The 1 Bitcoin Show- 1% territory, MSM wakes up to halving? Mastercard SumofUs good for BTC, Q&A!

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
June the 25th 2019 strong hand be a unique piece value with a Bitcoin
uncomfortable one Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin offended by selling personal
responsibility is a new counterculture your home of Bitcoin insider information
this is the freezer at the place that I’m staying at someone wanted to see it
again moving on it’s been an exciting day hasn’t it for you Fiat freaks check
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I’ll definitely see those ones ok so what is the first thing I want to talk
about here I mean I’m calm you know
Fiat price sure it’s over a number where it’s only been there like one percent of
its entire history that’s why I said we’re in one-percent territory and you
should be thinking like a 1% at this point because if you’ve been watching
this show long enough you’ve been holding on and buying Bitcoin and one
who’s much cheaper you’re well on your way to becoming a
one-percenter you’re not envious of them you did exactly what they do day by and
they hold and they have strong hands on all their assets hope you weren’t
trading it away getting taxed away losing your Bitcoin valuing it and fiat
no no you’re well on your way of becoming a one-percenter on this day
that bitcoin is that a fiat price that it’s only been at about one
the time we’ll get to that in a second Bitcoin dominance you know for all you
all cut point freaks out there it’s over sixty percent again hmm very interesting
it’s the highest since about 2017 I believe have people started to learn
that maybe Bitcoin is not all about trading I mean is there a maybe what
we’re seeing here is that there’s a significant amount of the crypto
population that’s starting to wake up and they’re like you know maybe the way
to get wealthy is just holding on to this asset that hardly anyone has and
that there’s not gonna be that much of and just waiting and not doing anything
impulsive with it that holding that a strong hand is in fact cool and sure
there there used to be people talking about their Lambos and their their
trading but where are those people have their Lambos been repossessed who knows
the people who spoke about the strong hand holding they’re still here they’re
not bragging they’re just showing you the inside of their refrigerators at the
places that they’re staying freezers excuse me
so what else do I have bring down here that I want to share and for those of
you still in altcoins to think that’s cool and you can think that it’s person
responsibly is a new counterculture most of you people are you’ve got the ties n
line of thinking you’re like well always after a Bitcoin pump the altcoins always
pumped they always pump well I mean I wouldn’t be shocked if the altcoins pump
again but I know at this point there are a lot of people that are praying to God
oh mighty that they do pump again because what we just saw with Bitcoin is
a reminder to all the level-headed people out there that this thing is the
real one I mean this is the real deal Holyfield we had people saying it was
the end of the world back in December can you even remember December now can
you remember 3100 it’s four times that frickin price right now and you didn’t
have to wait very long I’m December what was that six months ago
that’s not a long time I mean okay can you wait six months imagine what’s gonna
be in six months from now it’s not a hard thing to ask that’s not a big ask
okay but for something boy was apparently
very difficult they had to diversify from the sake of diversification so the
people who did that the people who didn’t want to leave tripped over they
diversify for the sake of diversifying they are praying right now they are pray
in the history repeats itself with their coins specifically I mean yeah some all
coins will pump again but is it gonna be yours there’s like how many of them are
there 2,000 top tier ones yeah there’s some of them listed on this shirt just
because they’re listed on this shirt doesn’t mean I endorse them in any way I
just think the shirt is cool and cryptography he sent me the shirt for
free every shirt you see me wear on this video what’s sent for me sent to me for
free I appreciate it guys I don’t buy my clothes anymore why why
buy the clothes when they get sent to me for free you know you you give out some
value you get back some value now I I will I bought us the photoshoot last
year you know I have no one sent me a Bitcoin see yet but I’d wear that too
yeah maybe not on the High Holy Days that like but alright so and you know
and I’m speaking about the all coins you know hoping that they pump again us
holders as Bitcoin holders we don’t care anyway so if they do they do they don’t
they don’t whatever I mean some of us might have some you know crypto
dividends we have it not we haven’t cashed in yet for the Bitcoin haven’t
Bitcoin yet it’s uzk I don’t want say cashed in was again valued wealth and
big point value Rob if you happen to have some crypto derivative do dividends
