SLEIGHT TUTORIAL : Push off double lift

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100 thoughts on “SLEIGHT TUTORIAL : Push off double lift

  1. Would be nice if you upload videos with high quality like 720p or 1080p or sth because HIGH QUALITY content demand HIGH QUALITY videos 🙂 Wish you best. Great Video 🙂

  2. its one of the best lift i have seen. been trying to make my lift natural and this helps me alot. thanks keep it up.

  3. How long did it take to learn this move. Because I've been practicing since this video came out and I still can't get it down!!

  4. This is a good tutorial, thanks! I've subscribed and am looking forward to what's up to come.
    The problem I see with the "little bend" "that's gonna keep everything together"… well, I've seen many people do it – but they only do it before a double lift. Every other time they don't do it… which makes the viewer suspicious. If there is extra moves then this is almost shouting "here, something just happened". At least that's my impression on this bend as an attentive non-magician viewer (I'm just starting out but even before I always felt like that move was very odd).

  5. Dude… I love this video, I've been trying to improve my double lift and this is just awesome, great job, nice video and you explain very well men, thank you for that, love yaaa!! 😀

  6. Dang!! I thought this would take years! Learnt it (there are still imperfections) while watching the video! Thanks!!!!!

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  8. While practicing this was so convincing that a few times I had to check to make sure I had a double and not an accidental single. The triple with one card push back is particularly convincing although I can't reliably hit it.

  9. Thanks so much for the tutorial. A great amount of detail, you gave, which is really needed. Your double lift looks awesome, by the way.

  10. Okay, here's another I'd your videos that filled in a piece I've been missing so far: thumb pressure. I've been pressing down way too hard. I've still got hours of practice ahead of me, but nowhere near as many as I had, 15 minutes ago. Thanks, Alex.

  11. Go to 2;43 Its just garbage up to that time. I have no idea why people just garble a load of shit instead of getting on with the tutorial.

  12. One of the Greatest Sleight of hand masters ever. Got to know your name back in 2014. So glad you started YouTube 🔥

  13. I was struggling soooo much trying to do this move. Then I thought: "Pandrea must have made a tutorial about it".
    So here I am: after 12 I can do the damned double push over.
    Thank you Alex.

  14. Hi Alex. I can do the pinky count double pushover like the Russian Genius performs it in no time and very clean too… but I have such a hard time to learn the pushover you are teaching. But I think it's a very good move and I am ambitious enough to learn it too. I guess it will take some weeks to handle it smoothly. Thank you for the great lesson 🙂
    Joy to you.

  15. Quick question – does the left thumb contact the very edge of the card when pushing off? Or is the thumb more on "top" of the cards?

  16. Omg this is orgasmic. When u were explaining the move and place with thumb, i just feeled exact point on my thumb and this move,,, Before that i was thinking that this move is impossible! But now this is just about practice! U r true teacher!!! T Y !!!!

  17. I love this guy as he really takes time to explain but still finding it almost impossible to just get 2 cards, is it just practice?

  18. I dont like criticizing but I dont think you did a very good job on explaining how to get 2 cards and only 2 cards. I can not seem to understand how to just use my thumb to get the cards, when i constantly get multiple.

  19. Can the double lift be done with any deck of cards? I've tried with a basic deck and still can't MAKE THE MOVE SEAMLESS?

  20. Thanks Alex, superb tutorial! I really don't understand why anyone would down vote this. A gift to the community, great presentation and explanation, great quality. 10/10

  21. Funny how the best magicians I find usually start with a list of how not to do it and then follow up with a disciplined technique that blows me away in simplicity. I’ve been reading expert at the card table and I like that you referenced the impractical nature of the pinky break during a performance

  22. Thank you Alex for your method of teaching. I love to get this as smooth as I can get…I still have a long way to go..

  23. Great video!
    Honestly, I watched this tutorial some time ago, and thought this move to be far too difficult to perform.
    But as always, when I decided to give a second chance to this, and this time by paying much more focus on details in this video, I have to admit, that this move is much more easier to learn and do then I thought before.
    As always, sleight of hand is all about tiny intricate details!

    Thanks Alex!

  24. Revisiting this video after learning the move 6 months ago. I thought I had it down, but then practiced in front of a mirror and flashed much more than I thought (space between the cards when squaring them up with my index finger after the push off). Came back to revise the small details. Would like the video again if it were possible 👍

  25. Thankyou man…… find it very hard to learn this where I am from as there are not many resources/groups so thankyou for the effort and detail……. love it

  26. Dude, this is sick. I can see I'm going to have to get the feel for only pushing two each time, but with the pressure from the lower fingers, it's not hard to get the thickness of the packet right.

  27. I got it! I can push over two cards now and here's what I learned: It's all about WHERE you touch the two cards with your thumb. I mean where on your thumb, not where on the cards. Experiment with places – as he says – between your thumbprint and your nail until two cards start sliding over as one.

    For me, it is where the nail goes into the skin on the left side, i.e. if you were clipping your thumbnail, it would be the farthest left side of where you clip. Important point: Don't roll your thumb over (so that the thumbprint starts to touch the cards) otherwise the cards will split. You have to keep that one exact spot (that you found) in contact with the cards.

    There, my contribution to humanity. Well, that tiny, weird slice of humanity that is learning card magic, I guess. Now all I have to perfect is how to keep the other cards from sliding over, which according to Alex, is a matter for the fingers of the left hand. If anybody has any hints on how to master this, please let me/us know. Thanks and good luck, people!

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