Princess Cruises Tips and Tricks – Livestream

Hey cruisers and welcome back to today’s
livestream today we are going to be talking all about Princess Cruises we
have sailed a ton with Princess Cruises so it seemed fitting to start our week
of cruise line tips and tricks with the cruise line that we know the most so
today we have about 15 specific tips and bits of information to share with you
about Princess and as always I’m going to go ahead and get started with the
tips right up front and then we’ll go to Q&A a little bit later in the livestream
chat we do have a really cool giveaway today which I’d like to show you right
now this is an international giveaway and at about twelve twenty twelve twenty
five I’ll let you all know how to enter in the live chat again this will be an
international one today so no matter where you live in the world you can
enter we are going to be giving away two lanyards pink and blue from Princess
Cruises we picked these up on our last voyage with Princess these are really
cool what you do is you if you have a room card if you if you don’t have the
medallion yet and you have a room card there’s a little hole punch in the card
and then you pop the string through the hole and it is actually detachable so
you can take this off kind of like that if you need to get your room card off
quickly it’s very cool so these are really cute we’re going to be sending
you those tucked beautifully inside this gorgeous Banda beau wet swimsuit bag this is the pineapple express swimsuit bag and it’s a wonderful little accessory
for a cruise so that is going to be our awesome giveaway today if you can keep
your questions limited to princess today we’re going to put priority on those
questions because this is all about Princess so let’s get right into the
tips I do have a couple of pieces of paper here that I’m gonna be glancing at
here and there those of you who are princess cruisers get in the chat talk
about the things that we’re talking about share your tips let’s make this
another powerhouse video for people who are watching the replay all about
Princess so our number one tip is something new that we’ve never had seen
before mister cruisetipstv actually discovered this online and that is that
princess did you know has a pre cruise checklist online we have link to it in
the description but they have a freebie for you so you
can download it it’s really extremely thorough and it’s a great way to prep
for your cruise make sure that you check that out in the description our number
two tip today is all about easy air I don’t know if many of you have ever
booked your air along with your princess cruise but on our most recent experience
we went for it we gave it a try so on our cruise from Japan to Singapore we
used easy air and I was blown away you guys at the value so not only do they
guarantee I want to read this to you they guarantee that if your flight is
delayed or canceled they’ll take good care of you but not only that the prices
were less or the same as the mass-market Airlines and it comes with a guarantee
and I was able to choose my seats and change my air around as many times as I
wanted to up until a certain point which I believe is about 45 days so they will
take good care of you and they’ll get you home if for any reason you miss your
your princess transfer or your flight or anything like that it’s really wonderful
so that is our number two tip today is do not forget to give easy air a chance
you can find it right in the personalizer when you are booking
your cruise it is wonderful I had such a good experience with it number three
another mister cruisetipstv princess secret find is that chocolate journeys
is more than just the tasty desserts that you get onboard you can actually
visit the wine bar for premium chocolate and wine tasting wine tasting and
pairing which we tried on our last princess cruise and it was phenomenal
get this you guys this isn’t really a secret but this is a cool thing to know
the Lotus Spa also has chocolate spa treatments so princess has taken the
chocolate thing to some pretty good levels so yeah you can also go and have
all the normal confections the cookies the sweets the treats all of that good
stuff that these are some things you’ve got to know about princess the chocolate
is finding its way all around the ship and a boy is it delicious I’m telling
you all right number four tip today is that princess does still offer a good
old fashioned ultimate ship tours that they have a behind-the-scenes tour that
goes to the engine the Medical Center the galley the
laundry operations and you can even visit the bridge and you get to meet the
captain there is a charge for this there’s limited capacity so our tip for
you today is if you don’t see this in your newsletter when you board because
often times I’ve noticed on these princess cruises they don’t advertise it
until later in the cruise go to guest services and just ask them hey is there