left and some of us will have new ones will get the MWC because again if you
control your your Bitcoin private key you get cryptid dividends you get
interest you get these altcoins air-dropping
and fork to you but if you have some of those laying around still I’m sure you
wouldn’t mind if those ones pumped against you can get Bitcoin okay that’s
fair that’s fair whatever you didn’t buy him don’t buy
something that you can get for free remember that all right so to be
specific the last time the Bitcoin hit the price that it hit
a few minutes before I went on air was January 21st 2018 that’s that’s that’s
where we are again people just like that just I can I of course I remember I can
remember back then I can remember December and I could just remember all
the naysayers who so this is a flash in the pan type of thing and I’ve been
through it before I saw it that I saw in 2013 when they when the mount docks pop
happen and went up to 1100 everybody said it wouldn’t come there when I
returned there one day closer to an all-time high and again I linked to
Hasmukh hooks classic graph before that shows that in the history of Bitcoin in
the entire history of Bitcoin there have been only 42 days that it was been more
than worth more than $12,500 and I guess today was the 43rd day and you know what
one it’s gonna be funny soon soon enough you know we’re speaking
about there’s only been 42 days that it’s only been over that price soon
enough there would be 84 days it’ll double that that’s what happens that’s
what if then you just have to be patient the way let me see if there’s any of
questions over there before we uh no no questions a lot of people over there
oh no the Bitcoin might uh Joe black who clearly doesn’t watch every one of my
shows because he will you be participating Jordan Peterson’s social
media platform you are watching Saturday’s show were you not you weren’t
it’s like I spoke about it on Saturday should watch Saturday’s show that’s my
answer all right moving on uh I mean that’s
what the say that’s what the show is for its for beyond Bitcoin top at all it’s a
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rarely gets back on in two weeks you want the West Coast guests will
disappear for some time is the time difference in Israel all right so I was
talking about how coinbase coinbase makes cryptocurrency very easy for the
80% minded people out there kind of like how credit cards make the welfare dollar
very easy for 80 percenters yeah you know people like to say that the dollar
hasn’t changed at all well the dollar has lost a lot of value since 1912 or
whatever that is true but you know the dollar they’re having plenty of dollar
innovations that have made people very much willing to forget that you lose so
much value with it I mean you could buy everything with a credit card now it’s
so easy and again I’m not saying to go into debt credit cards make debt easy
credit cards make the dollar easy then you can get stuff so easy this is what
make it easy the 80 percents will be happy they will not complain that that
coin base does the same thing for cryptocurrency so if you can be above
all that if you’re not addicted to credit cards if you don’t could if you
control your own private key you don’t have to rely on coinbase to store your
Bitcoin and you don’t get tricked by coin base not tricked I mean that person
responsibly as new counterculture you don’t end up diversify for the sake of
diversification because you bought your first Bitcoin all coinbase um you’re in
great shape you just gonna stay I mean it’s I mean I I see life is pretty easy
yo you avoid the 80% mistakes you go the extra mile you learn always be learning
I’ll learn what debt is and learn that you can’t us that’s not a good idea to
spend more than you actually have because you end up paying debt the rest
of your life and hey maybe that’ll make you happy that you guys got stuff but
you end up being very dependent and you end up being command up unhappy you
complain why don’t I have this why don’t I have that why do I owe this credit
card it’s your fault you owe the credit card but again coinbase up makes
cryptocurrency easy there is no doubt about it that is the easiest option for
Americans right now in terms of cryptocurrency in general so I say use
it to buy your Bitcoin but then that’s it that’s that’s the end get your big
point off of there immediately don’t don’t be content don’t become fat
and lazy and become a credit card er okay don’t be that in terms of crypto
alright and moving on okay we talked about that and so insider information oh
look at this look at this this is just a reminder of all the insider information
you dudes had all along here CNBC just today they come up with come out with
this article this is legitimate here CNBC okay I mean they’re just waking up
to the having literally just right now which is interesting
it’s hilarious uh there’s another reason behind bitcoins two hundred percent rise
this year it’s got nothing to do with Facebook how the having is boosting the
crypto currencies price our visa they are interdict they just all of a sudden
here we are what is it eleven months from the having and they’re just like
