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24 thoughts on “Samsung Smart TV Can’t Connect to WiFi – Replacing the WiFi Module BN59-01148B

  1. I have a Samsung model UN60KU6300FXKR, and whenever I use my HDMI, the screen goes black for 2-5 seconds, then turns back to a regular screen. But for some reason, my cable works just fine, but it's my Xbox that goes blank. Please Help!

  2. Hello and thank you for your video, it was exactly what I was looking for. My Samsung TV is a UN60ES7100F and it has BN59-01148C. Is there any diferencie between and BN59-01148A or B?

  3. Hello! I did something wrong in TV's service menu. So I got this problem. It equire an adapter to connect to the Internet? Model UE46ES8000

  4. If by any chance you recently moved or you just moved your tv and your tv WiFi stopped working then check the module connection before replacing it as it could be just loose as it was on my case. Honestly Samsung has to do something about this because it’s a well known problem with their TVs.

  5. Worked for my “smart TV” Samsung UN55ES8000, cable was little different but essentially the same thought process. My LED light at the bottom no longer works but I unplugged the power to my Bluetooth and WiFi modules and my TV now no longer spazzs out doing the on/off loop thing. Thanks!

  6. what is the part number for a new WiFi adapter for the Samsung UN60ES6100 60-Inch 1080p 240 Clear Motion Rate Slim LED HDTV (Black) (2012 Model)

  7. Hello i need a Wifi module for samsung ue 65ju6470 can you say me whats inside the smartsceen ,i upgrade the motherboard i have the iq30 wifi module but it doesnt work .greetings AMF

  8. So I gather you cannot install an external wifi antenna to this and other Samsung tv's? What can I do to increase the wifi range of my TV?

  9. My Soundbar stopped working so did my wifi. Thanks to your video I checked which wifi module my TV has and unplugged the module and plugged it back in and afterwards my wifi and soundbar was working again! Thanks for the video!

  10. Replaced a module in April, now non-working again. Went to Roku Express instead, much, much better! Won't purchase another Samsung product either. My experience with support was bad.

  11. I disconnected the WiFi cable of my UN48H5500 tv and the TV problems stopped right away. It’s working perfect via LAN cable now. Thanks for the video

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