Producing debit cards in Turkey thanks to Kuveyt Turk Bank and Evolis

hue to participation bank has been in credit card and debit card issuing business for more than 12 years first of all we have started to issue card under the license of another bank but since the year 2001 we have been issuing our parts under our own license visa and mastercard license this is both credit card and debit card well we have been so far using a third-party processor for personalization and printing debit and credit cards so we have a centralized printing office but it does not eat it’s not belong to creator it is outside so what we are doing is you know taking the application of our customers sending the application data to the third-party processor outside of the bank then they are processing they are printing and personalizing the cards and sending it by a courier service to the customers directly so well this is a process you know which has some difficulties and problems because you know around two percent of the deliveries are lost between the sender and the receiver in Turkey this is something it’s a statistic they are received from the the related companies so this is something that we have to eliminate and we have to solve for the satisfaction of the customers we have to make sure that each of the card must be delivered you know is delivered to the customers securely in a secured way so this is our priority in the customers generally are not satisfied with the speed this is not for my bank you know this is for all banks in the world you know they are complaining about late deliveries losses between the sender and the receiver etc so we thought that instead of using a centralized printing and personalization office Sheldon make this ourselves at the branches and we have found that you know a Wallace is there and they have a good solution so we have gone for the avada solution we have started from this need making a selection on you know purchasing especially banking technology you know is that is a complicated process because you have to ask your IT department your processors outside your hardware provider software provider because all of them must be satisfied with the solution that you’re preparing to buy otherwise the project may not be successful so we have asked our counterparties about the solution and your references in the bank’s bank references whether they are happy with their solution because they are using your solution for years and years they have started before us so all of them you know I mean the good results and satisfactory feedbacks made us you know decide to buy the solution from a Wallace you

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