RYZEN TEST: Does RAM Speed Matter?

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100 thoughts on “RYZEN TEST: Does RAM Speed Matter?

  1. Look for Ryzen Updates as they will be very important to the User!,,Software updates that make everything run better!!,,Also check your motherboards Data Updates for your Ryzen chips!,,,,

  2. great vid, thank you! its much appreciated you threw the for honor stuff in there, where there was no improvement. too many content creators only want to show massive increases or cherry picked WOW moments. showing some stats that it can have huge!!… or smal…. or no benefits, and explaining hen and why, well thats just solid professionalism and it was super appreciated. Im using 2400 DDR4 with my ryzen 7 1700 (i splurged on a samsung 960 evo nvmie ssd which was freaking half the cost of the entire system) so this topic is of a lot of interest to me (trying to figure out if my ram sucks – seems to be YES if i am in any way going to be CPU bound). Thanks and keep it up!

  3. So what speed flareX would people recommend for the ryzen 1600x I want 16gb just insure between 2400mhz or 3200mhz I'm mostly going to be flight simulating I have a Asus strix rog x370-f gaming mobo, GTX 980. Please reply!

  4. I have corsair lpx vengeance 3000 and can only get it to 2666 with a slight voltage increase, can n e one help me understand timings Ect to maybe get it higher?

  5. Gaming??? Who the f××× are care about gaming in r7 case??? Are You kidding me??? Only case to build r7 system is 4k content creating!

  6. RAM Speed matters for Intel too. And it is very apparent in some games. I have seen 10%+ improvement in FPS in some games that are heavily CPU reliant.2133 vs. 3200mhz. In this case I used the same Ram and just lowered the frequency.

  7. Have enjoyed your videos for the past 5 years or so…just planning out my new Ryzen build now, so this is great stuff!

  8. Here's an update on Trident Z G Skill RGB Ram. Currently running Asus Rog Strix B350-F with latest bios update. 3200 mhz ram runs without any problems with the D.O.C.P. settings in bios. Found this out today with upgraded ram. (Cheers!)

  9. So for the best performance. We as consumers are forced to pay 250 bucks for 16 gigs of 3200 ram.. Makes the cost savings and the value of Ryzen crash and burn…

  10. Why is 2666 or 3000 ram not good enough for AMD… Don't get it. Or any speed ram. Shouldn't be forced to run stupid expensive ram to get the most out of their processors.

  11. I will say this I have an AMD 2700X on a Taichi, But anyway, the point is Memory Vendors are loving AMD right NOW!!! AMD made memory speed relevant again and couldn't be a worst time with pricing the way it is..

  12. so what would my pc benefit from more, going to a 4 sticks of ram of 16gb or a kit of 2×8 to get 16gb? 2400mhz??

  13. Very interesting review Paul – thanks a lot! I also came across the fact that especially G.Skill got a separate RAM-range for Ryzen processors and that‘s very cool! To my mind these ones are one of the best you can choose for an AMD build: G. Skill F4-3200C14Q-32GTZRX

  14. Ryzen is more expensive platform than Coffee Lake because you need faster memory meaning much more money to spend, motherboards are same price. Overall not a good deal at all since still sucks in gaming.

  15. I thought this processor was good because it's both cheap and high performing. If I have to buy expensive ram with it then surely the point of it falls down.

  16. Windows updates have not helped at all. The last update shut off 7 of the 8 CPU's in my machine. Thats a pretty specific bug. I had to edit the registry to get them back. The April 2018 update it also caused 3 new bugs in Power director 15 and Cyber link 15 Screen recorder and Mozilla firefox. It also changed the settings in the Screen recorder which required an uninstall and reinstall just to get it working again. The MS update also pseudo deleted all the Favorites in Edge. I suspect MS is now storing your Favorites on their hacked NSA cloud as I cant tell where they are stored. This change immediately prompted me to switch to Mozilla. The lovely Microsoft April update was like a exploding shit storm. It re-turned on a bunch of MS spying settings automatically that had been disabled before. Imagine that. The Ryzen 1700 has been great if we could get MS to test their NSA software before they force it up our asses would be super. Oh and they keep screwing with the USB speeds. I see a 25% USB speed increase on an old Dell laptop compared to 2 different brand new Win 10 Ryzen 7 , 8 core machines with the same USB dongles. Crickets from MS. Spying seems to be the focus at MS now. What technical advantage is there to storing your Favorites on the MS cloud? None zero zip. How can you accidentally delete favorites when you are providing both the OS and the Edge Browser? Doh! I cant be the only one that sees how absurd this is. This is about Orwellian Control not progress. Google Win 10 security issues and learn how to shut your machine off for supplying huge MS update files to machines not located on your local network. (Mine was updating North America apparently until I shut it off.) Hopefully they wont turn it back again in the next "Update" (Update=Unplanned PC Software Nightmare)

  17. Well.. There goes the AMD is best for it's value lol.

    Sure it's cheaper than intel but then it bottoms out when you need expensive ram LOL

  18. One depends on the MHz number which stands for technical data for the processor.
    At Ryzen 5 2600X stands as example DDR4 2933MHZ on it.

