and press enter. Assure that yes is highlighted and hit enter again to power off the system. Allow your system three to five minutes to cool before you open up the cover. Slide and hold both latches into the outward release position to unlock the external battery. Slide the battery out of its bay. Loosen the eight captive screws that secure the Base Cover. Use a non-metallic pry tool to detach the locking clips, and remove the cover. Disconnect the battery cable from the system board. Disconnect the antenna cables from the WAN card. Remove the single retaining screw.Remove the single retaining screw. Lift the WAN card slightly up to pull it from the connector and remove it from the system. Place the WAN card into the connector. Install the single retaining screw. Connect the red cable to the MAIN connector. Connect the blue cable to the AUXILIARY connector. Connect the battery cable to the system board. Align the Base Cover with the ports of the system. Press the cover down to engage the locking clips. Tighten eight captive screws Slide the external battery into the battery bay until it clicks into place. Connect the AC adapter to the system. Turn on the computer to automatically enable the internal battery.

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8 thoughts on “ThinkPad X240, X250 – Wireless WAN Card Replacement

  1. hello i was replace thie wifi card on X230 but after it not run , the bios is no accepte the new card. it is the same with the X250 ? thanks and sorry for my bad english

  2. I have a yoga 370 and would like to add a WWAN card. It seems straight forward, but I can't see any antenna cables. Are those available for purchase?

  3. Hello,
    I recently upgraded my Lenovo T440p with this card and it works fine for mobile networks.
    However, I only have two cables connected as shown in the video but the card has the third one, labeled GPS (also visible in the video)that is left disconnected as there is no antenna cable in the machine to attach to it.
    I would like a GPS functionality with my laptop.
    Is there a special, additional, GPS antenna and cable upgrade option available in order to enable GPS functionality?
    Maybe it's just an "auxiliary/optional" and the GPS is possible even without it (wishful thinking)?
    Thank you for your response.

    Best regards,

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