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You want a meeting to discuss our phone account?
Ok, let’s have a meeting! OCM
I’m not sure if this belongs in Petty Revenge or Malicious compliance for there’s a little
of both – so sorry if this has been put in the wrong place. Either way I’ve enjoyed my
malicious revenge/compliance so I hope you do. For the past few years our business has been
receiving telemarketing calls from an offshore call center trying to make appointments for
“Optus Business Centre”. Every time they call, we’d politely tell them we were not interested
and to remove us from their list and they’d promise not to call again. You can probably tell by my use of the words
“every time” that having ourselves removed from the list didn’t work. It didn’t work
the first time, and it didn’t work the 50th time. Offshore are cheap, and get paid per
appointment. So they would get quite aggressive. It was clear that a new strategy needed to
be found as it was taking too long to get them to bugger off. So began my campaign of malicious compliance/petty
revenge… “Hi we’re calling from Optus business centre
and we can save you 40% on your mobile phone bill! Can we come and see you tomorrow at
11am?” You can save me 40% of my mobile bill? That’s
like sixty Grand a month! “What? How many phones do you have?” 150 or so that I’m responsible for directly,
plus a few others.. The appointment is quickly confirmed. The
next day a salesman calls me up he’s running early – can we meet earlier. I refused. Our
appointment is for 11am after all. 11am rolls around and in he walks – we sit
down in reception and go through the greetings. I then ask him if it’s possible to make the
telemarketing calls stop now. He assures me that it is, and so I stand up, shake his hand
and thank him for coming in. What? That’s it? You could have said that
over the phone! I point out that we did. Many times, and it
didn’t work – and I hoped that this waste of his time (45 min trip from Homebush to
Sydney) would perhaps teach him to mend his ways. Over the past 2 years they have sent out 5
different reps to see us. They call for meetings – we accept them, shine them on about the
value of the account and they roll in to be greeted by me dressed in a chicken suit; made
to wait in our meeting room for 20 minutes before being asked to be removed from the
list; being turned away at the door (they sent two reps that time). I’m posting this today because it was visit
number 6 and it was the best yet. We got a repeat customer! I sat him down in the meeting
room and played the video recording of our last meeting ๐Ÿ™‚ Is that you ? Yes! It’s me! Didn’t I follow up ? Did we
have a good Meeting? I point out that I certainly enjoyed our last
meeting, and zoomed forward in the video to the part where I explained that we didn’t
have 500 mobile accounts – and he needed to please remove us from their list and you could
see his heart break. Which it did again, once he realised that whatever account he thought
was being discussed today was not going to be discussed. Which we also have on video,
so we can go all inception if/when he shows his face again. We have to lock our bathroom doors? Fine,
we’ll lock our bathroom doors. OCS
In the city of Long Beach their is a law that every establishment has to have a lock on
their bathroom door so only customers can have access. This is to fight the homeless
population so they have no where to go to the bathroom and have to leave the area. Needless to say this is a huge pain in the
butt if you are downtown homeless or not. A lot of places don’t have public restrooms
and when you go there and have to use the restroom you have to walk around to find a
place to use, such as the down town bus stop bathrooms. I wasn’t in Long Beach for a while but came
back to visit and went to Starbucks and asked them for the code to open the door, and they
told me it was on the lock. I looked and, sure enough, the security code was taped to
the lock. So no longer do you have to wait in line to get the freaking code or go somewhere
else. Send in a shoddy application and tell me to
just make do? You got it! OCL
So this just happened today. First, a little bit of backstory and context. I work for for an agency that specializes
in disaster relief. I’m basically a professional nitpicker, and it works like this: when a
town or city or some other place suffers some kind of disaster and want to get reimbursed
for damages and repair expenses and the like, they contact us and send in an application.
