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It turns out Apple’s latest
product is discrimination. Back now with allegations
of gender bias against Apple over its new credit card. Apple calls it
simple and secure. WOMAN: A credit card
created by Apple, not a bank. NEWSMAN: But Apple
and partner Goldman Sachs are now accused of gender bias. Software developer
and millionaire David Heinemeier Hansson says
he and his wife share assets and income. But Apple Card gave him
a credit line 20 times higher than hers, even though she has
a higher credit score. It seemed very discriminatory
that I would get 20 times the credit limit even
though our stats were the same. NEWSMAN: Goldman says a computer
algorithm made the decision. When Hansson vented on Twitter, social media erupted
with similar stories. Apple, how could you! This is the most sexist product
since that iPhone that needed to be unlocked
with your penis. (laughter) And if you’re gonna be a
credit card that discriminates, don’t do it based on gender. You should do it
based on what people buy. Like, if you’re using
your credit card to buy a beanbag chair
and a lava lamp, you shouldn’t have
a credit card. -(laughter)
-That’s what it should be. But I do think that, unlike
other forms of discrimination, this one might
actually be addressed. And I say that
because the victims are the most millionaire
white people I have ever seen -(laughter)
-in my life. Look at that couple, huh? The only thing whiter than them
is a Panera gift card. That’s the only thing. So I’m excited
they brought this out. And finally, in some
major international news, yet another
Latin American country is saying adios
to its presidente. NEWSWOMAN: Chaos in Bolivia
after the president, Evo Morales,
announced he is resigning amid protests and calls
from the military to step down. NEWSMAN: Former Bolivian
president, Evo Morales, on his way to a new life after Mexico granted him
political asylum. He says it will prevent
what he calls “blood and grief” in the unrest
following a resignation Morales and his supporters
call a coup. Morales tweeting an appeal
asking Bolivians to: “Take care of the peace
and to not fall into violence.” It remains unclear
who will now lead Bolivia. A so-called
“extraordinary” session of Bolivia’s legislature
is set for today. Damn. Now Bolivia’s government
has collapsed? Right now South American
countries are more chaotic than the second day
at every Jurassic Park. It’s like, “I can’t believe
this happened a third time! Aah!” But what’s interesting, what’s
interesting about this story is that, unlike other countries
in the region where leaders have been ousted,
Bolivia has been doing well. Right? The economy
has been booming. Poverty is down. Income inequality is declining. So the question is, why did President Morales
get pushed out of office? Well, people like Donald Trump
and Marco Rubio are saying that Bolivians forced
President Morales out because he was trying
to stay in power for too long. He was trying to get
a fourth term. But people like
Bernie Sanders and AOC argue that Morales
never broke any laws– the Bolivian military
is just overthrowing a popular socialist leader. And I don’t know who to believe. ‘Cause I get what Bernie
and AOC are saying, but on the other hand,
who knows more about international affairs
than Donald Trump? -(laughter)
-All right, so… now another South American
country has a power vacuum. And no matter what you think
of Evo Morales, it’s not good for a country
to be leaderless. It’s chaos. Right?
I mean, could you imagine, like, if that happened
in America, like, just Trump just, like,
disappeared, just went away? -(cheers) -Okay, you know what?
Maybe that’s a bad example. No. No. No, no. (cheering continues) No. No. (cheering, whistling) Any other country.
Any other country, then. -(laughter) -I feel like
Trump’s the only leader that could just disappear,
and everyone would be like, “Wow, this actually works better
without him.”

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