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99 thoughts on “Textured Die Cut Techniques

  1. WOWWW-just WOWWW!!! The card in the middle made me click SO fast, almost like a trigger finger. 😍 BEAUTIFUL cards! ❤❤

  2. Wow! Beautiful cards! Thanks so much for your unique techniques you show us that can spruce up a simple card and not difficult to do!!! 😃

  3. I love the idea of using dies to emboss – haven’t been successful yet- I have a Gemini and used the embossing pad for that. The die cut through the embossing pad and I’ve been afraid to try again. It’s a thin pad so I’m wondering if a spellbinders pad would work in the Gemini if I adjust the sandwich…

  4. Hi Jennifer this is my 1 time sending you a comment my name is Kathy Smith just a litter note to say hi and I lovely card you make and all of your videos to so have a nice day today where you live at.

  5. Thanks for a great video–as always. Thanks for the time you spend in putting together all of your videos which help so many of us crafters. Your are GREATLY appreciated!

  6. Love the diamonds with the added detail and that glitter cardstock is so pretty for spring. Also really like the composition of the final card 😄

  7. Love these techniques!! Thank you!! Also…everytime i watch one of your videos i cant help but giggle thinking about the no hands video with you and Gina k!! Take good care!!

  8. Wonderful use of this release Jennifer, you ALWAYS INSPIRE!!! Love every card you make, you're ingenuity is God breathed!!! So grateful you shared & as always, sending blessings & hugs!!! (P.S.: The video with Gina K/Rina K using Kathy Racousin's hands was hilarious, loved it!)

  9. Every time you post a new video I think to myself that you have now created cards that can’t be topped. But then the next video comes up, like this one, and I say that to myself again! LOL!

    These are such fantastic layouts and an incredible use of the products you’ve selected. I too would love to see a video sometime of your design process! Give us a little sneak peek into your creative cranium!!

  10. Jennifer, Thank you so much for this inspirational video! I can't wait to try all of you tips, tricks & creative techniques. You are here to inspire us to share your handmade kindness. You're a gift.

  11. I love these – particularly the very last card; gorgeous! I am having the most difficult time embossing with my electric die cutting machine; I need to watch some videos on how to do it and see if I can't figure it out!! Thanks for sharing all the inspiration!

  12. You always make the prettiest cards.❤️ I love all the different textures you made, that takes the card to a new level.

  13. I have a spell binders machine, but I am a little disappointed with the plates warping easily. Do you have that problem, or is it that I have done something wrong?

  14. As always, awesome ideas. Thinking I need some debossing plates in my life. Lol Thank you for continuing to share your creativity. 🙂❤

  15. Omg I LOVE this ro make cards for the men in my life..I feel like most men (in my life) not fond of die cuts but THESE die cuts are perfect! Gotta find me.some.dies like these!!

  16. These cards are amazing and that rose flower is so pretty on your card…thanks Jennifer for sharing these technique…well done

  17. For crying out loud woman! Do you know how many things from your videos I have stacked up that I want to do!! I'd need two more lifetimes! LOL

  18. So excited about these cards and techniques. I had ordered the debossing cover die and the “for you” die last night. Thanks for the inspiration before the mailman arrives!

  19. These cards are so elegant! I LOVE this technique. You are a MASTER CARD DESIGNER! Thank you so very much fo sharing your skills with us. I ALWAYS look forward to watching your videos. I learn SOOOOOOOO much! Have a wonderful week.

  20. I came here to watch the video by Jennifer, but I became fully absorbed in the CHARITY:WATER ad. If you skipped it, you should go back and watch it…then donate!

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