  19. Well I just bought my ryzen build. Got gigabyte ab350 gaming motherboard and ryzen r5 1600x with 16 gb corsair vengeance lpx 2400mhz ram. I don't have any issues at all. Games run great and smooth on ultra settings on 1080p. Compared with evga gtx 1060 6 gb. For those who keep saying Intel is better, I don't know my ryzen build doing just fine so I don't see any point why someone should throw away more money for the same purpose and almost no better performance increase. Ryzen is great for gaming and decent price. The ram also ain't that big of a deal cause I've got 2400 mhz and don't want to upgrade to higher frequency cause it's doing fine.

  20. I enjoyed your video. However whats the situation with video editing/photo editing compared to games. Is the memory speed as important?

  21. Man i didn't understood anything there. I came looking for " wich ram speed is the best " i was like "so wich one ive to buy?" but you just end up overcloacking RAM without really giving a clue at what we should go.
    im 100% Profane and just wanted to know if i get a 2133 (or w/e) or a 3200 ram speed (without touching it) and ive literally 0 Answer to it.

  22. Hello i was curious. Im willing to buy myself a pc that has 8gb of ram in it ddr3. Its used pc im on a budget so… I have two sticks of 4gb ddr3 ram and i was wondering can i put 1x 8gb and 2x 4gb ram in pc? Is it going to work like it suppoused to. I really dont know the right thing to do. I am on a budget so i would rather stick with 8gb of ram rather than buying 8gigs more. thank you in advance.

  23. When changing my RAM speed with my Ryzen 5 1500x from 2133mhz to 2400mhz, it made a huuuge difference, but I couldn't get it to run stable at any higher clock (it would be fine in benchmarks and everything, but a few minutes in Far Cry 5 would continually crash to the desktop), even though I have 3000mhz RAM

  24. How did you manage to hit 100+ FPS in GTA V? I have a R7 1700 setup @3.2mhz, GSkill 2666 8gig RAM, GTX 1070ti using SSD and im only averaging 60fps in 1080p res.

  25. help people…
    i just bought an AMD Ryzen 7 2700x. Next stuff that I bought was a RAM, G.Skill 16Gb DDR4 – 3200MHz KIT…
    before a couple of minutes i just realised that the my Razen support standard up to 2933 MHz… What to do? Is that really bad?

  26. Ryzen = any Low timing, dual channel CAS 15 DDR4 on your motherboard's QVL list.  Even though Ryzen is a different architecture than the older AMD Phenom IIs and FX CPUs they still need lower timings to operate at MAX efficiency. On the other hand Intel CPUs just don't care and run most RAM like butter, dual channel and triple channel.  That Gskill Flare is expensive..   My Intel 9600K ran my dual channel 16gb Corsair Dominator Platinum 3200 MHz CAS 16 better than the Ryzen 2600X. The Intel i5-9600K also ran the Gskill  dual channel 16gb CAS 15, 3000 MHZ better than the Ryzen 2600X.  AMD has ALMOST caught up to intel in memory controllers/handling, but they have a ways to go yet…  Running PassMark the Intel CPU was better handling the DIMMs in both cases.

  27. RAM speed was a thing in late 1990's, why everyone thinks that went away and wasn't a thing in between is beyond me… f'ing hell

  28. Why the fuck won't you fucking test at 3600 Mhz. Everyone testing ram speed on Ryzen only goes up to 3200, WHY? WHY WON'T YOU TEST HIGHER?!?!?!

  29. Can you make a refresh of this video for Ryzen 5 2000 series CPU? Are the differences about the same or do the 2000 CPU's have an even greater advantage with higher frequency?

  30. and here I am after 2 years, still can't set my ram to run at its normal speed which is 3000, it runs at 2132 no matter what I do, pc wont post…fk the day I changed to amd.

