The Puffy Panda Piggy Bank will steal your coins, and it is the cutest.

Sorry I screamed about
the snake back th– Honey, the panda exhibit. Aw. Quick, give me some money. What? Why? Pandas love loose
change, and it’s lucky. They’re like nature’s
wishing well. I don’t think that’s right. It is. Here you go, little buddy. What are you doing? You’re going to make him sick. Honey, daddy needs your
allowance back that I gave you. Yeah, good girl. Thank you, baby. Stop it. Why do you think pandas
like to eat money? Well– There you go, little buddy. I’ve studied the species. That panda looks like
it’s going to be sick. My wish came true. Feed your spare change
to the Puffy Panda Bank, not a real one. Puffy will let you
know it’s appreciated and let you get it
back when you need it. But the Puffy Panda Bank now. and shop for hundreds
more gifts at For more wild animal
fun, tap here. Or for some domesticated
bank options, tap here. And to get your own
panda bank, tap here. Oh, guys, the kangaroo,
nature’s purse, hold on to that for me, buddy. No, no, don’t eat it.

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