going to be an ultimate ship tour on this cruise how much is it how do I get
my hands on it and we recommend that if this is something that interests you
save the money treat it like an excursion and enjoy it it’s usually on a
sea day by the way alright our next set of tips here is from our wonderful
subscriber Catherine who has some really good information on princess let’s just
call her a princess insider Catherine wanted us to share three things with you
today that I think are phenomenal number one bottled water is only available for
pre-order in your stateroom now that doesn’t mean you can’t buy bottled water
onboard what it means is that if you want to have the inexpensive packages of
water delivered to your room you cannot do that once you’re on board you have to
pre-order it right now so we’re in October 2018 it is six dollars and
ninety cents for twelve bottles of water and those are 500 milliliter bottles of
water so this is how you do it I went onto the website this morning to find
out how to get this water exactly for you because quite honestly I’m gonna do
it on my next cruise and I wanted to tell you exactly how to do it you go to
your booking manager so go to manage my booking then go to onboard reservations
beverage packages and then buy the bottled water there you do have to pre
purchase it but that is the only way to get the water if not you’re gonna be
buying it by the bottle once you get onboard Catherine’s second tip for us
today is that you don’t want to miss out on the future cruise desk and this is
something we always do you want to put down a deposit while you are on that
cruise for your next Princess cruise if you intend to sail with Princess again
within the next two years you will get substantial onboard credit for your next
cruise a reduced deposit and this cost you nothing one of the best loyalty of
not loyalty programs but future cruise programs at sea and we never sail with
princess without doing this well I think I forgot to do it on my last cruise but
almost never all right so that’s what you need to know about the future cruise
desk definitely take us on that one now another thing Catherine
said is that you need to know that the princess Wi-Fi plans vary from ship to
ship she said that some still some ships still charge by day and some charge by
minute so you need to call the cruise line and check with them to see what
type of a plan that you can look forward to on your cruise just to get educated
so know that there’s a little bit of flux there so thank you so much
Catherine for those wonderful bonus tips we really appreciate you pardon me guys
there’s like fuzz flying around the set here and we’re so grateful that you
shared them with us because I think they were super practical for people who are
cruising with princess soon alright our number six tip today is that you can
still choose your dining style on princess so when you go to book talk to
the party that you’re cruising with and decide what you want to do do you want
to do traditional traditional set time dining or do you want to do anytime
dining just like most of the cruise lines are doing this in this kind of day
and age you get to pick at the booking time so set time dining or traditional
dining is going to book up the fastest so if you are really really set and
determined to have that traditional dining which is usually somewhere around
5:45 for the early and maybe around 8:00 for the late it varies by ship you want
to book your cruise early so that that doesn’t sell out if you’re okay with any
time dining that is great too with anytime dining usually have about a
four-hour window that you can show up in the dining room sometimes though if you
show up during peak hours you may have to wait so be aware of that and try not
to show up during those really popular dinner hours if you show up after 8:00
p.m. you’re probably just fine but sometimes anything before that could
land you with the pager sometimes not I’ve heard people say on their princess
cruises that they’ve never waited a moment unfortunately a few cruises ago
when we sailed with my mom we ended up with a pager most nights and anytime
dining and it wasn’t really our favorite that’s just my personal opinion so you
guys can kind of make that decision on your own
of course now there’s something else that’s new and exciting with Princess
over the last few years that we want to share with you this is called club class
mini Suites and the reason I bring it up now what we’re talking about dining is
because it does sort of tie into your dining experience so club class mini
suites are suites in premier locations offering upgraded dining
benefits and some additional luxuries so in order to book a club class mini suite
you booked it when you are booking your cruise and you select a club class mini
suite when you’re booking ok so when you choose your cabin type you choose mini
suite club class mini suite and then all of this stuff will automatically be
included so let’s talk about what is included I’m actually looking at the