wow it’s not just because the Facebook the price is going up maybe people are
starting to understand that the new supply will be cut in half but they
didn’t seem to know this but now they’re talking about this this is the beginning
of the having hike perhaps I didn’t think it would happen this early but the
hilarious thing is that we here on this channel we’ve been talking about 20-25
leases before the 2016 handy you guys literally you think it’s boring you I
love you I don’t wanna hear about the hairy blah blah blah but in fact it’s
just the insider information the whole time something that you should have
benefited from this whole time you should have known that this very day
that we’re here today when everyone’s like oh I didn’t know it was gonna be
this much money this yeah you should have known you should have known but you
knew about to have you knew about the having hike yeah I’ve been talking about
it like non-stop with every single darn thing that’s it so you better have a lot
a big point by this but there’s no excuse if you’ve been watching this show
for a long time not to have a good good amount of Bitcoin when you knew all this
was gonna happen you knew it was just a matter of time
debit and it and some of your although the price was already baked into the
cake I already picked it did the market already knew the market already knew
CNBC didn’t even know they’re just talking about it today people now the
part of this madness could be some of this pump it could be like waste
I’m hearing of bitcoins price is going up and what’s this I hear about less
less than a year there’s gonna be less bigpoint produced better get it in now
this could be causing some of the FOMO we could really I didn’t think the
having hike would start this early I really didn’t I thought it was starting
December or January bow check the heck I knew it would happen I knew what
happened that’s why I got all the Bitcoin I needed to get guess when I get
it got bought all the big point I needed to get guess when I bought all the big
apartment I needed to get before the 2016 having pound that like button
and because of that because of that I got all this freebie cash all this
freebie call this free everything else my interests that I got because I
understood what the having was I understood the benefits of having
something with limited supply some people do I want to get in the crypto
has unlimited supply oh why can’t they change the supply why can’t they change
this why could they do that the whole the whole Bitcoin concept is
based around understand what the having is that’s all and if you don’t you mess
up if you understand it and you understood it if you understood it from
the very beginning you’re in great shape you’re in great if you were in motion at
least I mean maybe you’re one of those like book people who love to talk about
theoretical things just you were very proud that you understood the having it
you didn’t act upon it any what’s that what’s what’s that got you I mean I
guess you can get a great degree or something like you become a doctor a
doctor a Bitcoin right doctor big point you can get idea you can make up at your
own school and crown yourself doctor Bitcoin because you understood what they
have he was but you didn’t do anything or you came up with a theory on why it
was a mess top alright so uh I mean they’re people like that just with the
breath about their their knowledge but they
don’t act upon their knowledge at all I mean okay again the having knowledge
isn’t that complicated but then some fear oh that’s nothing I just want to
learn every technical aspect of Bitcoin in the world so I can signal them that
I’m so smart on Twitter and and then I you know I’ll just forget about the
buying the Bitcoin part and then you know then it’s it’s all the marketing
people’s fault then that then then they blame it on the marketing people working
people don’t know anything they’re just did it for the money all
right so phanty fan TV says Bitcoin 29 conference pump the price tonight I
don’t know about that I don’t know that’s it’s not as big as the one they
have in New York that sometimes they say pump the price no the point the
conference just started today the conference has started today we hit
10,000 dollars the day the old Friday it didn’t have now that’s that’s not I mean
Matt might play a little bit in it there’s probably some people there that
are you know not that in the Bitcoin got invited you know San Francisco is very
tech oriented place Silicon Valley maybe some people showed up to there and they
got Susy a stick he said that are getting to this now
FOMO FOMO and yeah go ahead FOMO it’s great and the FOMO is still not to the
level it was when I was in Korea you know and again the price of victim was
higher than also for you Fiat freaks and that was in December of 2017 but at this
pace I guess the FOMO could hit data could hit that level real quick there’s
another link another article called Bitcoin having 20/20 thinking about
buying Bitcoin it’s about to get more expensive there you go these are just
