SupplyTrax™ Trax Cabinet

SupplyTrax Trax Cabinet — Simple, smart,
flexible The SupplyTrax Trax Cabinet is the most cost-effective
and innovative approach to controlling MRO, tools, safety and consumable products. This powerful material management system will
reduce the money you spend on consumable products and tools by 30 percent or more. Trax provides detailed consumption reporting. It provides accountability and will save you
money. Trax reorders automatically to ensure your
workers have what they need to do their job. You can generate detailed reports that record
material consumption by employee based on the job or work order. Trax is simple, local and on the cloud. The powerful Trax software resides locally
on the machine and syncs to the cloud. The software maintains your material information
including part number and description, quantity on hand and the minimum and maximum you want
on hand. Access your material usage data anywhere with
an internet connection or connect with a mobile device to see all your transaction records
and videos, and view reports. Temporary loss of power?
No problem. The onboard UPS will keep the machine running
for a short time. Internet connection interrupted?
Don’t worry. Transaction information is stored locally
and will sync and send data to the cloud when the connection is restored. Trax is secure. Your inventory is secured by four high-definition
motion tracking cameras that record all activity: One on top looking out at the user. Two on the right side of the door. One to the left, giving an inside look
at the cabinet’s materials. Load authorized employee or user names into the software and Trax monitors who accesses your inventory. Three easy ways to gain access: 1. Keypad entry of access code and PIN number 2. Universal HID or RFID employee proximity card
reader 3. Facial recognition Trax is smart.
Once entry has been authorized: 1. Pick up the bar code scanner that defaults
to the issue function. 2. Scan an item bar code. 3. Item is issued out of inventory and displayed
on the internal monitor. 4. Want another item? Just scan another bar code. With Trax’ powerful software, you can charge materials to a job, workorder or department cost center. Use the on-demand entry sheet to scan a job or department number tied to the material issued. This will give you a more accurate accounting
of costs. Trax is flexible. Conduct other transactions using these bar
code labels shown on the Trax top shelf: Undo last scan – Made a mistake? Simply scan this label function and the item
label, then return the item. Returns – Want to return a tool or instrument? Scan this label and the material barcode,
then return the item to the cabinet so it is available for the next person to check
out. You can return items that are normally consumed. Using this functionality allows you to check
in and check out high value tools and instruments. Item Urgently needed – Need an item now? This function allows a user to alert their
Border States support staff they have taken the last item in the bin. Our staff assigned to the machine will receive
an email alert and arrange to replenish the empty bin. This transaction is also useful when a higher
than usual amount of a material will be needed such as during a plant outage. One of the Trax’ greatest features is that
is accommodates nearly any size material and it is all returnable. This is a big benefit compared to coil machines. Trax has no coils size limitations, motors
or moving parts, which means you can be assured of virtually no breakdowns. Trax cabinet specs:
Measures 72” high x 59” wide x 26” deep. Does the job of 2–4 traditional machines
in less floor space. Manages up to 150 SKUs and thousands of individual
pieces with no need to use special and costly packaging. Simple, smart, flexible – SupplyTrax Trax
Cabinet. Contact us today to discuss how Trax can go
to work for you.

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