Pay idea bill with my idea mobile app get 5 percent Cash Back

Paying idea bill with my idea mobile app
open it and enter your mobile number now you will get the OTP and the application reads
the OTP.once the process completes then you will see click on pay bill,generate
otp,we are idea customers click on click on load wallet,click on pay
click credit card here we have to enter credit card details,and click generate
OTP.enter the OTP number.that it our transaction was we can see the
message.we have paid rs.601 to idea cellar.this is the transaction this is the process
of using idea pay money in your idea mobile app.that’s it thanks for watching.bye

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10 thoughts on “Pay idea bill with my idea mobile app get 5 percent Cash Back

  1. waste cx support agents and billing…I moved to Airtel with network issues on one of my number and they charged me 580/- as prorated…even I did not get that much bill since I'm with idea and I have sent many mails and the agents are calling and we will decrease the bill and they are sending mails that u need to pay…I even confirmed with the cx support agents twice before I'm changing the services about my bill and they everything is okay and you need to pay the general bill…. now I'm changing all my idea networks to other network and this is the worst experience with idea….I will suggest my friend and family to me away from idea….

  2. Thum techies को idea kithna salary detha. Bouth bekaar service है. Customer को sathanay का thankaha

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