SRP M-Power – If there’s a problem

SRP has established a procedure to keep
all of our M-Power customers from running out of power, in the unlikely event
that we ever have a widespread failure of the power card vending machines.
If you ever have to enter an emergency code, here’s how: Just press the two buttons
for five seconds. You’ll see a message, “Enter your eCode,”
then use the language button to scroll through the numbers.
Use the display cycle button to select the number and move
to the next position. Make a mistake?
Press both buttons for two seconds and release to move back
to the previous number. Before you enter the last number,
review the numbers you’ve entered and make sure they’re correct.
After entering the last number, you’ll see “eCode accepted,”
and the power will be restored. Refer to your user’s manual
or the troubleshooting guide for more information.

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2 thoughts on “SRP M-Power – If there’s a problem

  1. i already paid the srp m power and i insert the card into the machine. Then, i take it out and put back in but the machine told me that the card is already in use, remove card. Do i remove the card or just leave it there? Is it gonna be ok? Please answer asap.

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