“The Compensator” Build Log – Our most insane build ever!

Welcome to the build log of the Compensator, this will be a computer with no stops pulled, four titan x’s, 128 gigabytes of GDDR4 ram, 1.2 Terabyte NVme drive from Intel, and an intel 5960x and Some benchmarks to crush, if you want to see more build logs in the future wreck the like button. Let’s do this Freshbooks is the super simple invoicing solution that lets you get organized, save time, and get paid faster, click now to try for free! This won’t be a particularly hard computer to build It’s just going to be kind of particularly epic These white boxes if you guys are wondering what the heck these are these are all the Titan X’s This is the Sli bridge that I’m going to have to use Yep 128 gigs of Ram just insane, Dominator platinum 2400 It comes with lighting strips Hmm cool, so you could take your USB 3.0 header plug it in here and Then you’d have a USB 2.0 Plug that you could plug into your board down here. Nice some cable management stuff. That’s pretty cool some rings Gonna take this cage out back here just so I have better access to cable management stuff I kind of hoped that these fans were separate. So this is for lights, so there’s I guess 3 yeah There’s three different lighting strips in this bag that comes with the case you have these three knobs So you can I guess control the brightness? We’ll have to see later on When I put in the motherboard, I like having the case on its side, and this thing on its side is huge this block is Far too large, but my problem with this case is I have to fit it up here And I did it in totally the wrong order. I should have installed this first Alright, We are back to essentially nothing Wow, that’s a problem. These light cables back here are super in the way Ugh that sucks A fare amount of squish on those at little LEDs, but I think they’ll be okay. Wow that’s close clearance so yeah at this point I don’t know if I would necessarily recommend a triple rad in this case I’ve already had to undo a lot of screen things and I hate that so much I’ve got the board back in And the Cooler is being Fed through So I just installed two Screws into the motherboard, and I’m not going to do any more for now I just want to make sure that I can get this cooler installed. I have to remove this obviously. I’m not Gonna Do that quite yet because I just wanna make sure it fits first. Alright fractal good job, your short cables were like perfect I think that’s how I’m supposed to do it. Why wasn’t it screwing? Ooooh These are the ones I’m supposed to be using the first one. I got was this Done, Installed. That was a nightmare, so we’re now back on track We’re going to finish screwing in the motherboard because I kind of gave up after two screws people like selfie stuff This might not make a ton of aesthetic sense right now, once the graphics cards light up because they’re all stock coolers They’ll all have green lights and then it should work How do I want to do the fans? Okay, so for the CPU pump. I’m probably not going to go behind the motherboard actually And I’m going to try to use this splitter, but it might not work Okay, so [now] I have a little triple fan thing going through the back ♪♪♪ That’s kinda cool it, already reach I should have install the power supply first God, I knew it ♪♪♪ So the reason I just did all of that and wasted a whole bunch of time time to do a whole bunch more work Is because this cable can go like this instead of either coming through this hole Or going through one of these holes And coming all the way up and looking super dumb. I’m just going to go for gold and install everything right now before I install this cooler ♪♪♪ It’s like you put a graphics card in it. Just looks a billion times better ♪♪♪ Hey Linus? Is it possible M.2 clearance to like Super bone over a graphics card? Well look. Well, let me try Where are you? There you go ♪♪♪ Cooling in this is going to be interesting, alright, so we’re just doing some cable management ♪♪♪ So we’re getting really freakin close to being done I have to put the glass panels on but I want to test to make sure the system works first and I have to put the cover for the screws of the graphics cards on and then were pretty much Done. I wanted fans in the top because the Area of the computer that has a graphics cards in it is going to be very starved for air the Chopsticks win again ♪♪♪ Oh my goodness the SLI Bridge ♪♪♪ Chopsticks Okay are like lights on? I know but there’s a no lights on right, oh derp So it’s not posting We’re gonna Swap in a much lower capacity 16 gigabyte kit of ram ♪♪♪ just nothing Uh Yeah, just wasn’t Posting most of the time. Oh my God. I don’t have time for this. I would actually try CPU first. ♪♪♪ The Chip was Dead ♪♪♪ It’s not posting and we’re trying to figure out why. I’ve never tried a four graphics card before- oh All right, what was it CPU twice? I don’t know. Maybe it just needed a receipt. So what I’m doing now is uh installing the PCi Express power to the motherboard Are those chips dead or at least one of them. I don’t think so I’m voting for dust. ♪♪♪ Hey Linus Come check this out That’s like Kinda dark for me. Yeah, so it comes to three RGB lighting strips that you can control manually on the back of the case I might have found the case I finally like So our top GPU, GPU one is running at 52 degrees idle our, second GPU is running at 47-48 Degrees Idle, our third GPU is running about 44-45 degrees Idle, and our last one our fourth GPU is running at 37 degrees idle So that bottom one is doing a lot better than the others But we’ll see how much they heat up once we actually start bench marking, all right bench marking is complete this rig would have seriously benefited from water cooling that graphics cards as they were all riding on about twenty or eighty-three degrees and probably would have done better with GPU boost if the result wasn’t Eighty-three degrees all the time, our issue with the ram ended up being solved by ASUS saving the day again There should probably a public bios of the one that we used fairly soon So don’t worry too much about that if you want to recreate something here all that being said Issues did remain there were micro stutters all over the place with the SLi setup that we had, and it rendered certain parts of certain Games almost unplayable our Rig crushed 3D mark And it was cool to get into the top 1% of systems even without Overclocking although if that leaderboard with based on price for performance it probably would have been a different story, in conclusion I’m happy with the results of this experiment, but the true conclusion will come next year when we make the compensator 2.0 This rig did really well in the games we tested it in but we don’t really have any proper comparative data for that Because we never really run our games on that insane of settings all the time, and yet again the parts We chose were silly. Why were those parts silly? Well four-way Sli is kind of nuts, check out Linus’s scaling video here to explore that more 128 gigabytes of Ram is also quite a bit over the top, check out Linus’s video on that exact very kit here and CPUs that tier a little bit unnecessary for gaming or a lot a bit unnecessary for gaming check out my video on that Check out my video on that.. here I hope you guys enjoyed this exploration of the bleeding edge Thanks for watching guys if this video sucked you know what to do but if it was awesome get subscribed, hit that like button, or even consider supporting us directly by using our affiliate code to shop at Amazon buying a cool t-shirt that doesn’t have anything to do with mozilla, or with the direct monthly Contribution through the community forum now that you’re doing all of that stuff you’re probably wondering what to watch next, so click the little button in the top right hand corner to check out this video where I check out the 980ti Arctic storm edition from zotac ♪♪♪

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  1. Of course it´s going to choke, replace the glass panels with metal panels with large gills and you got better cooling.

  2. when i read the title i thought it said the compressor and i started thinking someone messed up the title when I heard them say the compensator until i reread the title

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