The truth… (Banks VS. Brother Jake)

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100 thoughts on “The truth… (Banks VS. Brother Jake)


  2. Yo Logan ur gud bro .. but ur brother sucks to the core ….. no offense …. just see Hw stupid he is.

  3. The “bruise” looks like make up. I know cuz I’ve made fake bruises before. Just my opinion. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  4. Oh shut up both you lying Twats 🤣 Faze banks is innocent. You don’t know wether them police officers r real because Jake has called over fake police officers multiple times in his videos for clickbait. Also, if the police reports are real, then show us ! Dumb wankers.

    Edit: I really don’t care if you want to hate all yall 12 year old logangers and jake paulers🤣 I 👏 don’t 👏 give 👏 a 👏 fuck 👏

  5. Who ever said that he spit on Erica is so stupid when I herd that I watched all of jakes videos agen and never once saw him spit on Erica

  6. 17:30-40, Logan sharted his pants couldnt even make eye contact with his own brother because he didnt know where the convo was going and The Truth is is that Logan is a piece of shit

  7. I feel bad for Alissa violet. Jake was being a jerk and trying to cover it up. She said she heard him smash with another girl. She is still hurt Jake. U should probably apologize privately. I’m just saying I’m a Logang pauler and I think that was fucked up the way you are treating her. Jake read this please. Your own dad screamed at her until She cried read this and apologize please.

  8. Bro wtf r u guys talking abt like this all bullshit u guys r bullshitting soooo much like why would u do smth like this meg is the biggest liar and jake don’t even get me started like u wanna talk abt fabricating things hahhahahaaha this is bs and ummm i remember u doing stooooopid shit to her during in ur other vids when she lived with u and I’m sure u were supposed to make a vid saying u fcked up but ooofts

  9. I’m a fan of impaulsive and what the actual fuck is this?! Bro this almost makes me want to unsubscribe lol thank god you stopped doing content like this

  10. honestly i agree with Irving Cruz because unless you were there you can't possibly have a say in what's right or wrong and i don't have a side either because i wasn't a whitness and i can't possibly claim anything that happened because I WASN'T THERE!

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