Sam Chui Travel Hacks: How to find the LOWEST airfare?

– Hi guys, so you have
seen plenty of my video in first class, business class, and also you have seen a lot of
Instagram pictures out there of people enjoying themselves sitting in premium classes travelling. Now, very few people actually talk about how they’re actually doing it, how they actually achieve that. This week is not a typical airline review or flying out somewhere, this is actually a programme we talk about
the latest airline deals and how to find the cheapest airfare. The idea is to enable you to travel better and travel more frequent
with this knowledge. So as you know, Qantas recently started the longest Dreamliner
flights connecting non-stop between U.K. and Australia. So this is about 17, 18
hours flight non-stop between London and Perth
and on to Melbourne. And you don’t want to
end up sitting in economy for such a long flight, so we will explore the cheapest way to fly in business class. We also look at how to
compare Garuda Airline first class fare from their website direct with an online travel booking site. And then we’ll look into
Malaysia Airlines A350 because a lot of fans has
request me to review that. So there are many tools I use to look for the cheapest airfare. So here’s a couple website,
which I found really useful in helping me to travel better. So here I’m gonna share with you. The first website is
called So ExpertFlyer is a travel
intelligence website that shows you fares, seat
availability, seat maps, award, seats opening alerts. There’s a free version and a pro version. I’m not selling the website here so you can come on here and have a look the free version is very limited so I believe is about
hundred dollars per year or ten dollars per month to use. What I want to show you quickly is looking up that Qantas Air tickets the Qantas airfare from
London to Melbourne. So I’ll type in the code
here in fare search, Heathrow, Melbourne, and travelling days I put at
random 24 of, and Qantas, QF. So I’ll actually just bring
up all the fares here. So this is what the website does. It’s bringing up all the
published airfare right now. And if you’re not familiar
with the air tickets, how they code it, is actually the price of each ticket is coded in
a separate booking class. So it’s fell into a separate
booking buckets here. What we are interested is
looking at business class, so I’ll filter into B,
B is business class. The lowest tickets, this is without tax, without additional fuel surcharges, it’s 3,822 US dollar Qantas one way. Qantas Heathrow to Melbourne, D Class. D class is a discount business class and then you’ve got a higher
fare class, is C Class, then the full fare
business class is J Class. So your fare range from 3,800 to 5,900, so this is quite expensive, you can see from Heathrow to Melbourne. What I would try is,
because we know that nonstop from Heathrow to Melbourne,
the most direct flight is the most expensive flight. So this is probably why
it’s quite expensive. Let’s try to look at another city pair, from Frankfurt to Melbourne. So you might have to transit in London. Flying Frankfurt to London,
and in London to Melbourne. So let’s have a look. Okay, so the fare came down a bit. If you remember earlier it
was 3,800 now it’s 3,400 from Frankfurt to Melbourne. So let’s try to keep playing again. So this is why you need this website, you need to do a lots of research. I’m gonna try the Paris,
Paris to Melbourne. Okay, look at business class, there you go, much better
2,700 in business class. So I’m quite happy with this fare. This is one of the lowest fare I’ve found, you can try out many, many city pair. In fact, let me show you
one of the cheapest one I found out here, is
from Cairo to Melbourne. But from Cairo you have to go to Dubai, Dubai to Melbourne,
basically flying on Emirates. So Cairo to Melbourne, as low
as $1,261 in business class. And remember this is before
tax and fuel surcharge. Even the first class fare is very cheap, $2,500 for a one-way Qantas,
Emirates to Melbourne. So after finding out a cheapest city pair, flying that Qantas non-stop
from UK to Australia, we can try CDG to
Melbourne on the date 24th QF which is Qantas Airlines code, I mean you can type in,
and I’m just used to it so it pick up the short code very quickly. And now it brings up this
availability and schedule. What we need to look at, is to look at D class available pair,
because there’s a connection. So the first connection
is CDG to Heathrow, and on British Airways A320, and then on Qantas 10
Heathrow to Melbourne. So you need to look at D class available in both connections. So if that’s available here, you should just proceed to a website to book the lowest tickets on Qantas. And just to show you the
price from London to Melbourne on Qantas websites, on the 24th, this is the most direct flight. You’re flying direct on the Dreamliner, London to Melbourne via Perth, and that ticket price is 3,300 pound in the lowest buckets
business saver tickets, which, converting to US dollar, it is 4,700 US. Okay, now let’s have a look
at the flights from Paris, which should be a lot cheaper, ’cause we found a much cheaper fare from ExpertFlyer just earlier. So Paris to Melbourne, okay. This is the one we found earlier. It’s identical, the timing. The flight is BA from Paris to London and then connecting Qantas
10, London to Melbourne, 2,800 euros, let’s just do this and see how much converting to US dollar. So the airfare from Paris
to London to Melbourne is 3,479 US dollar, that’s
about 1,300 US dollar in savings than direct flight from
London to Melbourne. However, you have to factor
in the positioning cost of moving yourself from London to Paris to start your journey there. There’s a bit of inconvenience,
you lose a bit of time. But however, if you’re looking at a cheaper savings, this is tremendous. Okay, the second thing
I want to show you is compare some of the price