two articles that were in the mainstream media today just just all of a sudden
they’re talking about the having again so that’s great you should have been
prepared for it you should have got into it a while ago hopefully and but it’s
not too late it’s not too late is it’s not it’s never too late probably
eventually beat you I mean 2100 in the year 2100 yet it’ll probably too late at
that point but um hopefully we’ll have life extension technologies and we’ll be
all-around than laughing you’re not then – and again the more Bitcoin that you
have right now and that you don’t spend and I mentioned this all of their shows
the more likely that you will be able to pay for life extension technologies that
might not be available for every that everyone starts screaming about I
need it I didn’t know starts having riots in the streets about life
extension and willing to kill for it but then if you’ve got like a million
dollars whatever you could just you can go to the country where you can just the
highest they sell to the highest bidder you’ll be fine you’ll get the extended
life and the other people who didn’t get the big point sucks I mean that’s that’s
it that’s why you gotta save you prepare for your long-term thinker you never
know what the future may bring uh what is this oh oh here we go
huffing the Huffington Post article now this gets into some controversial
territory this is a real use case for Bitcoin and again I’m gonna talk about
some individuals and philosophies that totally hate me because of my religion
or whatever there and you know what they’re people like that they’re they’re
they’re mean people in the world and aren’t gonna like you because of the
color your skin or your your religion and you ignore them you ignore them
that’s it but at the same time you can’t stop them from being in Bitcoin now now
there’s one issue though in the centralized monetary system that we’re
all so used to I was just talking about credit cards well there was a campaign
among MasterCard shareholders it didn’t pass but one day something like this
will pass renegade shareholders have a plan to force MasterCard to monitor neo
and I’m not gonna say na zi s because I’m not going to say that word because
YouTube will de monetize me if I say that word of people who hate me it’s
like it’s like I’m not gonna give the people who hate me
the ability to monetize me because I’m saying their name it’s just YouTube is
way too strict about that you should be able to say that name of people who hate
me I mean it’s ridiculous were grown-ups here but that and but MasterCard wants
to take it to another level people within MasterCard being able to print
process credit card payments is important too they call them white
nationalists who need and again they classify mastercards go to these people
within the MasterCard ecosystem they want to classify everybody they want to
across my bench of heroes of it as a white nationalist and you’re gonna see
why they need all line donations subscriptions and merchandise sales to
fund their efforts to spread pay without the ability to process credit card
payments white supremacists are often forced to solicit donations through
Bitcoin or cheques both of which are tuberosa burdensome for their fans whoa
take a few steps back there the compared Bitcoin in checks just shows how
ignorant Huffington Post is but of course we know and know if it isn’t too
cumbersome actually the the people who dislike me and some people who other
voices who have been banned or who mastered people with the mastercard want
to ban they could easily just list a Bitcoin address and it will work that is
the point a Bitcoin they there can’t be there is there no shareholders in
Bitcoin who can come up with some a plan like this to ban people but with this
story does show it does show that within MasterCard and within their Board of
Directors or not bored of them their shareholders excuse me but their
shareholders there’s a group called some of us which is actually some of us is a
corporate accountability nonprofit that spearheads the activist shareholder
campaign as an all has already has some success in compelling Kate payment
processors to cut ties with extremists and so I mean who’s an extremist PayPal
has cut ties with lots of people that maybe you don’t think it’s an extremist
but they thinks in extremis again and sleeping giant is an organization that’s
involved with this with getting a regular advertisers to like boycott
everyone that they don’t agree with again so this is really happening this
type of stuff sleeping giants is really happening
some of us is really happening and they put their tentacles within MasterCard
and tried to and eventually they will be able to pull this off eventually
MasterCard will be very hesitant to deal with extremists and maybe you’re gonna
be one of those extremists okay so I’m not one of those I
I understand very much that a lot of people that I don’t agree with are going
to use big and I know that strengthens the Bitcoin
I understand I don’t I’m this is about mathematics this is about numbers isn’t
about emotions okay those centralized entities can get
emotional can get panic need to verge your signal need to fit in Bitcoin
