I’m in LA rolling up into the Hollywood Hills Why? Because I got this phone call from a
real estate broker named Sam Real he tells me he’s got a place called the
“Shark House” mansion with REAL sharks living there. Kevin! Sam how are you? It’s a pleasure to see you thank you for coming I know you’re super busy. This is one of the greatest homes in LA. You have to see this… That’s crazy! It’s marine world in a house. This is why we call it the “shark house” That is absolutely nuts. Come on let’s head in I’ll show you around… So right here you have a 500-bottle wine cellar It’s perfect for someone that owns their own vineyard right? I’ve got a few thousand bottles but that’s enough to just keep a
weekend going. I like it, I like it like a lot. Check this out… Oh my goodness that is a fantastic view Pretty amazing right zero edge pool. You’ll be the only shark actually swimming in this pool Welcome to the master built for a shark pretty amazing right? Wow looks like a completely
different house up here here. Here we have Mrs. wonderful new closet… Nice. This is the size of most people’s bedrooms I’m sure your wife will love this why don’t we take a walk up here into your open shower Nice! This is three nozzles specifically just for you… ton of space here. Let’s head down, you saw where you the shark sleep… let’s see where the rest of the sharks sleep… this is beautiful! It’s pretty amazing right very zen. I totally get it this is absolutely spectacular. How many fish are in this tank? You have three hound sharks, two Ramora sharks that are actually upside down, you have a corn shark, seven Cortez stingrays… These fish are not cheap either the Sharks alone cost a couple thousand dollars. What do they eat? They eat a little bit of the squid right here. This is your million-dollar room and the maintenance on that million dollar room cost you roughly $1,500 about $900 a month for your living
wall another $600 a month for your sharks. Kevin I know you don’t have
a place in LA… You’re right about that, The greatest shark on TV deserves his own shark tank. I have to admit it has a certain “j’en est c’est quoi” about it. When I heard about the shark tank I thought what BS but it ends up being a major selling
feature because it’s extremely peaceful and beautiful here. I’m glad you like it… Now when you get into the $35 million ask… That’s a big one and it’s a lot of money. It’s true it’s it’s a big number. Shark house I love you but you’re too pricey for Mr. Wonderful… I’m a value hound… we’ve got a big update on the shark house and some cool BTS video to show
you Here I am trying to get our GoPro out of the shark infested water I should get hazard pay for this… by the way that $35 million price tag didn’t get any bites and over a year later… that number was chopped down big
time… you ready for this: the shark house now costs… just under 23 million bucks. speaking of over-the-top real estate
that’s sitting on the market and getting no bites… don’t miss the season finale of
“Listing Impossible” Wednesday at 9 p.m. on CNBC… that’s right after “Shark Tank”

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