Textura-Construction Payment Management – Online Construction Invoicing & Payment

Traditionally, General Contractors face
the difficult task of managing Subcontractor invoicing and communicating details to all
construction project participants involved. Errors happen, delays and disputes arise, and at the end of the day, valuable time
is wasted. Textura-Construction Payment Management or
CPM, is a revolutionary technology solution
that makes invoicing and payment processes easier. CPM simplifies payment management by bringing all the people and processes together, in the cloud. Project participants access
CPM’s online collaborative environment to quickly and easily manage the invoicing and payment
process from start to finish. Automated workflows streamline processes, improve communications and keep everyone on track, eliminating fifty to seventy percent of
manual steps, saving time and money. Submitted invoices
are automatically routed to approvers for evaluation, notifications alert users to required
actions, compliance materials are monitored, and
complex calculations are completed for you. And CPM’s unique technology securely facilitates electronic funds transfer and exchange of lien waivers, mitigating
risk for General Contractors and Owners/Developers, and enhancing the payment process for Subcontractors. With CPM, payment administration is
easier, cash flows predictable, and you gain
better visibility and control into projects. And there’s no software to install, only
a web browser is needed. CPM integrates with many accounting
systems, ensuring an accurate and seamless flow of data. Plus, our dedicated client service team
becomes your long-term partner in success, with unlimited support and training.
There’s a better way to manage construction payments to make your
company more efficient and effective. Call us to schedule a demo
of CPM today.

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