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10 thoughts on “Sydney Banks and The 3 Principles

  1. Thanks, Syd. Your teaching led me back to life. So good to hear your voice. I know you're still around here somewhere. Thanks for giving us the truth. Love, Tori

  2. I am so grateful to you for putting up these clips of this amazing individual! Thank you for your amazing wisdom Syd!

  3. Bit of a let down. Did not explain the three principles. If anyone close to Syd is watching this could you please get him To make more videos explaining it. If he is the main guy to understand it and it can really change people's lives then at least the outlines of what he is doing should be public for all, just saying. Otherwise the only people left will be people that don't understand it.

  4. Never heard of this before today. But I have been asking the question. I need to silence my mind, divine mind comes in then you got it.

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