princess website right now so we know that you have the club class dining
which is expedited seating with no wait special menu options and a dedicated
waitstaff and some table side preparations which is really nice what a
treat right you get priority and bar candy bar so you don’t have to wait in
line you get to skip the lines getting on and off the ship you get some
complimentary wine so you get a half bottle of red and a half bottle of white
in your stateroom on arrival which is kind of a nice touch you get priority
specialty dining reservations as well and you get evening canapes you get to
nibble on some special things deliver to your stateroom you get upgraded
bathrobes and you get the standard mini suite benefits which would be a larger
room so a larger mini suite room which we’re going to talk about in an episode
we’re doing next week you get the princess luxury bed you get a balcony
with patio furniture table and chairs a refrigerator a separate seating area
with a coffee table and a sofa bed you get the standard sliding glass doors
that a balcony has you get a private bathroom that includes a combo tub and
shower the tub is a good reason to book a mini suite if you are a bather or if
you like a little extra space and the other standard things that you get in a
stateroom so if you’re considering a club Class mini suite that is what
exactly what is offered in that program it will cost you more but for some
people they really enjoy the little extra luxuries alright so now let’s talk
a little bit about one of our favorite things about Princess Cruises and our
number seven tip today more like number ten by now because we’ve thrown in some
extra tips is to consider booking a mini suite mini suites on Princess are so
much more spacious than a regular balcony sometimes they’re a little bit
more expensive than a balcony sometimes they’re a lot more expensive if you find
that they’re just a little bit more expensive and you want a little more
space and a bathtub and an extra sitting area and an extra television with the
couch book that mini sweet do not look back
they are fantastic they are one of our absolute favorite stateroom categories
across any Cruise Line so highly highly recommend that all right next up another
princess favorite is movies under the stars movies under the stars is what we
often once we’re on the cruise ship everybody calls it mutts mutts for short
you get to snuggle up on the pool deck with fancy padded loungers you get if
it’s cold you get blankets and if the staff is available they’re going to give
you popcorn and hot chocolate and sometimes cookies it’s a wonderful treat
there’s really nothing more relaxing than snuggling up with your family under
a blanket under the stars watching a giant a movie on a giant screen a lot of
times they’re really solid first-run movies as well so one of our favorite
things about Princess another thing you should know about Princess is that they
have been voted as having the best pizza at sea by USA Today and we would agree
we really liked the thin crust on the princess pizza and it’s a must try if
you’re going on a Princess cruise tell us what you think about the pizza in the
comments below okay number 10 one of my favorite things about princess
dining is that there’s this extra secret little option called the international
cafe the international cafe is an atrium based little mini restaurant it’s not on
all of the ships but it’s on many of them it doubles as the coffee shop and
24-hours snack area what a lot of people don’t know is that they have a great
variety of food in the morning for breakfast you can actually get a
breakfast sandwich that’s been placed on a panini press and you can totally avoid
the buffet if you’d like during the lunch hours and daytime hours they have
hot soups sometimes they have warm panini sandwiches they have beautiful
salads and of course a huge variety of desserts and sweet treats and espresso
treats because usually that’s where the coffee bar is as well and on some ships
that’s where the gelato is as well generally the International Cafe food is
free but the gelato and the coffee will cost you extra if that makes sense
we love the International Cafe I think it’s a great alternative very few P
we’ll take advantage of this sometimes until the end of the cruise when they
realize hey wait this is really good food this this is a nice alternative
place to eat so take advantage of that if you’re going on princess soon
another thing we love about princess is the convenience of the new grounds
coffee package right now the coffee cart or coffee package gets you 15 coffee
beverages for about thirty five dollars and sixty-five cents per per coffee card
if you will I find it just to be a nice convenience because when I go to get my
coffee in the morning it’s not so much that I’m saving money it’s that I’m not
running a transaction on my card I hand it to them they stamp it I take my
