Searching Canada Job Bank (formerly Working in Canada)

Hi, I’m Adele from Seneca Libraries. Working in Canada is a Government of Canada website and is a leading source for current information for your occupational research. So let’s get started and I’ll show you how it works! You can find the Working in Canada link on our Careers Resources Subject Guide. Start typing in a job title. When you’re typing the job you’re interested in, some options will appear under the box. If you see the job title you want, click on it. Next, enter the city you want to work in. If you see the city you want, click on it. Click Search to view the report about the job. The results page includes a job description, alternate job titles, job duties, and related occupations. See these little icons along the top? These categories of information include job postings, wages, and outlook. The Outlook category will give you a good idea of what to expect from the job market. There’s also license and certification information, education and training, and required skills It’s definitely worth a read, and can give you a hint about how well suited you are to the job. So make sure you check out Working in Canada and all the other helpful resources on the Career Resources Subject Guide. Thanks for watching!

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