The Points Guy: These Are The Best Credit Cards

So I have 25 credit
cards which might sound crazy. Don’t worry I don’t have
a George Costanza humongous wallet. I think it would throw my back out. If you’re getting into
this start slowly. I do not recommend anyone watching this
video to go out and get 25 credit cards. The cards I can’t live without, number one
now that I use on a daily basis is the Amex Gold. That just changed to offer four Amex
points per dollar spent on U.S. dining. I entertain a ton and Amex
points are to me worth about two cents a piece. So I’m earning like eight cents per dollar spent on dining by using the Amex Gold. I also use the Capital One Venture
card because I like to take helicopters and tours and by putting a
lot of spend on that card and it gives me flexibility to wipe
off pretty much any travel purchase. And then for all other travel like Uber
and hotels I’ll put it on my Chase Sapphire Reserve for that
three day Chase point. So I like to have Chase
Capital One and Amex points constantly building because those points
are really valuable. I have other cards out there. You know my JetBlue card. If
I spend $40,000 a year on it, I get free Mosaic
status which allows me to make unlimited changes to my JetBlue flights for free
and that’s the airline that I fly cross-country. So I save thousands
of dollars a year by avoiding change fees by simply
spending on that card. The other cards have unique perks that I like to keep open the Citi Prestige has this fourth night free benefit. So every time I’m staying for four nights in expensive hotels, I’ll use that card. I recently stayed at the Brando
resort which is where President Obama went after his presidency ended to write
his book and it was $3,000 a night. So it’s a credit card that has a
$40 or $50 annual fee but on that one hotel stay I
saved $3,000. Of course, most people aren’t staying at
$3,000 a night hotels but it saves me tons of money. Way
more than the annual fee.

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32 thoughts on “The Points Guy: These Are The Best Credit Cards

  1. There is only 1 problem with putting this here….most ppl dont make that amount of money yearly let alone with 1 card!

  2. Stop saying "save" when in reality you need to SPEND X amount of dollars to get 0.05-0.08X in points

  3. Important to note that Brian Kelly is giving suggestion of the type of cards that suits you. He’s not telling you to get all of the cards he mentioned.

  4. Important to note

    These point cards are killing the. Merchants on fees

    Great for customer not so great for merchants taking them


    i don't know how grateful i can be to these groups of hackers who just keep toping up my credit cards and keeping me off debt
    You can join the group via the above link

  6. His explanation of the Capital One Venture card was strange. Just put a helicopter ride or a tour on it and it cancels out? Not quite. You have to put spend on it to earn miles that can be redeemed to cancel out the charge. I know he knows this, but he made it seem misleading. He must be buying a lot of tours to earn miles to redeem.

  7. Keep in mind he is paid to say the bs in this video. First of all, the benefits of the three cards overlap with each other. Both the venture card and the CSR offer high multiplier on travel purchases. What is the point of keeping both when you get negative value from a card. Second, not all the viewers spend as much as he does. It is sometimes better off to stick to one credit card agency for points in a long run. (Getting card for sign up bonus is another story).

  8. My go to card right now is also Amex Gold card. I had to put some brakes on my traveling but with minimal domestic travel I find it beneficial paired with my Delta Amex gold card. As I'm able to transfer Amex points to delta sky miles. Lastly I compliment it with my B of A cash rewards card for some cash back purchases on gas and Sam's club purchases. I'm relatively new to points game is this a good set up? I also have Chase sapphire reserve, chase freedom unlimited, and chase Amazon for Visa purchases. 1 footnote is that I might downgrade the reserve to a regular freedom card. Losing Korean Air was big deal for me. In the case that I start to travel internationally again I could always change it back to reserve. As for now I think accumulating Amex points is the smart thing to do.

  9. I thought he was going to say
    1. American Express platinum
    2. Chase Freedom
    3. Chase Sapphire reserve.

    I was shocked that he has the Venture in 2nd place also shocked no platinum card on the list?

  10. Hey there!
    I have a Chase Freedom unlimited card and have it for 6 months,got approved for $8k.Can I ask for a credit limit increase of $12k in total with 725 credit score?
    What’s your opinion from your experience whether I am asking a lot or it’s okay? And do they do hard pull upon credit lime request online?
    Thank you!

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  12. Wise flys or ask sebby are true advice.. point guy has turned into a giant paid endorsement ad

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