coffee and I go and you also get free brewed coffee with it so say I go and I
get my husband an espresso you can also get free brewed coffee just a regular
you know I know what do you call it a drip coffee I guess you call it a drip
coffee so you can get a regular drip coffee at no extra charge okay just a
few more tips and then we’re gonna go over to the QA we have three more tips
many of you are familiar already with the sanctuary if you are looking for
some tranquillity and you’re sailing without children the sanctuary is an
adults-only retreat up above the pool deck where you can kind of expect spa
inspired snacks and drinks and some really good personalized cabana style
service up there they have mp3 players to listen to you can sometimes book a
massage and it’s just a really nice laid-back vibe
it does sometimes sell out and there is a fee so if you are interested you need
to check this out as soon as you get on the ship sore tip for you today is check
out the sanctuary as soon as you get on the ship
all right next up is another classic princess favorite of ours and that is
the ultimate balcony dining you can dine on your balcony for an extra fee on
princess for a dinner or brunch it’s very romantic it’s very sweet if you’re
traveling with a family you can absolutely also do this with a family
but if you’re celebrating something or you just want to hang out on your
balcony and enjoy a gourmet meal with exceptional service we’re talking about
waiters in your stateroom setting up this fancy meal it is just to die for
and something that we really hope to do on our next princess cruise it’s
wonderful and our next tip today our last tip about princess is not to miss
their steakhouses princess has believe they’ve got the Sterling and I’m
forgetting the second name of the steakhouse but they are really wonderful
the service is excellent and there are so much less expensive than you are
going to spend on land on a steakhouse so do not miss the steakhouse on
Princess if you are into that type of dining on land because it’s an excellent
value and they just really do a good job so that rounds out our tips for today I
hope you’ve enjoyed those and we’re gonna jump into the chat now and answer
some questions I’m gonna go ahead and look at the princess related questions
mr. cruise tips TV is queued up for me and then I’ll jump in the chat Cindy
said have I ever been on Pacific princess no Cindy I have it but I would
love to someday I’m heard it’s great Heather said can I bring my own wine
onboard and pay the corkage fee yes you can if you drink it in the privacy of
your stateroom though you will not be charged a corkage fee Jennifer said our
princess cruise is good for families traveling with teens or are they more
geared towards couples a lot of people do princess with teens but of the cruise
lines I wouldn’t say they are the most geared towards teens teens could be
bored there may not be a lot of other teens onboard if you’re on a really long
itinerary or an exotic itinerary that is especially true and you should just be
aware of that but as with any cruise it depends on
your routine it turns on your kids nurse Nancy we have not tried the club class
mini Suites yet it’s a little bit out of our price range and we’re very happy
just sailing in a mini suite without the club class so for us it’s not really
necessary we feel so pampered and spoiled as it is okay Stacey wants to
know if the sanctuary is worth it people who like the sanctuary swear by it and
will fight scratch kick and do anything they can to get a ticket so they say
that it is for me it is absolutely not worth it because again I find princess’s
pool area to be so tranquil and calm and beautiful anyway especially if they have
the covered pools and we sell with a child so it really doesn’t apply to us I
personally don’t think it’s worth it Brooke wants to know if star princess
has that shipped or do you pay with your room card on the boat or with cash
Brooke you it probably does star princess when we were on it did you pay
with your room card I’m dining time I’d suggest personally I like late fixed
dining Brooke so hopefully that helps you
let’s see mr. Chris oops TV can you move that up a little bit for me so if you
move Brookes comment out Kate cute case comment will go up so I can see it
because I can’t see thank you so much I’m really short so I can’t see the
teleprompter today okay cute case’ do you keep the robe no cute
kay you do not get to keep the robe but you use it during your stay
Steve Roth says hi Steve he said what’s the largest difference between a premium
line like princess versus a mainstream line like NCL is it worth the higher
cost you know what I don’t know necessarily that princess is even more
expensive than NCL right now Steve especially if you’re booking The Perks
packages so with NCL if you do free Etsy you’re paying essentially for those
perks anyway so in my opinion it’s not really it’s
not really more expensive I don’t think that I think in fact that if I were to