from an airline website to a travel agent website, see who can get you a cheaper fair. Especially first class, business class, when the amount is bigger, so you see a bigger savings as well. So for example, I was
looking at London to Jakarta. In first class on Garuda Airlines. So I’ll put in a date I want,
which I think is May 19. So let’s have a look
what Garuda is selling on their official websites. So they have a direct flight on that day. It’s selling 2,181 pounds. Okay, so what I want to show
you is a site called momondo. or
and let’s have a look. See, if we found a cheaper
tickets on momondo website, and I’ll show you what
momondo is actually. So on the same day, London to Jakarta. So momondo is a site that links
to many travel agents site. It’s a search engine basically. Search the lowest air tickets
on many travel agents sites. And then bring you the
most reliable link to book. So yeah, so we found a cheaper fare here, Garuda, 2,107 pound. Go back to Garuda
website, Garuda is 2,181. So here we save about, a good 75 pounds. So what you do is, you
go to, go to the sites, so momondo direct you
to that particular site, offer the cheapest fare
compared of all the sites. And I have to say that sometimes it works, you find a cheaper airfare,
sometimes you don’t. Sometimes the airline
website is the cheapest. So you just need to try
out all the possible ways to found that saving for yourself. Now I also want to show
you a good resource here, since you’re flying in
first and business class, you’re getting a lot of miles,
so let’s not waste of that. So there’s a good website
called So what it does is, like say for example, if I’m going on that Garuda
Indonesia Airline flight and I knew the booking class was A Class from my previous research
or on ExpertFlyer, you found out one way or the other, what this site does is, it
really have a matrix here, on all the frequent flyer
programme for each airline. How many miles you earn. Yeah, so you have the base scenario, and you’re at tier 1, tier 2, tier 3. Tier 1, 2, 3, means you’re
silver, gold, platinum, frequent flyer of each airline programme. So Garuda is part of
SkyTeam, so SkyTeam carriers here you can accrue miles and earn miles on all of these frequent flyer programme. In fact that, go to the
calculator, is even better. So I’ll type in from Heathrow to Jakarta on Garuda Airline in A Class, so in this way it’s very fast, it shows you which programme
you can earn the most miles on. Although be careful,
the more miles you earn, it doesn’t mean the easier
you can redeem a ticket, because each airline
programme have different redemption level as well
on their award miles. So guys, last thing
today, is a lot of viewers are commenting that they want me to fly the Malaysia Airlines A350, do a review, and some of them also
want to fly themselves, because it’s some very new plane, the flagship of Malaysia
Airlines at the moment. So, well I found the best deal, is looking at Malaysia Airlines website. For that aeroplane, you
go to deals sections. It doesn’t matter which
country website you go to, you will come to the same page in section, then what you can do is select from the city you want to depart. For example I want to fly from KL, because the A350 fly from
KL to London and to Tokyo. So let me just look for
return fare in business class and there’s so many options here, so many cities on offer that, you know, okay here Tokyo Narita, 3,699 Malaysian Ringgit, this
is below a thousand US dollar. This is business class return,
below $1,000 round-trip. It is about six and a
half, seven hours each way, so this is tremendous,
tremendous value here. Also I want to tell
about Malaysia Airlines, they have a lot of very good airfare from Thailand and from China. So you just need to go to their
website and start searching. Let’s say from Bangkok, let’s
see if I can find a good one for you guys, to Narita. And I’m gonna put in some
random dates in there and I’ll prefer travel in mid-week. Mid-week is always better. So, put in business class, and see, yeah, so in fact, that you can see the fare is very decent here. This is also a code-share
with Japan Airlines, so Japan Airlines 787, so okay, we learned a cheap way to
fly Japan Airlines as well. So Malaysia Airlines has a
code-share with Japan Airlines, There you go, this is their own mah-toe. 737 Bangkok to KL and
then a long connection, and then Malaysia Airlines A350. So 13,250 Thai Bahts. And then return, let
me fly the same thing, okay Malaysia again, 13,320. So the total I came up is 26,570. You can fly four sector,
including if you want to fly Japan Airlines 787 on the way out, returning on the Malaysia A350, $851 all-in business
class, tremendous value. So here’s a good, really good
deal, to fly the first class. Let me show you, on ExpertFlyer you can search the award availability. So I’m just typing Narita to KL, and let me put a random
dates, plus minus two days. You can search the award
availability of Malaysia Airlines. I want the first class. So, let’s just wait for a little bit to get the results back. There you go, there’s
four seats available. Keep in mind there’s only four seats available in that A350. All four seats are
available for award seats. So you can use your
miles, so there you go. I can even look up the
seat map of this flight. So all you need is 40,000
miles on American Airlines AAdvantage award miles
between Tokyo and Malaysia. 40,000 miles roughly
cost about 800 US dollar. So 800 US dollar, you
can fly the first class on Malaysia A350, which
is a very good deal. Website I mentioned
today is which you can check flight availability, the seat map, fares, et cetera. And the second site is called which you can compare the
airfare from many websites and then take you to the
cheapest website to book. And the last website I
mentioned is So thanks for watching again, and your feedback is very important. If you have any specific question, please send me in all the details. I will try my best to look into them, and see you next week.

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