Seth Rollins Removed From Twitter After BACKSTAGE FIGHT With Sasha Banks GOES TOO FAR | WWE

whats up guys, welcome back to Wrestling world! Today we’ll be going over Another backstage
feud seems to be just starting up between two wwe superstars By now superstars having a heated exchange
on twitter has become a usual reoccurring thing, but we don’t see that many male wrestlers
going at it with the wwe women But that’s what the case is in this situation Seth Rollins sent out a tweet hyping up the
raw season premiere and his title match against Rey mysterio with this tweet That’s when Sasha Banks copy and pasted
Seth’s tweet word for word and used it to describe her singles match with Alexa Bliss So that was a direct mockery of Seth Rollins
and even a subtle hit at Alexa Bliss as well Saying that she’s gonna empty the tank for
“one of the greatest ever” in Alexa Bliss, and everyone knows how Sasha really feels
about Alexa Bliss both on and off screen so that was said with a lot of sarcasm Seth Rollins didn’t take too kindly to the
mockery of his tweet and responded back with a tweet that said this: “This is a match I’ve been looking forward
to as much as every other match you’ve ever had…aka, not at all. Luckily for me, you’ll underdeliver like you
always do and continue to wonder why you’re not in more main events.” So quite the low blow there by Seth Rollins Seth Rollins would quickly end up deleting
that tweet but like everyone should know by now, once you put something up, it’s going
to be online forever Charlotte flair jumped in responded with the
popular spongebob meme of “imma head out” And Sasha responded with a gif of Seth Rollins
crying at ringside next to his ex girlfriend What makes Sasha’s gif of Seth Rollins crying
so much more impactful is the fact that the gif of him crying at ringside came from nxt
takeover Brooklyn, after Sasha Banks vs Bayley stole the show That match was so amazing that it even brought
Seth Rollins to tears Now flash forward a few years and he claims
that Sasha always under delivers in her matches? That’s what Sasha was trying to get at here
with that gif alone Backlash at Seth Rollins was insane, fans
were going after him so much that Seth temporarily fully deactivated his twitter profile page So even though this situation was technically
started by Sasha Banks, the overall feeling is that Seth Rollins stepped over the line
by basically saying that all of Sasha’s matches are failures and that’s why she’s
never in the main event Sasha did keep her cool and didn’t respond
back with anything else besides that gif But like we said before, that gif has a lot
of hidden meanings behind it so Sasha did get the last laugh here What are your thoughts on this situation? Leave your comments, don’t forget to subscribe,
and leave a like if you enjoyed!

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100 thoughts on “Seth Rollins Removed From Twitter After BACKSTAGE FIGHT With Sasha Banks GOES TOO FAR | WWE

  1. Today we have a situation that quickly got out of hand, sure Sasha Banks was wrong to mock Seth Rollins, Rollins was wrong to respond the way he did, and the fans were wrong to trash talk Seth Rollins off of twitter, but what are your thoughts on this situation and who do you think was right/wrong? Leave your comment, don't forget to Subscribe, and leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching guys 😀

  2. Ugh…shes such a crybaby. Yea their was a time she put on great matches but that was years ago. The fact remains that she left the company during hard time for months and as soon as she comes back she gets a title match. Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins have been putting their blood, sweat and tears every night for this company while she was on vacation having with no concern for WWE or its fans. It bullshit.

  3. I mean honestly is this fake or real?? How do we know the WWE isn't making this happen to make fans build on Sasha as a heel?? However if it is true then wow Sasha is a true B!¿€!% no wonder alexa bliss and her dont get along

  4. Damn that thumbnail thoe, I bet that security guard enjoying life right there, every guard must love when women brawl, so they can go break them up by grabbing them

  5. Sasha only copied and pasted Seth's first tweet because she is trying to get under Becky's skin
    And Seth won't have her go at his fiancé

  6. Sasha needs to stop doing this as this makes her 'fake' whether to hype a match or just plain jane tweet on twitter as this will be stale and as the hyped match draws closer, people won't even bother to see the said match as people knew the outcome of it.

