The Best International Carry-On Luggage?!? // Delsey Cruise Lite 19″ Int. Spinner Carry-On Review!

Hello. Today I am probably gonna tell you, probably? I don’t know. I’m gonna tell you about the
best luggage ever. I don’t know if it is
the best one ever but I absolutely love it. The Delsey Cruise Lite
19 inch International carry on. I’m kidding guys,
it’s called Cruise Lite for a reason. This baby doesn’t weigh anything. This is my child apparently,
sitting on my lap. It is incredibly light
which is so important. Because I am a traveling filmmaker I carry so many things
in my backpack. Having a carry on that does not
weigh anything really helps to balance out
the chaos of my life. So, here
we’ve got my address but that’s not what I was gonna tell you. Right off the bat we’ve got
a TSA approved lock thingamajigger. I never used this,
I always carry on I always carry carry on,
I always carry, I always. The bag always comes
with me on the plane. The bag also has a handle
on the side and then it has a handle
on the top. I wish I had another handle or at least a grip
on the bottom side, but it’s not so bad
because this thing it weighs so little that I can actually
carry my suitcase like the olden days
without having to use the wheel, I just carry it around like this. All of my previous bags without putting
any clothes into them felt so heavy
just by themselves. This is amazing,
this is incredible. Look at this. You can see
the Delsea logo right here. Delsea is a French company. Bags are made
to be stylish and practical so that you can look good and, you know,
do the travel thing right. Since Delsea is French
you’ll actually notice that there is a cute French flag,
I just love those little details, and actually see the Delsea logo
on this little red section here, having these
subtle little touches of, hey, this is a Delsea bag,
is incredible. I got the smallest one
which is the 19 inch, I got it in gray and black because it
just matches my aesthetic. I’ve actually been able
to put winter boots in here and a bunch of scarves
and snorkeling masks. I have no idea
how so much stuff manages to fit in the smallest suitcase
that I have ever owned in my life. Actually I do know how
because Delsea designed the bag that way, it doesn’t open from the side,
it opens from the top you’re able to fit stuff off
to the side of the suitcase, has a zipper that expands
the bag vertically and compresses everything and you can fit all
of the wonderful things that you want
to take with you on your trip. Opening it up,
we’ve got a strap over here. This little pocket bag
that goes right inside. I have bags
that I’ve recycled from grocery shopping or like Ziploc bags that I can reuse. I always carry some kind
of bag some kind of reusable thing, I’m able
to put my waste in there or anything that I need in there without having to create more waste
while I am traveling. On the top here,
on the top of the top. On the inside of the top
we’ve got two pockets here. The top which is concealed
and then this see through pocket. I’ve got my liquids bag, I have a towel,
I always bring this towel with me no matter where I’m going
because this thing dries so fast. And usually
I’ll put flip flops in here as well, I don’t like to be barefoot
and in any hotels or hostels or wherever I’m staying,
it’s just the thing that I do. One of the things
I wish that this bag had which is something
that I have been missing is having a pocket
here on the outside like having a pocket
that’s easily accessible without having
to open the entire bag. Sometimes at the airport they ask me
to take out the liquids bag when you’re going through security. It’s a little bit difficult, I have to open up the bag
and to take it out and stuff I have to get kind
of crafty stick my hand in there just some weird stuff. That sounded weird. The next bag up after this size does have this cool pocket
in the front and I believe
that it even has a laptop sleeve. So, that might be another option
if it starts to bother me. I love having four wheels. You guys do not
have four wheels on your bag do you even have a bag_ this handle here comes up. Pull this out, they give you a little paper
so you can put your address and all that stuff in there. I have my tag which I’ve had
for many years now. But I will be putting my address there
and my information because if anything happens
to this tag then there is no way
to ID this bag. This bag is available anywhere
that Delsea bags are sold. I’m going to put a link
of where you can get it down below. This is also available on Amazon. Please note that any links that are
in the description of this video are going to be affiliate links, and what that means
is that if you guys decide to buy anything using my links then I get a little bit
of that, that helps me to buy some tea and, you know, go watch some movies
and do the stuff that I love to do. I really do love this bag and I want you guys
to go check them out. Plus hook your girl up
with the cool suitcase. This is, this is.
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10 thoughts on “The Best International Carry-On Luggage?!? // Delsey Cruise Lite 19″ Int. Spinner Carry-On Review!

  1. I loved the lock in case that it is mandatory to check in the luggage in the bottom of the airplane. The color is so pretty and all the compartment inside are so useful. I would love to buy it

  2. The most Entertaining video I have seen about luggage! I am more into backpacks but I see that I am not the only one the likes extra pockets to put extra stuff. Keep up the great work and positive vibe in your video! πŸ‘πŸ‘β˜Ί

  3. I don't travel much, like at all, though your excitement was sooo contagious! Also, please do infomercials with you editing them; so good!

  4. HELPPP I need to choose between this one and the Delsey Helium Titanium INternational 19". Delsey's website show sthat the "overall" dimensions for the titanium would exceed the standard 22x14x9 but ebags and other sites show that the titanium just fits. This Cruise Lite is gonna be my last choice πŸ™

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