Qantas Premier Platinum Mastercard Review

Hey guys, it’s Sally from finder here and
today we’re going to do a quick review of Qantas’ first credit card, the Qantas
Premier Platinum. So as you may have heard Qantas Money first entered the
credit card space earlier this year in June, with its debut card the Qantas
Premier. And only a few short months later it’s already given its first card
a facelift. So formally known as the Qantas Premier Card, it’s now known as
the Qantas Premier Platinum. So we’re not 100% sure but this could hint at Qantas’ plans to expand into other credit card markets in the future, whether or not
that be low rate or low fee. As well as the name change
Qantas Money has also given its bonus points offer a boost with 75,000
Qantas Points now up for grabs. The previous bonus points offer was just
60,000 points so this is definitely a better deal. How you redeem your points
is up to you, but 75,000 Qantas points is enough to fly from Sydney to Los Angeles
or London. But if you prefer to fly in luxury you could travel from Sydney to
Christchurch in business class as well. And the rewards don’t end here either.
You can also earn up to two Qantas points per dollar spent on eligible
purchases so this card is definitely designed to suit frequent flyers and
travellers. As a frequent flyer credit card it’s no surprise that the Qantas
Premier Platinum is packed with extras to suit frequent travellers. If you use
the card for eligible Qantas transactions such as flights you can
also take advantage of 0% per annum for the first six months from the date that
the transaction is processed. You can also travel in luxury with two
complimentary single-entry Qantas Club Lounge passes each year. You can use
these when visiting eligible Qantas Club lounges in Australia or when visiting
Qantas-operated business lounges overseas. These extra features come at a
price. The card has a reduced annual fee of $149 in the first year which
reverts to $299 after that. It also has a 19.99 purchase rate so it’s not really
suited to card holders who can’t pay off their balance in full every month. So
there you have it, that’s the Qantas Premier Platinum credit card. Although it boasts a bunch of really great features, there’s no one best
frequent flyer credit card for everyone. As always make sure to check out finder
to compare your options.

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