price like Norwegian bliss out compared to something going to Alaska on princess
I don’t think it would be in fact and I honestly I would after sailing on bliss
recently I would actually classify Norwegians newer ships as being kind of
premium I really felt like they had taken it up a notch with the specialty
dining and the offerings so here’s how I’m gonna answer that question I think
that when you sell with Norwegian there’s more opportunities Steve for
upcharges there are fewer places where you’re
going to be charged for things on princess that doesn’t mean they’re not
available to you it means that you’re probably not gonna spend as much on that
cruise because you’re already sort of in a slightly more premium dining
experience and it’s just already sort of included if that makes sense
but it really depends on your style of cruising’s I hope that that helps you
okay Kristen says is princess your favorite for Mexican Riviera
you know Kristen I feel like it just depends on what mood were in I think
Princess is great for the mixed Mexican Riviera but there are a few downsides to
princess for the Mexican Mexican Riviera I’m blending my words sorry one of the
downsides for princess on that mr is that sometimes they have a really short
port day and call though whereas I found that other cruise
lines don’t do that so we’re in on princess they might just say from 7 to 1
7 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Cabo Carnival will stay from 8 to 5 and that could actually
make my decision for me because I do not like short port days with that said I
think it really depends on the price the mood what kind of a deal you can get on
a certain cabin and what kind of cruising experience you’re looking for
so hopefully that that kind of irons that out for you okay Jill says sailing
on Princess 2019 cruise book says Jamaica has many hustlers and is not
really safe Jill that’s an excellent question we recently visited Jamaica and
did not have that experience we felt very safe we did book a private tour
with what I mean private when I say private I mean we booked outside of the
cruise line but we picked a very well reputed tour that had a ton of good
reviews on TripAdvisor and we felt SuperDuper safe so I do not believe that
you have a reason to be concerned I think you should be careful what type of
tour you booked but we felt really super safe Jessica wants to know where my top
is from Jessica I got this one at t.j.maxx for 10 bucks yeah I know it’s
really comfortable the hotshot book the sanctuary when you board I don’t think
you can book in advance Cole wants to know if princess ships have laundry
services Cole yes they have self-serve laundry services and laundry service
that you can pay for it’s one of my favorite things about Princess I do not
like to sail on ships as much that don’t have iron that I can use myself and I
don’t that don’t have laundry it’s just our family’s style I realize a lot of
people don’t like to do laundry or iron on a cruise but I personally like to
pack light and do it that way so for us yes yes hooch B yes Jodi hi the princess
princess does sail from East Coast ports yes they do Canada and New England at
least Canada and New England I’m not sure if they’re doing any New York to
the Caribbean or Bermuda right now but I know that they at least sail from up
there so yeah mister Kristoff’s TV that is working so well thank you I love it
okay Samantha wants to know which has a better soda package princess or carnival
they’re comparable they’re about the same I I don’t see any major hue
differences between the two Samantha all right Oh
Fabrizio has the princess tip and said elite members get free laundry that’s a
nice one okay let’s see Carol wants to know does princess honor other Cruise
Lines loyalty status no they do not Carol they do not do that one thing that
those of us who cruise within the carnival corporation family of cruises
really hope will happen is that someday the Carnival Corporation will allow us
to have carnival Corp loyalty meaning that if we sail on any of the carnival
brands princess hall in America carnival all the rest if we sail on them that
they are all one big happy family but it’s right now they’re all individual
okay I don’t know Stephanie what the cost of the gelato is right now I’m
sorry about that I’m just not sure okay let’s see here I see a question about
the drink package coming in from Stephanie if you have a free premium
dark package and they give me to drink package as a perk for your room do you
pay extra you shouldn’t be paying extra no okay mr. Chris have Stevie any other
questions coming in I want to talk about the giveaway really quickly go ahead and
go okay great sounds good so today’s giveaway as I mentioned is international
everyone here has a chance to win Thank You Kirsten oh my goodness sakes for
that Jeepers Creepers Kirsten that’s a lot of
a big super chat thank you so much I want to talk about the giveaway today we