This application has to include certain kinds of documents in order to be eligible for any
funding, and some of those documents have to be laid out a certain way. For example,
if you have to hire a bunch of laborers to help clear debris or something, you have to
tell me who worked how many hours on which day, how much they were paid per hour, how
much they were paid in total, that sort of thing. If your application gets to me and
doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, one of three things happens: your application
is rejected, your application is sent up the chain minus whatever I can’t validate—meaning
you get less money than what you were originally asking to be reimbursed for—or I send it
back to you to be reworked. I usually do everything I can to avoid the first two because I know
how hard it can be to recover from a disaster when you have to pay for stuff out of your
own pocket, but today I made an exception, courtesy of some good old-fashioned malicious
compliance. So I get this new project. It lands on my
desk with a thud. It’s an application from a small rural town of only a few hundred people
that was heavily damaged by severe rains and flooding. Trees knocked over, power lines
destroyed, you name it. They got hit real bad and had to hire a lot of people to help
clean up afterwards, and they’re applying for over twenty grand in reimbursement. Anyway,
I’m parsing through it, going over my checklist, making sure everything is in order. About
five seconds in I realize that whoever put this garbage pile of a project together either
didn’t know what they were doing or didn’t care enough to find out. Shoddy or missing
paperwork. Broken files. Incoherent notes and add-ons. You name it. So I make a list
of all the things that are wrong with the project and call up the project supervisor
(in other words, the guy the town hired to put the application together) to see if he
and I could work together to fix them. I tell him that I won’t be able to validate the
project for the full dollar amount with what I’ve been given, but the guy cuts me off,
calls my competence, intelligence, and professional integrity into question, accuses me of trying
to stiff the town, and calls me several choice names. He ends by saying I’d better make
do with what I’ve been given and that it’s not his job to do anything more than what
he’s already done. I’m ticked, but I hang up the phone and
go talk to the boss. I ask the boss what I should do. I already knew what he was going
to say but I wanted to make sure I covered all my bases. Sure enough, he sympathizes,
tells me to validate whatever costs I can and ignore the rest. I tell him that doing
so will result in a drastic reduction in the amount of money the town receives. He tells
me that it’s not the agency’s problem if the project supervisor refuses to cooperate. Malicious compliance activated. I go back to my desk. I do exactly as the
boss instructed. I validate what costs I can and ignore the rest. I danged well make do
with what the project supervisor has given me, just like he said. It amounts to a little
over five thousand dollars. I double-my check my work, then triple-check it before kicking
it up the chain for final review. The whole project was done and dusted by lunchtime. I also know I’m going to get an earful from
the project supervisor, and I’m not disappointed. Around 2 in the afternoon I get a call from
him, and as soon as I pick up he starts ranting at me. As soon as he does, I call the boss
over. I tell him that my boss is on the line and the boss basically tells the guy that
it’s his own stupid fault. The project supervisor doesn’t care and continues to scream at me.
He says that I am trying to cheat him by leaving out the missing funds. When he finally pauses
because he has to breathe, I smile and tell him that he’ll just have to make do with
what I’ve given him and that it’s not my job to do anything more than what I’ve
already done. I hang up before he can say anything else. Then I call up the guy at the
town’s city hall who hired the project supervisor to let him know what’s happened and exactly
who to blame, and since small-town gossip spreads
faster than the bubonic plague, I’ll bet you anything that the project supervisor will
find himself on the receiving end of the entire town’s hatred by this time tomorrow. And
he deserves it. Oh, you accidently paid too much for your
six pack of beers? Let me fix that for you. OCS
So a couple of years ago i was working retail,
and at one point we had a discount where you could get a six pack of beers for 5.30$. This
of course meant that each beer would cost 0.88$ as 5.30/6=0.88 (You get the point). So as i was working as a cashier at the time,
a woman decided to come back a couple of minutes after paying for her groceries, in
order to show me that she had accidentally paid 1$ per beer and not the 0.88 as promised.
So i looked at the receipt and realised that she had in fact paid 1$ for a beer. The thing she didn’t realise was that she
had only paid for ONE BEER and not the entire six pack by mistake. I then proceeded to inform
her that she was correct but: “I can see that you had accidentally only paid for 1 beer
and not the six pack”. I then proceeded to fix the mistake and told her “that will be
4.30$ please”. She seemed a bit embarrassed and decided to
just pay the amount without saying anything, but i had a great laugh and enjoyed the rest
of my shift.

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