doesn’t need to fit in there gonna be some very ugly entities that you don’t
agree with that are going to use Bitcoin but and the funny thing is is that some
of these guys who don’t like me because of my religion they’re so they’re
they’re so angry they they’re the ones you don’t read well get Trump to to
force them to accept the Saba bla it all they need to do is to get on a Bitcoin
but they’re the same was it they won’t because a conspiracy
the Rothschilds control it oh I would never want to be with a wrong child with
a meister or with a Hoffman you know you be the point you get the planet they
control the world you know if they were just get off their emotional biases
against you know I mean I’m telling you no I’m not I know I don’t believe in
what those people believe in obviously the people they’re gonna hate me for my
religion and everything but I mean I’m gonna be honest with them right now
dudes you’re fools if you don’t get the big it’s the only way you’re gonna be
able to find your cells is with dick coin in the future I mean and then you
can you can preach your hate as much as you want against me I mean I’m telling
you I’m telling you but me saying this probably makes them like even more
paranoid I don’t live it’s a Jewish guys telling
us this will they’re not getting it seriously dude listen I’m a stripper but
but seriously with the thing with MasterCard it’s not just gonna be the
completely radical people people that I think are totally insane for hating me
it’s going to be a people that they could be me one day they’ll be Adam you
like Bitcoin you can’t deal with MasterCard it’s gonna monitor you you
can only spend $2,000 a month or nothing a month or we can revoke your card at
any point and I’ll just laugh I’ll be like okay that’s great I have to follow
along alright so that is a real thing it is linked to below there the Huffington
Post article and you just reading the Huffington Post article you can see the
direction that Huffington Post and all those type of people want to go and they
want a sense for people they want everyone to be classified as a radical
but it doesn’t agree with that it’s they they used it was it was supposedly there
are the people that were before them in the 80s were
supposed to be for free speech yeah therefore fruits therefore free speech
that agrees with what they have to say once they take control they want a
session with people who don’t agree with them all right
so getting the Bitcoin that’s a real life use case right there right there no
one can turn the Bitcoin off everybody can list the Bitcoin and it is not too
cumbersome as the as the article tries to portray it tries to compare it with
checks checks again check ok a hate group is not a hate group gets kicked
off a master for they’re not gonna they’re not gonna have a checking
account at that point either okay yeah they’re not gonna be able to go to the
bank and you cash a check is it’s you’re gonna need to be in big about that point
all right yesterday somebody asked me about how did they get rid of some of
their crypto dividends is this a good time to get rid of their Kripa dividends
I said yeah we get rid of your crypto your be cash and at least now if you do
it before the 19th you’ll be able to register the Bitcoin that you get for
your be cash for the MWC airdrop crypto dividend and you’ll be able to get MWC
and that’ll make up and maybe BCH will go higher again maybe it won’t I don’t
know but the thing I forgot to say that was really important about that if you
control your bch private key you wrote you got to turn that off you got to
claim your bsv you got to keep that private key you got to have it written
down somewhere at least even if you sell your be cash make sure you keep your be
cash private key in a place where you could turning the bsv or just do it
immediately and claim your bsv before you saw your be cash or you know claim
your bsv then sell both of them at the same time i did not mention that
yesterday and I really should have mentioned that yesterday and I actually
have made a video that’s gonna go into depth about this eventually that I’m
gonna post pretty soon if people want to know about claiming their bsv if they
happen to have a be cash or if they happen to have beat Bitcoin that they
never claimed there be cash from and I’ve got an interesting little tip that
involves uh you can easily once you plan your BS V
and changing into Bitcoin very very fast on the spot quite privately in fact and
so we’re just said about that berry in New
Zealand said alright so no he just was advising someone on how to ask a
question someone someone didn’t ask a question correct I mean I only see
Bitcoin ways so I can’t read the whole thing guys we’ve got a questions I big
bitcoinmeister like Barry just reminded everyone to do Thank You Barry
this here’s a headline from Doug Casey’s newsletter free newsletter was of course
I want to pay for a newsletter about Casey he says that I think that this was
so predictable this line I have I mean I and don’t fall for this people why legal
cannabis will be bigger than Kryptos and that was written by Doug Casey’s