  31. Hi;

    I've just collected a new system as follows;

    Processor: Ryzen TR 1900x
    Motherboard: MSI X399 Gaming Pro
    RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 2×16 3200 Mhz (CMK32GX4M2B3200C16)
    Graphics: GTX 1060 6 Gb OCV1

    I tried many times to to run my RAM's at 3200 Mhz but I couldn't run them more than 2667 Mhz(by manual increments using bios) even I updated the motherboard and open XMP by bios. The problem may be caused by processor(I don't know).

    Is there anybody who knows the reason of the situation and advice?

    Many thanks…

  32. Hi;

    I've just collected a new system as follows;

    Processor: Ryzen TR 1900x
    Motherboard: MSI X399 Gaming Pro
    RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 2×16 3200 Mhz (CMK32GX4M2B3200C16)
    Graphics: GTX 1060 6 Gb OCV1

    I tried many times to to run my RAM's at 3200 Mhz but I couldn't run them more than 2667 Mhz(by manual increments using bios) even I updated the motherboard and open XMP by bios. The problem may be caused by processor(I don't know).

    Is there anybody who knows the reason of the situation and advice?

    Many thanks…

  33. Just watched six minutes while staring at a ryzen 5 box to realize you aren't even testing ryzen 5 in this vid. What a waste

  34. For "validated and tested kit": xflare you pay 3x times the price of cheaper 3200 mhz ram, lol… I would like to see expensive 3200 ram vs cheap 3200mhz RAM.

  35. Thx Paul you read my mind looking into the flare kit and thereand didnt know abour rog bench
    and own rog x470 and 570 thx

  36. Is 1.5% really that noticable?. I don't see myself working on my computer thinking; "dammit if only my PC was 1.5% faster, I can't work like this!"

  37. Hi All, I just updated my x470 board BIOS for the upcoming release of ryzen 3rd gen… I am now able to run 3200 ram at 3133, previous to bois update was only able to run 2933…. just a fyi, not everyone will get these results, but I gained some ram speed….

  38. This memory costs over $250 CAD in March 2019. That's 2 years after this video published. Anyone who was looking at this memory at the time must've had some deep pockets!

  39. I have 16gb 4×4 2400 and 16 2×8 3000 MHz I still get the same frames. I play games only so I’m returning the 3000mhz ram

  40. This video is wrong about the 3200MHz ram speed… The MAX the Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 can handle even on the more current Ryzen 5 2600 is 2933Mhz… At the time of this video a Ryzen 5 1600 ran at 2666Mhz … Just because a motherboard can support 3200Mhz such does NOT mean your computer will run faster… The MAX the CPU can handle is 2933MHz for the current systems. If you have Ram that is 3200 that has CL14 that is about as good as you can get, HOWEVER, your CPU will ONLY be able to run at 2933MHz…

    So you will gain approx 5fps running 3200Mhz ram NOT because it is 200MHz faster, rather the latency is VERY slightly lower… A standard 3000MHz kit will have a CL15, so if you have a 3200 that allows for underclocking with CL14 then that will be the only time 3200MHz has ANY relevance.

    Only AMD's V1000 CPU series allows for 3200MHz ram…

    The MAX speed of your ram is the listed MAX speed of your CPU! … If you put in 2666MHz in a Ryzen 5 1600 that is the MAX that the CPU can handle… However, the Ryzen 5 2600 MAX CPU speed is 2933MHz and if you put 2666MHz Ram in such it will be the bottleneck… So instead you would use either 3000MHz OR 3200MHz ram… 3000MHz pairs up almost 1:1 but the CPU has a limit which is 2933MHz. With a CL15 @ 3000MHz such is the norm… Many 3200MHz kits run with a CL15… If you can get a kit that allows for a CL14 with a lower setting of 3000MHz with your 3200MHz kit that would be where you would see about 5fps more in gaming… So is the 5fps really worth it!?


  41. "clear evidence, very significant" max 4fps difference in avg fps. Very significant! Yuge diffference between 3000 and 3200 ram. XD Those 4fps are not worth the extra cost of almost 25 bucks.

  42. Yes on Ryzen No on Intel ! Amd is crap vs intel! Budget builds choose AMD ! Top line builds always choose Intel !

  43. there was change in forhonor and you shouldn't have disregarded it ,

    if u ran multiple benchmarks and it was showing in for honor minimum fps 4 more, it means there are games that prefer lower CL ram more than speeds mhz

  44. What is the difference between this kit and the 90 dollar 16GB Flare X kits that feature a Timing 16-18-18-38 ?

  45. All these incremental improvements. Ram. Cpu. Gpu. 10% here 2% there. It adds up. Just by OC everything I have I ended up with a total of 50% improvement.

  46. I might be in the minority here but I'd love to see a in depth price to performance min max video for an APU build

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