have two princess lanyards and a beautiful band bow wet swimsuit bag this
is international so I’m going to tell all of you how to enter right now okay
here we go let me just get this laid back down again okay are you ready this
is how you enter what has been your favorite episode of log Tober fest so
far that’s all you have to tell us what’s been your favorite episode and
we’re gonna close it off at 12:28 so we have four minutes and mister
cruisetipstv will select the winner okay let’s see here Julie said did I miss
where princess ports out of you’re in Michigan somewhere on the East Coast
Julie yes they do have they they certainly have a ton in Florida for the
for the Caribbean area so you’ve got Miami you’ve got Fort Lauderdale and
you’ve got new New York and Boston for Canada New England at times busy mama
parano says does princess have good kids programs kids like the idea they can go
somewhere you can’t yeah they do and they’ve renovated their oh sorry they’ve
renovated their children’s areas on many ships and they’re absolutely gorgeous
they have this very cool lodge theme that we really love it’s beautiful okay
awesome mm-hmm any other questions coming in hon are you working on the
giveaway yeah you got to focus on that for right now let me see if I can find
some more questions from earlier meanwhile I’m really enjoying seeing
what everyone’s favorites have been Heather yes the soda package on our last
Princess cruise did include smoothies you are correct
Connie do both adults in the room have to get the drink package on Princess let
me google that for you I’m not sure let’s see if we can figure that out I’m
gonna try to answer that for you as fast as I can reading the fine print
bear with me let’s get the answer live why not oh no I think it’s gonna try to
play a video on my on my screen here trying to find the details about that
does anybody know if both adults have to buy the drink package I I sort of think
you don’t it is currently $60 a day before taxes
but I’m reading the terms and conditions okay I’m gonna find it for you oh my
goodness I don’t think that I don’t think that both adults have to buy it I
don’t see that it does anybody know I’m gonna wait and see if we get an answer
from our community here I know I’m carnival you definitely do and I think
on Royal Caribbean you now do I do believe though that they do they have
limitations you can only do 15 beverages in the 24-hour period let’s see here
yeah I don’t I don’t think so I don’t think that they require that good
question alright we have two more minutes for everyone Cheryl says no both
adults do not have to buy the package I think Cheryl we’re gonna trust that
answer because you’ve been on princess recently and I know that you would know
excellent information Aimee princess high tea is so fun and I didn’t mention
it today in our tips episode because I feel like we’re
constantly talking about how much we love tea time on princess but it is so
wonderful and fun it’s great for people of all ages my son loves it my mom loves
it we love it I think it’s just fantastic okay seeing a lot of fun
things come in here live your best I don’t know if I’d say princess caters to
young solo traveling adults in 20s I don’t know that that would be the best
cruise line choice for you I think I’d rather see you try Norwegian Royal
Caribbean maybe carnival I know that Norwegian solo cabins and solo lounges
are wonderful and I think that might be something that you would really enjoy a
bit more looking for some more questions here all right everyone’s agreeing with
me about high tea love it a lot of you said you like the past and present
episode okay now is a good time for you to retype your questions if I’ve missed
them because we’re gonna log off in just a few moments Seth you’re accepting the
15 drinks in 24 hour challenge that would be that would be fatal for me if I
accepted that challenge I’m afraid but I love it okay yeah you can’t share the
drinks guys you definitely can’t ah Bridge tennis wants to know what do I
think of the princess loyalty program I can tell you bridge tennis that I like
it very much we are platinum with princess this is
the first cruise line where we’ve ever really obtained any kind of status I
think on Carnival our next cruise will also be Platinum which is super great
it’s wonderful really enjoy the perks I love the priority of our tation and
disembarkation you get when you’re platinum and that’s not even the highest
level I love the lounge that they not lounge
what do you call it they have um they have if you’ve seen our vlogs before on
our princess cruises they have a platinum and elite area where you can go
before dinner for a few hours and have reduced price drinks and snacks and it’s
always in a nice lounge area usually high up on the ship if there’s a
Skywalker’s it’s usually in Skywalker’s and the drinks are like 5 or 6 bucks and
it’s a really good savings so that’s something that we think is wonderful ok
