Reverse Pranking Indian Call Spammer – Star Navigator Credit Card October 25, 2019

yes I’m all right so so what are you
wanting to do that today Paul if I sorta know what the interstate yeah and then a
6% close to 0% for the project this is okay okay a 6% interest rate oh this
point six zero visa card or MasterCard I think then I think that that there’s
some discovery um I have a navigation card to do you cover the navigation the navigation card is the highest the
Navigator oh I am not sure what the bank is through but it’s called the navigator yes sure hello hello you’re with me yeah hello ma’am my
name is my name is Dan supervisors are you doing I’m good how are you doing
you’re with card services are you the are you home remember are you the
homework homework card services oh okay okay homework card services that sounds
good it expires in of my navigator card may never Gator part the month and the
year is I think it expired last month yeah
it expired last month and then they didn’t send me a new one it’s it’s the
Navigator card have you heard of the Navigator card there’s also a star card
too have you heard of the star card and the Navigator card well no I put it
through the paper shredder because they told us that so nobody snoops through
the garbage I got one of those heavy duty paper shredders and shredded the
card so I got rid of it did you know it shreds the chip – it shreds a little
chip in there – so I’m not sure I’m not sure how to find out about this card my
navigator star card hello hello okay alright are you still there well oh that’s funny
there’s nothing that’s funnier then then doing some crap to the scammers that’s
what they are is the scammers somehow they’re calling about credit cards and
lowering your interest rate and yeah so that’s just one of those scam things
that okay so every time but there’s still service charges and fees and
things wrapped in there all the time and yeah they’re always just trying to scam
people when you think about it so you’re paying a fee and they’re holding your
money well you know that and that’s something I think about the United
States military has the star card and and that’s not actually on Wall Street
that I know of the star card that’s why I said it was so funny the star card and
that I just made up the Navigator card because he was talking about the
Discover card and I thought well discover discovery is something that’s
popular in search and I thought why not a navigator card navigator
why not a navigator card and we got a car that’s a navigator and I think we
have is there discover vehicles vehicles called discover so you search discover
navigate and we’ve got cars doing that we’ve got credit cards doing that and so
it’s kind of more of the blurred lines of well there’s my one fan anyway that’s it what am I going to
title this video I’m gonna put it title in and if someone has any suggestions
put suggestions in the comment section to what I should title it if you can
think of something better maybe I should call it the star navigation start
navigation card and I even one time in there I said I asked him I said my my
navigation car I dropped the D it’s a car my navigation car that’s it

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