The Disturbing Truth About Sperm Banks

I was really poor in college. It was a struggle
to find money for my insanely low rent five person house. So inevitably, I looked up how
to donate sperm… // They’ll pay you for this?! Sup guys, Trace here for DNews to talk about
the awkwardly fascinating topic of sperm banks. We’ve had a lot of conversation about genetically
modifying human embryos and gametes to create superbabies, but what about the vintage version
of that: sperm selection. In 1952, doctors in Iowa learned to freeze and re-animate sperm
cells; something which could help families conceive — a year later, three babies were
born from thawed sperm. Sperm banks is a general name for the place
men go to donate this sperm, and then have it frozen and used for in-vitro fertilization
later. IVF is a 60 billion dollar-a-year industry, and according to the American Society for
Reproductive Medicine, in 2012, in-vitro fertilization accounted for 1.5% of ALL births in the U.S.
or about 3.95 million wee babes — that includes partner donation as well as sperm banks. But
because IVF can pull from the banks, some donors end up fathering many offspring — though
it’s not like the movies, the upper mathematical limit is about 30 pregnancies per year. 80-percent of the donors are doing it for
the cash according to TIME magazine — some are paid as much as $100 per… um, donation.
The thing is, it’s not really easy to become a donor! It’s not just any geek off the street,
you gotta be handy with the steel, know what I mean? Earn your keep! There are over 500
different banks in the U.S., and they have different rules in each bank and in different
states, but in general the screening can be intense. In California, only 5 to 10 percent of men
qualify for donation. Banks want to make sure the sperm are quality, so they an initial
sample for motility, morphology, cell count, and so on. They also test to ensure they can
reanimate after the freezing process. If volunteers pass that, they check a family medical history,
test donor’s blood and urine to look for intravenous drug use, HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia,
and Hepatitis B and C. The FDA also tests for some genetic disorders, like cystic fibrosis,.
But the FDA doesn’t require screening for genetic disorders, or regulate sperm banks
in any way, so there’s no consistency. Some banks will do a full genetic workup, whereas
others only test cystic fibrosis, sickle-cell disease, or blood-related problems. But even
if you’re the perfect donor, medically, you can still be denied for the most shallow reasons
ever… The NIH found most rejections were for low
sperm motility but you may be rejected if you’re under 5 foot 7 (1.7M) — some require
5-eleven (1.8M!), or if you have dark skin — because most IVF families are white. If
you’re a homosexual man (or have had sex with other men in general) you’re not able to donate.
Sperm banks pay more for PhD students or Ivy Leaguers. Why? Because potential recipients
are paying a lot of money to pick their ideal IVF candidate, and even if it’s anonymous
(which it isn’t always) they’ll still be given the donors height, hair color, eye color,
education level, and even told if they’re a celebrity look-alike. Some sperm banks also
ask about salary, familial baldness, taste in clothing, even hobbies. Even with all the screening, the lack of regulation
means donor information can be, and HAS been, misrepresented to recipients. One couple in
Atlanta is suing a sperm bank saying they’ve discovered the donor who was described as
having a master’s in Neuroscience, an IQ of 160, and an impressive health history; was
really a schizophrenic, college dropout with a burglary arrest record. The Journal of Pediatrics
published a case in 2006 detailing how one sperm donor passed on a rare genetic disorder
called congenital neutropenia, or Kostmann Syndrome, and another from in the Journal
of the American Medical Association in 2009 wrote about a 23-year-old donor who passed
on a potentially fatal congenital heart condition to 9 children including one who died; all
because genetic testing wasn’t done. For people who donate to sperm banks, it would
seem the incentive is clear, they’re paid for their ejaculate, but since there’s no
regulation it’s sort of like the wild, wild, west in there! Have you ever been a donor? Did you know someone
who was? Tell us about the experience, I’m super curious! It’s such a crazy process. I’ve been searching through your science questions
and saving some of them to make videos! There are some AWESOME ones, but there are also
ones we’ve already done! We do have almost 2000 videos, so check there too — you’re
not being ignored. Check out our backlog, and thanks for watching DNews. Subscribe,
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100 thoughts on “The Disturbing Truth About Sperm Banks