  7. Seth just spoke the truth , while sasha tried to even thing with something that happened years ago so Rollins is easily the winner in this „feud“

  8. I think sasha cant make her own words up I think she a spoil little girl just because shes snoop dogs relative she thinks she can do wat she wants

  9. Sasha is a spoilt. Brat waaa waaa waaa just because she was scripted to lose at mania. She knew what she signed up for with a wwe contract

  10. "The Legit Botch" Botcha Banks is a joke. This is probably a work but either way what was said by Seth was right about the ferret faced botch queen.

  11. Hello, another video of great importance, thanks and congratulations for the work, beautiful informative channel.

    About this situation of Seth and Sasha, I honestly do not care, for me the most important is Alexa, I care about the goddess in this fight, I know that fights are decided outside the ring, everyone knows it is so; this is a historie that is written and the fighters are actually ring actors who follow the scripts, so I think the script of this fight is the defeat of the beautiful goddess Alexa, as it is very clear, Sasha is the star of the moment , and maybe even ready to hand over the title of Raw champion to the beautiful brunette against Becky at Hell in a Cell ?.

    We know that Sasha is really mean and poisonous, and this text in which she promises to show her talent on Alexa worries me, I hope Sasha doesn't hurt Alexa too much.

  12. How long are these boring people going to stay champions, Seth and Becky?!?! I wish Stone Cold was in his mid to late 30s, and could wrestle to beat this lame. And The Man's matches are even worse, imo.

  13. Why Seth go on Twitter ,I'm so disappointed in him ,Even though I'm not a fan of either one let them deal with whatever Seth I'm Disappointed In You .That's Childish of You.

  14. Banks is back 6 weeks and she is already causing major disruptions in the locker room, who did she have to get on her knees for to get her job back, dump her.

  15. I mean to me seth licking vince boots that's why he have so call great matches and his promos are starting to get bored as well as his wife like they can't make better promos because people goes to sleep when he does the same thing over now to banks her match might not be that good but half of seth matchs aren't either

  16. The Superstars don't write on their accounts….. it is all done by people in the publicity department of WWE. Do you think the wrestlers have TIME to worry about social media?

  17. There is one fact for sure.I figure it out reading all these comments in different videos. Sasha Banks has so many fans in USA answers the question why you elected Donald Trump as president…

  18. Well i meen a lot of people think (including myself) that it was Becky who tweeted it, she prob saw it and wanted to defend Seth

  19. What a interesting video, to see two superstars doing this is new, Sasha and especially Bayley are my two favorites and for Seth Rollins to say that about Sasha matches be failures I know that is not true.

  20. I am sure Seth Rollins is good people, but man WWE has turned him into a cucked bitch. He actually wore a shirt that said the mans man. That is so cringeworthy. Very talented wrestler who lacks charisma. To bad his future wife oozes charisma, she in my opinion is bad for his “character “ however I am happy the found each other in reality.

  21. 1. He never deleted the tweet, it's still very much there.
    2. Hes already back on Twitter
    3. It's a work.
    4. It's pronounced GiF, not JIF like fuckin peanut butter. 😬

  22. Seth vs Rey Mysterio is a legitimate show-stealer. Sasha, with her "take my ball and go home" attitude, needs to stay out of other people's business. She is not yet in the "Big Girl" league as she loses every title almost before they happen. Yes, this is an exaggeration, but she still has a lot to prove. And the entitled brat is not really a great way to improve her standing.

  23. I feel Seth was doing too much, that’s why he deleted his Twitter account because he knew that wasn’t called for. And ‘under deliver’? Boy bye she always OVER deliver and leave her heart in that ring EVERY time.

  24. In my opinion this was on Rollins, Sasha did not say that he undelivered in matches and didn't get main events she just was in character as a heel playing with Becky, and copying his tweet. It was not necessary for Seth to do that. The fans didn't need to go so crazy but it's not their faults

  25. Look at Sasha, always trying to start stuff with someone. In my opinion, Sasha should’ve just posted her own tweet without having to literally copy off her opponents boyfriend. So again, in my opinion, it’s her fault.

  26. I know Becky's your girl, but you'd better let Becky fight with the women and you stick with the men, because Sasha burned you bad with the GIF brother.

  27. I personally think business is business and personal should be personal. In a personal opinion, I think social media has ruined wrestling entertainment.

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