Sasha Banks ambushes Natalya during interview: Raw, Aug. 19, 2019

It’s been one week since I buried my
soul in front of the entire world on Monday Night RAW. Between preparing for my match
with Becky Lynch at Summer Slam to nearing the one-year anniversary
of my dad’s passing. I knew I expected this
to be an emotional week. But I did not expect Sasha Banks. Sasha is my friend, Sasha was my friend. Sasha was one of my closest friends. And that’s why I cannot wrap my head
around the fact that somebody that I cared about so much would try to hurt
me in the way that she did during one of the most
vulnerable times of my life. And then I see her tonight, and
she’s smirking, and she’s smiling, and she’s treating us all like-
>>Get out.>>My God. That’s Sasha Banks.>>Aw, there’s a little cry baby. [SOUND]
>>Keep talking Natalya? [SOUND]
>>Go to hell, Natty. And tell your daddy I said hi. [SOUND]
>>Natty, Natty, are you okay? Natty. [SOUND]

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100 thoughts on “Sasha Banks ambushes Natalya during interview: Raw, Aug. 19, 2019

  1. Go to hell nattie and tell your daddyI said hi 😂😂 who ever writ that line is a savage! Surprised Natalia is ok with it but props to her that she is

  2. I hate you sasha how could you do that to her, backstabing woman, your just mad cuz nia did the same thing to you, I HATE YOU!!!!

  3. Why did Sasha Banks do this? I'm tired of seeing Natalya getting beat up when Natalya is going to hit her?

  4. I didn’t know Sasha could show so much disrespect I truly feel bad for Natalya after what just happen her arm must of felt worse than it felt when she broke it

  5. @WWE why you guys always using real deaths in your skits I mean if natalia is ok with it I mean I guess we should be aswell cause it ads a hint of real drama but come on like the go to hell and having her claim Jim neidhart is in hell and for natalia to to go to hell and deliver him a message is kinda a low blow I would hate to see how this effects her in real life cause yes there are some positive effects but natalia could be having negative effects to these skits. Give her a break and let Jim rest in piece already.

  6. Shasa banks is a devil and she needs to go to hell she is such a drama queen 😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  7. Can we just take a moment to looked at Natty and Sashas outfits like…SLAY!
    But seriously the people that were helping Natty after came mad late

  8. i am a big fan of Sasha Banks and Natalya both but what Sasha Banks is doing to Natalya is not okay Behavior at all that's being mean and rude and being a bully and thats not ok at all and what Sasha Banks just said that was just so uncalled for like really that's not okay that was crossing a line

  9. When is the last time Natalya did 1M views with anyone? Before WM with Rousey and then Sasha… fans are hyped for heel Banks

  10. Can we have that every week, someone just beating up cat Nattie, I enjoy that, makes Raw 10 times better

  11. i am shock now thank u for Sasha banks not retireing dang and Sasha called nattie a cry baby Sasha know what to say

  12. They need to give sasha the title back, like for her to have raw womens title, comment for her to have smackdown womens title, id rather her have smackdown title, and become the 2nd grandslam champion.

  13. Ahaha I GET IT NATTIE RHYMES WITH DADDY 🤣🤣 LOVE THAT FOR HER (totally being sarcastic) but it does rhyme 🥴😭

  14. That is so disrespectful how she gon talk about her dad father
    Day if sumbi started talking about your dead mother then it would be a problem
    She going to hell for making fun if dead people

  15. If WWE tries to turn Bayley heel , They should think of reuniting the four horsewomen as Becky,Charlotte,Sasha,Bayley as a heel force would be amazing with Becky as Raw womens Champion and Bayley as Smackdown Womens Champion. Do it Vince

  16. I like Sasha as a heel but I hate how they are portraying Natalie as a whip it’s awful and it sucks, don’t make her weak and a cry baby come on

  17. Im not hating sasha ok?..but I still love sasha too..
    Now thats what you call a Backstabber Friend or should i say" fake friend"
    Not hating ok?..i still love you sasha and natty😄

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