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(techno music) – Hey, this is Dan with “The Verge”, and this is the new Surface
Laptop 3 from Microsoft. As you can see, it’s actually two laptops. It’s the Surface Laptop 3, 13 inch, and the Surface Laptop 3, 15 inch. They’re really similar, but they’re a little bit
different in some important ways. The Surface Laptop 3, 13 inch is gonna be pretty familiar if you already know the Surface Laptop and the Surface Laptop 2. It’s got the same size
screen, same dimensions, same kind of overall design. There are a few design differences
to be aware of, though. It’s got a bigger track pad, Microsoft says it’s
20% bigger than before. It’s got a new USB-C
port on the side here, which you can use for video,
and data, and charging. It’s a USB-C 3.1, it’s not Thunderbolt 3, so you can’t use an external GPU with it, but you can still output to a display. And the other things, is
it comes in new colors, as you can see this is the
sandstone gold type of color. You can still get in
black, blue, or silver. And as part of the sandstone color and as part of the black color, it’s got a new aluminum deck. So, instead of the Alcantara fabric that you get on the blue
or the silver models, you got a, kind of a familiar, traditional, standard aluminum deck here. Otherwise it’s basically the
same Surface Laptop as before, but with upgraded internals. This has Intel’s tenth
generation IceLink processors. You can get them in Core
i5 or Core i7 variants. So it’s got the latest
generations from Intel, and it’s gonna perform better than before, but it’s gonna be a
very similar experience. (techno music) The Surface Laptop 3, 15
inch is a whole new thing. But as you can tell it
still looks really familiar. This is basically if
you took a 13 inch model and blew it up to a 15 inch size. So you got 15 inch display, got a slightly bigger keyboard, slightly bigger track pad than even on the new 13 inch model. But otherwise everything’s
gonna be pretty familiar. Same clamshell design,
same overall wedge shape. The 15 inch only is available
with the aluminum deck, you don’t get the Alcantara option on it. But you still have the
surface connector on the side, you still have the USB-C port, USB-A port, and then your headphone jack. Inside the Surface Laptop 3, 15 inch is a new processor that is not available in the 13 inch model. Microsoft worked with AMD to put a Ryzen 5 or a
Ryzen 7 chip in this. And they worked with AMD to create a custom Surface
edition of this chip that’s got a little bit more graphic power than your typical Ryzen set up. Now Microsoft says that
it put this processor in the 15 inch model because they were able to get
better graphics performance out of the integrated chips than they can on the Intel side. And they expect that
with a 15 inch laptop, you’re gonna be doing
more 3-D demanding things, whether that’s in CAD or Photoshop, maybe some light video editing. That’s not to say this is a gaming laptop. You’re not gonna be doing
60 frames per second in Tomb Raider or other AAA games. You might be able to do
some light gaming on it, but this is still a 3.4 pound, under 15 millimeter
thick, portable laptop. This isn’t really like a big gaming rig. (soft techno music) So those are the new
laptops from Microsoft, the Surface Laptop 3 line. The 13 inch is gonna start at $999, the 15 inch starts at $1,199. They’re available for
pre-order starting today, and they’re gonna be
shipping on October 22nd. We’re gonna have way
more to say about these once we get them in for a proper review. This was our first preview, first look at them. So be sure to stay tuned for that. And also be sure to check
out our other coverage on everything else that
Microsoft’s announced today. There’s the Surface Pro 7, Surface Pro X, and something new, like a Surface Neo. I think we’ve got an exclusive
look at that as well. So check it out,,

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