#PositiveImpact – PADI and Deutsche Bank

PADI got started
over 50 years ago by two friends who wanted to develop a system
for anyone to learn how to scuba dive. We’re training divers
to be comfortable and confident, enabling their adventure and exploration. And as they develop
an emotional connection with the ocean, look after it for the long run. A healthy ocean is so important.
In fact, it’s critical for humanity. PADI has been involved
in environmental conservation since day one. Our Pillars of Change programme is really to activate our community
to be a force for good. We were looking for a partner
who shared our mission. Deutsche Bank was a great facilitator. They called an awful lot of suitors that were interested in enabling
our investments in people and technology and programmes for the many decades ahead. We take a very hands-on approach when we work
with a client in an M&A situation. This type of process
typically takes about six months. You start doing the preparation phase,
working closely with the management team. You move onto the marketing phase
identifying potential partners. And then finally, negotiations. It’s like a marriage. And so it’s not just identifying
a certain party to put money into a company. It’s also the chemistry and fit between
the new partner and the management team. We spoke to potential partners from
North America, Europe and China. We thoroughly evaluate each candidate. That helps build a foundation
for a successful relationship. We’ve got a great partnership here.
And we love that. Deutsche Bank found us the right partner to back our long-term mission
and empower us along that journey. I’m not just advising on new investment. I’m helping PADI
teach the world how to dive. More than 26 million people worldwide
have learned to dive with PADI. PADI certification enables them
to discover a new world underwater. Deutsche Bank was sole adviser to PADI
on its acquisition by an international consortium of investors. Since 2015 Deutsche Bank has advised
on more than 640 M&A transactions globally, with a combined value of EUR 1.4 trillion. #Advisory #AnotherWorld #PositiveImpact

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