  1. I wouldn't give sperm to anyone, in fact, I am against sperm donations, this world is greatly increasing in population, it's slowly reaching too many people, with less people… damn I wish the plague would break out again, we need to ease the population again

  2. I’m 19 and I have a 20 thousand dollar debt due to the fact I’m in college right so I looked up sperm donating two days ago and applied. But what the sperm banks don’t tell you is that when the kids turn 18 that have been made with your sperm they can find out who you are. So I checked my email this morning and I was improved to continue the process and they want me to come down but that’s not going to happen. Screw that! Plus they don’t even pay that much for the time and effort only between $35-$100 that’s not shit. Just thought I’d share my very short experience with this. Make sure you do your research because you don’t want random kids calling you or knocking on your door when they turn 18.

  3. Funny how this stupid shit about making sure your donor is smart or whatever doesn't actually do anything at all for your kid. Last time I and everyone else checked, intelligence doesn't come down the family tree, intelligence is something that is developed. Lot of people wasting their time.

  4. How do they collect your sperm
    Do you just beat it at home and show up like
    I brought this
    Can I get my money…

  5. They have a thing like this similar but for females. I still would never donate because I don't want to be part of the overpopulation problem.

  6. I'm not against these requirements, it's a commercially available service and women want to get the best. i just find it funny that when it comes to egg donation couples are told to choose a woman that will most resemble the child's non-biological mother, i.e. if the mother only has an high school education you should choose a woman with no more than an undergrad degree, if the mother is short and stout you should choose a short and stout donor …
    As if the woman who purchased sperm would have cared about the fact the sperm donor was 5 or 6 inches taller than her husband.

  7. Who cares about the money bro, just do it to increase your Darwinian fitness, that's literally the purpose of life lmfao.

  8. Glad I'm not having kids. This world is going to be horrible, filled with people who are pieces of shit with snobby attitudes. Yes, I realize I'm not perfect. So aren't you.

  9. They should make sperm pay more depending on your height, health, intelligence, attractiveness, and other qualities that may even not be precisely measured. I’d be one rich mf

  10. We say the world is overpopulated but these services exist why?? Leave the birthing of babies to people who can have them, it's no one's fault that "natural selection" chose who can reproduce and who can't.

  11. I’m happy to have found some DC siblings AND my anonymous donor. Fortunately he’s been open with us and is a sane, educated, and generally good dude .

  12. So bitches i hate mens and sex, cause i raped by a jerk when i was in middle school. well anyway i want to get pregnant, i dont need sex and men in my life. so now tell me what can i do? where to go? who to call? for this sperm donor, can i say that i want sperm from a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes and white skin, and ofcourse he must be healthy.

    Also this sperm donor must never see me or my baby. he is just donor and baby is fucking mine

  13. I'd like to become a donor at some point. If I pass their tests of course. I think I fulfil even their shallowest requirements and I can use some extra cash

  14. In Portugal you don't earn any money but genetic testing is required. The color of the skin/eyes/hair is registered so the child will be more like the father. Plus, related to this video, schizophrenic patients will not be accepted unless they never got their diagnosis: it is a genetic related disease but there is no test.
    The offspring doesn't have the right, ever, to know who was the donor.

  15. They should go after those who are in perfect health and  reveal history in case that person comes in contact with a sibling.  no one wants to find out they are dating their half sister or brother.

  16. In the Banana Republic of Great Britain, it is illegal to pay for sperm. The kids are allowed to know who the donors are as well. The result is fewer donors.

  17. Fun fact men get paid $50 – $70 to donate semen and women get paid over $5,000 to donate eggs but it’s a more difficult process. Each person donating male and female must be extremely physically and mentally healthy with not family history of disease or mental illness.

  18. why did you not mention the fact that the foolish men who donate have a very good chance of having to pay child support even several years later. if you think im lying, look it up for your self. so the the fools who have already done this i say….. sorry for your luck.

  19. this is the kinda stuff that makes me disgusted in the human race. were already overpopulated and if someone cant conceive that's God's way of saying you should be a parent.

