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30 thoughts on “Scanning 100 BM Random Boxes – Digimon Masters Online

  1. I've been off for some days so that's why I couldn't upload videos. So, have you ever gotten gehenna from BM boxes? How many boxes you had to scan to get it?

  2. Nice Gz, a friend told me about how to get Lucemon BM and i thought about what you mention in the end of the video, there are only 10 type of bm item in the Random BM Box compared to the Cube of Overload in theory the must be higher chances to get it through it, but tbh that boxes compared to the Cubes are kinda fixed like 1% for Gahenna or something while i think Cubes have the same % for all, i have seen people a lot of people that get Gahenna with less than 50 Cubes for example but at the end i think rng is what really set the odds.

  3. sorry man but i think its a bad idea you get sponsored by mmoah since those are the gold spammers on DATS and you can get your acount in trouble for that

  4. My friends scanned hundreds of BM boxes and 0 gehennas, all he does is buy mc6 and sell the stuff, he needs the 15% as deck buff, he has farmed thousands of mc6 and still no luck. And almost all of our guildmates, except me and him, got gehenna with 3-4 boxes. I have gehenna from previous events.

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