looking for some more questions here mr. Kristoff’s TV no gale I haven’t done
land and sea on Alaska but it’s on our dream list jessica prince
Mexican Riviera tips a lot of these tips are going to apply to you today
I would definitely what would be the best thing I could say for you about
Mexican Riviera on princess I think you I think you probably would enjoy booking
a balcony I like a starboard or right-hand side balcony on Mexican
Riviera cruises because going back up you can see you can see the lands and
area of Cabo and it’s just really really pretty
if you don’t book a balcony cabin get out on deck on an open deck for the sail
away into both part of IR de and and Cabo I don’t mean sail away I mean the
sail in so in the morning when you approach Cabo and your part approached
by our de it’s very mystical going past Lands End in Cabo is dreamy and very
dramatic because you got the arch you’ve got the beautiful contrast of the desert
like look with the rough seas on the Pacific side it’s just really something
gorgeous and it’s almost always sunny and clear it’s just so pretty
ok no huge princess does not match their tier with other lines thank you so much
for the super chats Brooke and Stephanie you are so sweet thank you thank you
uh-huh we don’t get too many perks Brooke you’d be surprised
cruising for free when you’re in media or your travel influencer is not as
common as people think it’s really not I don’t know how else to say that but it’s
just not that common we do really truly pay for most of our travel we have had a
lot of generous partnerships with with tour operators for example in Alaska and
as you know our we were guests of MSC Cruises but this is not common it’s not
something that happens all the time but a great question okay I haven’t been
able Erin to use the medallion yet but I hope to soon Julie how is food compared
to Carnival is such a hard question Julie McGowan because the truth is it is
so truly it’s just very subjective I personally like carnival food a lot I
think Princess is a step higher personally not always though I’ve had
carnival cruises that were some of the best some of the best
I’ve ever had but I think overall princess is a little bit better a little
bit better okay Stephanie the release dates for the medallions are a bit of a
mystery Caribbean princess is full using the
medallion but it is just hard to get information right now so we’re
struggling to get that information as much as you are but we’ll try to keep
try to keep telling you a little bit more as we get the information okay
great Gwendolyn Mike’s the Caribbean princess
tips I have a ton of them it depends on where you’re sailing and really like you
to go watch our caribbean princess vlogs we had so much fun on that ship I do
believe that they offer a photo package on Caribbean princess that was a really
good value and that we enjoyed on that ship depends on where you’re cruising so
go watch our vlogs and send me a message on facebook if you want to chat more
directly okay Amy wants to know what is your signature drink on princess Amy my
signature drink on princess is the Sam’s sidekick it is a grapefruit and gin
martini with a splash of lime and a splash of blackberry brandy that has now
become my favorite drink and I even make it at home it’s lovely
so good okay yeah the food is just so very subjective guys bayou cafe is it
worth the small extra costs Oh Stephanie I’ve never tried Bayou cafe but I have
tried their other specialties and I think some of them are okay thank you
say hey so much for reminding everyone to to give us a thumbs up today please
do give us a thumbs up and if you haven’t subscribed that’s even more
important Mont Mont a McDormand super chat is a way that people can donate to
our Channel it is not something that we have initiated it is a youtube program
wherein a live stream a button appears called super chat that people can donate
money it highlights people’s questions in extremely bold letters so that we can
see them better so we generally are able to answer those questions faster it is
never ever ever expected it is always appreciated but never expected okay
Jamie yes carnival does sometimes have tea in their main dining rooms it’s
usually around 3 o’clock in the afternoon
check your newsletter and they will tell you good question
um has anybody Cathy wants to know if anybody’s been to the Crab Shack for
some reason Cathy I didn’t try the Crab Shack I tried planks but I didn’t do the
Crab Shack and I love crab how did that happen but I’ve heard that it’s really
good yes confused Brian the crown grill is
worth it and you just reminded me of the other name of the steakhouse on Princess
so it’s the Sterling Steakhouse and the crown girl they’re definitely worth it
do it okay Lovejoy gratitude yes we have found the food across different princess
ships to be somewhat equal in quality but there is definitely variation you
know any on any Cruise Line you you get good and bad weeks for the kitchen and I