  20. Well it is nice to learn from this convoluted attempt to appeal to the masses, that the shallow found me to be in one of the select 5%-10% of men in California. If you actually had done some research showing that there are regulations in the very same state you chose to highlight meritless discrimination. Women love short men. Education is significant!? How could they? They want a person who is educated and over six feet with Danish heritage to somehow not have contracted an STD despite their superpowers?! I have no style. I also was paid $500 (not SOME EVEN $100) EACH and EVERY time I donated which was restricted in accordance to state regulations in the old "wild wild west" as you'd call it. You are about as quality of a asset to Discovery's reputation as Wild Wild West was to the world of cinema. Fucking moron.

  21. I am a baby from a sperm donar {well now im 13} and the donar was described as 5 foot & 7 {or very tall] and im 4'5 and my mom tall so…. how could i be so short? and my mom has blonde hair and it said that my sperm donar dad had red hair and….. well i have brown hair so, how is that possible? Please try to find an answer to these questions ive asked multiple other people but, they just cant get over how im from a sperm donar so i would reeeeeaaaaaally like to know Thanks

  22. I'm a private donor agreement sperm donor, I don't get paid and donate directly to my recipients in person, in a plastic cup. My recipients find me on a website called Prideangel and I try to find the very best potential parents I can. I found donating through a clinic too cold and clinical. My way, I get photos and updates about the children and it's by far the most rewarding thing I've ever done in my life. I have helped create about 25 families, with 3 sets of twins and a few of the families having more than one child. I love it so much.

  23. I would flip the hell out if i were a kid from the bank my mother was problably like "enie menie minie moe oh i pick this one"

  24. There’s this case that the sperm is older than the parent. Does this mean the soul gets trapped in the sperm?

  25. Feminism thrived on sperm donation.its high time to name and shame those donner in order to confront feminazi.

  26. So, what if the donor has met ALL of the expectations of the reciever (as far as genetics, I.Q., etc.), and yet, the child still grows up to be a absolute dipsh*t (possibly with other unlikable traits)? Do we still blame the father (donor), or or is there something else going on that we are unaware of?

  27. This is a serious question and I don't mean to be disrespectful, but I want to know how big is it the possibility that two half-siblings or even a father with her biological daughter can end up having an involuntary incestuous relationship due to anonymous donations? Could this be a big risk? I wonder because I saw on the news that this happened to a woman with her biological son who she gave up for adoption when he was just a baby. Of course, it wasn't an open adoption =O.

  28. From someone who is the result of someone's sperm donations I can attest to the fact that banks do not limit the amount of births that happen from a single donor.

  29. I’m 6’3 and I’m white. I have a husk body type (muscle>skinny) and I weight 220Lbs. And I’ve been thinking about doing this cause the girls in my area (Los Angeles) ask for wayyyyy more than what I am they want 6’5, 180 pounds and with green eyes. And I’m just thinking it’ll be nice to give a future mother out there a child she always dreamed about

  30. He's right sperm Banks are as corrupt, racist, biased as Mafia….

    You either keep your sperm for yourself …or date Asians or Africans ….they are less racists than white scum…

  31. do they Ejaculate your Penis & Squirts it into a Bottle please don't tell me they have to Inject the Scrotum Area

  32. i would be afraid of disorders<>heres the one thing i think is so very bad//is putting this on the internet/it should be a beautiful thing that you and your hubby did/do you know how many children have tried to kill there self because there parents put it all over the net/getting called names in school /getting teased that your a test tube baby/sperm head/that is not your mom and dad/i could go on for hours/my doctor said i would never have another child/12 years later i did/you have to be careful that your sperm donor does not suffer from depression/bad hearts/arth/cancer/blindness/deafness/walking disability/i think back when i was 21 wanting a second baby but i would remember what the doctor said/im glad i did not beacuse i would have another child anyway/young kids today do not want to wait//

  33. Tbh i think this should be illegal because 1. The guys are getting paid to not take care of their children 2. Overpopulation 3. Foster homes 4. Lot's of single mothers like domo wilson taking care of a sperm donor baby 5. Nasty af 6. Women are stupid enough to agree they even donate their ovaries or be a surrogate. I just think this is overall stupid to me

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