The Making Of Lil Baby & Drake’s “Yes Indeed” With Wheezy | Deconstructed

Really honestly, Gunna had the beat first. When I played Drake the beat, he was like,
“Yo give that to Noah ASAP.” Two weeks, three weeks later, maybe a month,
he was like, “Yo I just spazzed.” I had to call Gunna like “Yo this shit man…” “Drake on this beat.” “You gon’ have to fall back on it.” I really think Gunna should have been on this
too but it’s a collab coming soon. For sure. I was out in Wyoming with Kanye. We was kicking it, kicking it, kicking it. We was making music just going crazy every
night. My last day there, Drake showed up. Me and Drake, we talked before but it was
through DM and that’s when ‘SUPER SLIMEY’ dropped. It was so crazy. I had an early flight so I had to go ahead
and go back to my cabin or whatever. I’m on the flight and the nigga was like,
“Bro I didn’t even fucking know that was you last night bro. I feel so dumb bro.” And I was like, “Nah it’s all good.” I flew back to LA. A day later, Drake came. He was like, “Yo pull up to the house. Let’s get it.” Honestly, I opened up the program and just
started pressing shit. Sometimes, I’ll have a beat in my head but
with me, it starts with the sound first rather than me thinking about the pattern. If I like the sound, I’m just gonna go crazy. So originally, I started with this pad. The pad was a plug in called Purity I’ve
been using for a long time. ‘Cause when I started making beats, I couldn’t
get Omnisphere and all that big stuff ‘cause I didn’t have the right space for the computer
but now you know, we loaded. Once I had the pad, I started with the drums. I think the 808s are the heart of the beat. You gotta have your 808s right. The 808s ain’t right, the beat ain’t right. So I had the pad and the 808, but it really
wasn’t the vibe I was going for. I was looking for something way more grimey. I went through this crazy kit that I got from
young producer, B Rackz. It had like this crazy string-y flutey sample. I kinda tweaked it. You know what I’m saying? Put some more drip on it. Right away, I knew it was crazy. I was satisfied. I had the hi-hats and the claps already from
the pad. When I found the flute, it just went right
with it. I feel like the hi-hats give way more color. At the time, I felt like it was missing the
vox. I just feel like it needed to be there. It gives it that punch. My favorite part of the beat? The tag. Shout out to Future for that “Wheezy Outta
Here!” Drake sent me his verse first without Lil
Baby being on it but he said Lil Baby’s name so that’s how I just knew. Maybe like a day after that, it was a TMZ
video out and he dropped it in a club in Atlanta. It was crazy. My social media, everything went crazy. I ain’t even know it dropped. When I heard Drake shout me out, I was appreciative. I was like, “Yo this shit finna be crazy.” “The summer’s mine.”

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100 thoughts on “The Making Of Lil Baby & Drake’s “Yes Indeed” With Wheezy | Deconstructed

  1. I start with the sound as well. Problem is, I have a of minimum sounds. I'm looking to upgrade my sounds once I get a couple beat sales. Wheezy is straight 🔥 though. I've been a huge fan since Barter 6.

  2. i dont know why but the “really honestly, Gunna had the beat first,” at the beginning is so hard to me 😭🔥

  3. When you start preparing food, but you realize that it's shit…so you just dust it and head to Mc Donald's

  4. yall can finally stop looping the intro for the instrumental and reproduce it cus he gave yall the sample

  5. Everyone should realize that Rammstein tee is Vetements just to clear that up. Dope tee. It's $500+ though. Of course he's gonna rock it. Whether he listens to them or not is up for debate lol.

  6. There's tons of people making beats on YouTube…what he made was so simple…anybody on here could of made that…it sounds lazy to me

  7. I used to think wheezy was pretty whack cause I never found this beat to be that cool. He’s definitely shown extreme skill and talent with some of the work he’s done for various artists (Chanel, Habits, several other Thugger and Gunna songs)

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