we’ve had pretty good consistent quality yeah
princess Luce is kid-friendly like carnival for sure do kids love it as
much I can’t say that that’s necessarily true my son loves princess but he likes
ships with water slides better let’s just put it that way
okay yeah Rebecca Sabatini’s is good it’s not my favorite I don’t really love
it I don’t know what it is but I’d prefer the steakhouses okay we’ve got
some folks saying that the Crab Shack was awesome Jessica ash my favorite
foods in the main dining room on Princess they do an incredible job with
their seafood I always love their fish dishes their fettuccine alfredo is
really exceptionally good and it is available to you in an appetizer size I
also love their they have this artichoke souffle appetizer that is to die for
I believe that Tony and Jenny on La Lina loca just showed a picture of this and
one of their food slide shows recently it is to die for best appetizer I’ve
ever had on a cruise I also really like their shrimp cocktail appetizer which is
always available Oh Thank You sunny smiles and that is the
cutest name ever I love it she says she or he I don’t know if he or she or he
hey y’all from Georgia love you guys thanks for sharing your experiences
thank you so much for joining us today really appreciate it sunny smiles okay I
know Rebecca who doesn’t like waterslides that’s so great Oh
bluestar said they call it steamers and not the Crab Shack good memory good
memory very impressed okay all right we’re wrapping up today I
really appreciate all of you so my goodness sakes mr. Chris tips TV what is
tomorrow it’s tomorrow Monday tomorrow’s Mon so you know what happens
during vlog Tober you guys I lose all concept of time and space and what’s
going on but tomorrow night at 6 p.m. Pacific time I believe is our Carnival
tips and tricks episodes that’s not right to you honey
all right so 6 o’clock come back and join us Brooke thank you so much you do
not have to do two super chats in one day Brooke oh my goodness and Jessica
thank you so much just like yes I will put a link in and I get guess what we
forgot to do we forgot to select our winner for the giveaway but yes I’ll get
you a link to this Jessica in fact Jessica can you send me an email
please at Sheri at cruise tips TV comm and I’ll get you a link but I’ll also
put in the description but you’re gonna help me remember to do that ok mister
Kristoff’s TV have you selected a winner that would have been super terrible if I
would have forgotten to select our winner okay he does have one and our
winner today is Kim Deni yay congratulations Kim Kim if you could
please email me at Shari Sh ERI at with your address
please do not I always say this but please do not leave your address here in
the chat that is your private information email me your address and I
will get this sent right out to you absolutely okay thank you so much for
reminding me you guys I’m so sorry about that that’s terrible let’s go ahead and
answer one or two more questions that we have coming in here because we have time
I was gonna sign out but I see that we have more questions so I don’t want to
sign out yet Brandi said I’ve only cruised on Carnival would princess be a
good next cruise to try yes yes it would be excellent for you I think you should
try it Laura says princess are Holland America for an Alaska cruise tour oh I
think we need to ask Scott from Scott singer cruises what his answer would be
on that I think either one of them will be fantastic I would do either I might
try Holland America because I’ve never done it before so if I were to do it I
think I might try all in America the princess is also wonderful for that
as well okay let’s see what else we have I lost my my chat bar let me get that
back oh my goodness Jim thank you so much for the super chat we really
appreciate you as well and thank you for joining us for all of this madness we’re
having so much fun it’s it’s crazy vlog Tauber Fest is always crazy but we
do love it and we’re all gonna have we’re all just
gonna have a ton of fun this whole month and I’m sure that it will kind of take
on a life of its own it’s sort of all does already has it’s just was crazy all
right yes confused Brian the lost and found on
princess ships would be the front desk okay
Brooks that I need to get out of here and go get my endless shrimp okay Brooke
I’m gonna take you up on that we’re gonna go to Red Lobster now because I’m
starving you guys are so funny if I’ve missed your question today you can come
back tomorrow or you can private message me on Facebook you can also leave your
question after the saves to replay and I’ll try to get to it but I’m better
about replying to Facebook messages I feel like a broken record you guys are
hearing this over and over thank you all so very much for joining us again today
thank you for all the thumbs ups thank you for subscribing and until tomorrow
we’ll see you on the high seas Hey click me to subscribe

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