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– I believe in technology. – You can actually influence and change and better somebody’s life. – We really get to put something in the hands of users that gives them a great experience
to deal with their money. – I’m Raji Chukin. – I’m Sam Edwards. – I’m Tapa Pal – And I’m a Google developer expert. – And I created Hygieia,
an open source dashboard. – And I lead at KS Engineering platform. – I did this at Capital One. Long before the big data concepts and data analytics came into the market in terms of machine learning and AI, Capital One had been in the
business of data analytics. – Technology can solve problems not just for corporates but also for the world. – It’s not just technology
for technology sake. It is about using the
modern-day technology to change people’s lives. – What’s really cool is that
we’re like reaching forward in the future and saying what is that modern technology company that we need to be and not just a bank?

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2 thoughts on “Tech: “Technically” | Capital One

  1. “Charities are often strapped for rizorzez, for knowledge…” Capital One ad… Please pull it down!
    – it’s not “strapped for”, it’s “strapped of”! 😹
    – who “strapped” charities of “rizorzez”? 😹
    You should strap your marketing team of the duty to make weird ads. ☺️

  2. Who ever is interested in coming to this bank please do not. Direct deposit is a scam. You should be able to access your funds on the day your direct deposit is schedule however for the last two pay periods I have not been able to. It is 6am on friday and I cannot access my hard earned income because of this bank. This has recently been a new feature they have added I guess but I am not pleased. My brick & mortar bank has never given me an issue like this. And my brick & mortar bank has always communicated when changes would happen. Capitol One 360 did not even flinch to apologize when this first happen. The representatives when you called acted as if they had no clue this would happen and cannot say when our direct deposit would be available to use. The last two weeks was the first of the month and my mortgage was late because of the delay of the direct deposit. I was not able to pay anything or use my money until 1pm that Friday. On the first of all times! I am truly displeased and disgusted with the way things have been handled as of late and I have to close my accounts once I get access to my money and use my brick & mortar bank instead. Do not use them! That is the truth

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