Skipton International Online – payment to a nominated account

In this video you will learn how to
arrange a payment to your nominated account and use and understand the
available payment options. Learn how to make a payment through the online system. Yyou can easily make a payment to a nominated account from the home page by
clicking make a payment or transfer. Open the external payments tab and select how you would like to send your funds. The two options are BACS, this is free of
charge and takes up to three working days for the payment to clear, or CHAPS, this costs twenty-five pounds and will clear the same day the payment is made. Now select when you would like to make the payment, if you are transferring from a notice account, the available payment date will appear. Select the nominated
account you wish to pay the funds away to. Please note you will need to have a
nominated account setup. Next, input the amount you wish to send and press continue. An overview will appear, if this is correct click confirm to proceed with the payment. Your payment request has been submitted and is currently under review by our banking team. You will receive confirmation once the payment has been processed. If you have any questions about this video, please contact us.

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