does me my family would have been cut
off a long time ago a long time ago pay your own bills do your own thing
leave me the hell alone and say what you want to say cease and desist what up
world and welcome back to UT stocks I am tisha here with your mess of the
day no like seriously this is a mess so I told myself that I would never and
even like the mess on my channel you know I follow it but I don’t engage much
I live for the comment section but I didn’t want to bring that on my channel
but this one I just felt like I had to speak on because people are legit crazy
out here well before I get into that mess that you saw in the title and the
thumbnail I need you guys to subscribe to my channel tap that post a
notification Mellors smash that like button comment down below what your
thoughts your opinions let me know how you feel and my crazy like am I the only
sane person or in my leg like what is going on so let’s just get into the what
the what moment of the goddamn week so I think maybe like a week or so ago I
don’t know however long ago Clint and YC tweeted out that his car had been stolen
from and I’ll pop the Twitter and post feeds on the video as I go to you guys
who don’t follow social media on Instagram or Twitter will know what I’m
talking about and he said somebody went on a shopping spree with my card like
okay it happens you know it’s happened to me before
identity fraud is real long here yeah I’m saying y’all don’t trip on my uh
don’t trip okay but anyway so he tweeted that out and he said that they went to
policy yoga they were Domino’s and I’m like oh thank they know who car they got
if you going to Balenciaga you stealing somebody’s credit card you know whose
card you guys you know you just know then clinics been tweets out I found out
who stole from my card lol no surprise at all no surprise y’all
want me to give you a hint because y’all know the person to skirt oh then he says
the person ordered from never broke again y’all put it together when I seen
that picture I literally died uh then instead of you know shutting her mouth
and you know just letting it die down and they handle it in private she begins
the word vomit I’ll her damn mouth like shut up girl you gave yourself away
why because you pulse it a picture and all OH first of all first of all first
of all before outfit though you have a short set you have a short set on Tina
Tina and the Manton slides the mansion slides Jill gave yourself away but in my
opinion I think she wanted to give herself away like she wanted him you
know how when kids it don’t matter if his
thereby negative attention they gonna do wherever to get to attention I really
think that’s our problem she just wants attention and that’s it
she just wants the attention and we keep giving it to her stop giving her
attention I’m I’m filming the whole day I’m gonna be able to–if I start giving
her attention but it’s legit the truth she she does anything to remain in the
spotlight and she’s jealous of her sister it’s very very very very toxic
and I go in the comments and I see a lot of people bashing Queens and OH like
don’t let him bash your sister or come for your sister one he didn’t bash her
he didn’t even say her name granite out the bino never broke again kind of gave
it away however he didn’t say her name he didn’t banish her he never say
anything bad about her he just said that’s why he stays away that’s it it’s
a lot of things that could be said about her Queens family and he chooses to
remain silent and that speaks volumes about his character because they’d be
Bane be the police we’ve been called item in that date door something would
went down because you’re not just gonna keep doing things to me it’s like poking
a bear you can’t keep poking the bear and then you’re mad when he attacked you
you can’t you can’t so then the fan pages as you know royalty squads and
spicy mafia goes hard they like to be half out here they goes hard for Queen
and Clarence so they started making means I know it’s that Tina when I
started noise and everything she turned off her comments no a child y’all was
hard for them um I need a if I have a blue option we get in this world I mean
you did behind me for me like that but yeah Tina started
saying stop talking about online and trade behind me back I guess she saw
that they were hanging with Clarence over the weekend and that broke her
heart I guess I don’t know and then she when Clarence said like
that’s why he doesn’t come around she said no you don’t come around because
you don’t want this ass-whooping and it’s like girl you doing everything but
saying I’m sorry you’re literally doing everything except things sorry say sorry
you that’s a like see sorry you should have never did it
you were wrong why are you the victim now why why so then of course like a
true friend not the guy comes right on in because let me tell you if you’re my
friend and somebody coming for you and you’re trying to keep the peace like
you’re not trying to bash him he’s not trying oh I got some words tip I got
jokes I got words you’re not just gonna attack
my you’re not gonna attack my people that’s just not what we gonna do
so mother God then tweeted I haven’t laughed this hard in the Wow the fact
that the most recent pick on her Graham took me on a whole nother level I’m I
need some time to heal because her she looks just a little bit too small no a
little bit too small a little bit and then Tina class Bank I
was like you’re a soundcloud rapper and cleanse your friends tell me but he not
telling you you can rap me personally I like Martha God’s music I think that
he’s very talented and he does not get the recognition that he should have and
I’m very picky about rappers so you can’t deny his credibility especially
when yeah especially when you’re going that
hard for his music at one point you can’t be friends with somebody to
support them and then they make you mad and then you talk shit about them those
does the biggest most fraudulent thing you can do anybody who does that your
fraudulent your fake oh but yes like that is I just feel like Quinn’s mother
aside because I don’t even group her in with Tina
but Ana seems like the Queen and her mother had worked out their issues I saw
that they you know had a nice family gathering or whatever but I feel like
Queens sister in her grandmother are just toxic as hell and they would do
anything for attention and it’s so damn sad it is so damn sad like this girl is
just trying to be happy she’s trying to live her life she got a man that
supports the hell out of her and it takes care of her like she’s supposed to
be taken care of she has two beautiful boys she’s a blossoming career and y’all
just instead of supporting her you you do things to try to tear her and
Clarence apart you do things to take the light off of all of her accomplishments
and put it on the the negativity that’s in her life that’s toxic as hell and
y’all really should be a fucking chain bait ourselves that shit is trifling
it’s trifling it really really is and it’s not gonna be until queen
completely cuts them off that they realized the hell they did you could
hear my logic right you already get clout for being her sister just not the
shrimp they cheer her sister and then the fact that if you just be yourself
you gain your own following because people will like you for you you don’t
need I’m gonna shout you out you don’t need her to put you on because you all
did the tongue magically got that clout for being her sister because naturally
everybody is just nosy so didn’t have finally got Instagram and I’m gonna
follow your YouTube and if you have the person now I’m gonna back it up you
shine in your own way but okay I’m done for today I really had to talk about
that because that shit is toxic and Queen just sits and she takes it and she
takes it and she takes it and she don’t say nothing she don’t bash her family
she don’t put her family business out there until it’s already out there and
she feels like she needs to address it and through it all she still stands tall
and she still smiles and laughs and this ourselves and I commend her because me
my family would have been cut off a long time ago a long time ago pay your own
bills do your own thing leave me the hell
alone and say what you want to say cease and desist but thank you guys for
watching make sure you subscribe to that notification about and smash that like
button love you guys peace out

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