cryptocurrency experts so-called expert who was a complete you know
diversification for a diversification guy who I mean I wouldn’t believe a word
the dude said but again he says why legal cannabis will be bigger than
Kryptos no legal chemists will not be bigger than Bitcoin I can I can assure
you that and that’s just again there’s some people that go back and forth
because we think they’re very similar entities they’re not found that like
blood alright I was gonna talk about tether let’s uh a cz at by Nana said
every crypto project that’s still alive should do it ask me anything
this month if you haven’t already yes June time to get going and that made me
think all there’s all kinds out there you know there’s so many of them how
many could at the spur of the moment get and ask me anything going if they
actually have enough people that are really into their coin that aren’t just
like flipping it on Chinese exchanges how many could really get a legitimate
ask me anything going like within the next three days and I guess that data
that’s the the line between what the tenth tier and ninety are all coins or
something again there are some all coins that they’re just but don’t have any
followers anymore they don’t have a community whatsoever and again so people
think well I heard from the grapevine it’s about the pump but someone’s gonna
pump it stuff it’s just pure gambling at this point so yeah that that kind of
differentiates between like the 100% gambling in like the 90% gambling type
of stuff so interesting interesting post era
seesee by Nance and he he obviously cares a lot about all coins because well
he’s in charge of Finance so okay I’m gonna conclude it with some tether talk
real quick there’s a I didn’t think I did a good job talking about tether
yesterday and then last night and today I was thinking a lot about tether amps
you know more so than I ever have thought about it performs their people
claiming well big coins only pumping because tether is pumping it up and
again we’ve heard it before we seen it before tether supplies pumped up also
when Bitcoin was going down and I think tether is the dollarization of a private
country okay Panama has its own currency but it says it says that it’s it’s
currency is worth one dollar and everyone goes for it in Panama because
they have faith to Panama they believe that story in Namibia they
have a currency and they call it the rand but it isn’t the South African Rand
but they say this current currency is equal to Iran and it is because people
believe the story so with tether tether supposedly he’s
got a bank account with billions of dollars in it but there’s some of people
that scream it doesn’t now if it does then indeed every top tether is a dollar
if it does but at this point doesn’t really matter if it does or it doesn’t
because tap berg says it that one tether is equal down and people believe the
story I mean no matter what they believe the story they they they believe it
because it does it helps them if there is utility to tether there is you there
there there’s a reason it’s for people who want to sell Bitcoin for dollars who
think that bitcoin is going lower so that they can buy back more big coin
that’s what it that’s what it is it’s for trainers is for traders who think
bitcoin is gonna go lower or they want to go in something that they know is
going to be a dollar people value this cryptocurrency that says it’s a dollar
that you can buy anonymously and that you could go in and out to
any cryptocurrency including Bitcoin it facilitates training that is its value
that is the story people are behind it and now all these other people try to
make these other stable coins but they all involve kyc and it’s and then there
are countries that don’t like I mean I did the original United States dollar
people the United States they’re not big fans and tethering either obviously they
tried to do investigations into it I say compete and don’t complain in the
worldwide marketplace of financial ideas tether is a financial idea and do not
try it’s not like a Ponzi where they’re saying you know you got to buy more of
it and it’ll keep on going up in price it’ll keep in order to sustain tether if
the price doesn’t have to keep arising the the what tether provides is just one
dollar forever so people can trade easily so people can foolishly sell
their big point for what for what they consider a dollar so again is the
Panamanian currency really worth a dollar well it is it is is that they’re
really worth a dollar any that’s the story that’s the story that’s believed
it’s a legitimate story there is I mean it and it’s just again it’s not just a
claim out of the blue it’s a very useful token it’s a very useful economic tool
so it does generate its own value so we are in the free market of economic
stories people have chosen to believe this story it had more utility it has
more utility than like a Mozambique’s uh crop currency okay what can you do with
mozambique’s currency seriously you can spend it in Mozambique that’s it that is
it that’s not that’s a very useful thing but tether you can you can spend that
anywhere on in exchange and accepts and you could turn it into any other
cryptocurrency anyway I mean that’s that’s it’s easy it’s an easy to use
technological for technologically savvy people it is it has a lot of value and
it is uh it’s the country currency of no country it is it is the currency of a
a virtual of a virtual country and that’s the way I mean we still we have
to start wrapping our heads around this and again so it’s it is fiat of a
virtual country I wouldn’t want to be involved in any type of Fiat of a
virtual country or of a real country but as we have seen you know in the United
States the dollar keeps home it’s it’s fiat of a country it works just fine
people love it so much they can build their own country
currencies are a panama has built their of their their car see around the nights
they start do they have United States Dollars and
reserves who knows if they really do there’s a lot of countries that have
tried to dollar eyes before some of them more successful than others some are
more reputable than others okay they haven’t failed millions of times tether
has has a reputation as a I mean it hits some people like the funnel knit and
everything again I’m not in this game I am just washing it I’m just kind of
marveled by it right now it’s to me it just shows we’re living in a very
interesting time where you can train where you can like leech off of the
dollar in cryptocurrency terms if you were provide now again if tether all of
a sudden did kyc that’d be it that would be the end it would it would explode
would that affect Bitcoin now it wouldn’t affect Bitcoin and what it
would not affect they coin it would affect Heather I would want to be it’s
Heather if someone were to fun tether out
totally if something were to be found out that people would lose faith in that
story and it’s gonna take a lot to lose faith in that story it really would take
a lot at this point because the United States has definitely gone I mean that
New York Attorney General woman has totally gone after it and it has another
thing but again what if you were silly enough to be holding a tether because
you think you can buy back more Bitcoin with it at that point you will just buy
Bitcoin with it you would buy the best possible thing you could buy with tether
if you thought something was about to go wrong with it so would that be bad for
Bitcoin never they’re gonna be bad for Bitcoin at all so there’s my there’s my
little take on tether might be something different than a lot of people have have
talked about before again you know you traders are going to do what you’re
going to do if you you need a stable point but do what you’re gonna do but
this is it is it is interesting development in in the
cryptocurrency space and I make comments about all coins like tether sometimes so
there’s there’s my commentary of the day Bitcoin is my staple coin people I don’t
I don’t bet on Bitcoin going lower I just hold it I don’t need to get into
something that represents something supposedly stable so I can buy back more
Bitcoin later alright that is it i am adam meister the bitcoinmeister the
disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like this video share this
video check out the links section below down that like button bang that bow
button and I will see you guys in the chat right now

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11 thoughts on “The 1 Bitcoin Show- 1% territory, MSM wakes up to halving? Mastercard SumofUs good for BTC, Q&A!

  1. Seriously, why would you ask the audience to ask you questions, if you aren't going to answer them? Telling me to watch your other videos for the answer is pretty fucked up. I watch most of your shows. I actuslly watched half of saturday's show on sunday. I've even sent you superchats without even asking a question. I feel disrespected. You have lost a loyal fan.

  2. I love your consistent message, Adam. When life deals tough days, you're like a lighthouse in a dark sea. Conviction.

  3. Adam will weather the storm. Be like Adam. Bitcoin Adam, a message that goes forth an populates the minds of altcoiners and non-coiners alike.

  4. You'll be far wealthier than I will be, but I'm happy to have a strong hand and some skin in the game. I could easily see .25 btc putting you in the wealthy category within the next 5 years.

    Also, nothing will be bigger than cryptos at the end of the day, especially an industry that will eventually rely on it.

    On Tether, I understand why it exists, I just don't believe they actually have full backing. As you said, that wouldn't be a problem as long as someone doesn't try to cash out more than they hold in reserves, since money is just a belief system.

  5. That’s why the halving can never be priced in! Because CNBC is just waking up to it right now! Imagine how many people will wake up to the 2020 and 2024 halving over the next 10 months

  6. @BitcoinMeister check out this new article, where the author proves that true Bitcoin Dominance never really went under 80-90% – VERY interesting… would be great to get your take on this!

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