Online school payments: how to register

This video demonstrates how to register
and access new login for the Aberdeenshire Council online school payment system.
This new procedure was introduced in December 2015. This is for both of those
who are new to online school payments and those who registered before December
and will take about five minutes. To start, go to
and at the top of any of the pages and find this pay button. Click on it and
scroll down and click on the school meals. This brings you to the new login
page. If you haven’t been here before you’ll need to register and you do so by
clicking on this link here. On this page if you have a national entitlement card
you can use this button here to register with VAT and slightly shortened process
but most people will have to click on this button to register. On this page
please enter all of your personal details making sure that the boxes with
red asterisks are filled in as they are required. Please enter your name exactly
as it appears on your passport or birth certificate. If you’ve previously
registered for online school payments please use the same email address you
did then to ensure your accounts remain linked. Next, create a unique username
ideally something memorable or if you click on this button the system will use
your email address as your username. Scroll down and click on next step. Here, please enter your postcode and click on find address. Select your address from the list. If the
system doesn’t find an address you can either try searching again or you can
click on the could not find address box and enter your address manually. Use your address and you come on to the next page. Here, please check your details are all
correct. Once you’re happy with that click to read the terms and conditions
and then tick to accept them before clicking on the yes my details are
correct box. The next page has additional questions and this can be useful to help
verify your details however the information you provide and this is
entirely optional. When you filled it out go to the bottom and click the complete
registration button. The system will now have sent you two emails. You need to go
in to check your email account to find them. When you open up your email account you’ll find two messages from MyGovScot Bearing in mind they may have been
sent to your junk mail folder the first. Of these messages will have a renotification of your username that you’ve just created and the second one will
have a one-time password. Please take a note of this password as you will need
it in the next step. To move on, click in the link below, the activate your account
now link and that takes you back to the login and signup page. Please enter the username you’ve just
created along with that one-time password you’ve been sent in the email
and then click sign-in. On the next screen you’ll be asked again to enter
that one-time password although this will be the last time you’re asked to
enter it and then to create a new password. Please take note of the hints
at the side. Passwords should be at least eight digits long and should have a
number of different types of character numbers capitals lower cases and one of
the lists of special characters. The line will only turn to accept it
once it meets all of the conditions. Type it again to make sure it’s the same
and click ‘Submit’. You’ll then be asked to share your information with the school
payment system so the login and the school payment system can share the
information. Please accept this and at this point new users will be
prompted to link their account with that of another other child. In order to link
your child you’ll need the child account reference number from the letters sent
out with every child. If you enter it here This is a long fairly complicated code
there are however no spaces in it. When finished click on the link account and
if you have any further children you can then use this button to link further
accounts. Please try not to use the back button in your browser but navigate by
using the menu buttons at the top. Alternatively, existing users who had
access to the online school payment system previously will find this screen. Here you’re being asked to enter a password this is a password you’d have
used previously before December. This is a one-time only operation to link the
login you have just created with your pre-existing account and you will not be
asked to enter this again. By following the steps in this guide you will now be
logged into the school payment system with a newly created username and
password. We hope this has been of help but if you have any further queries or
problems please call the helpline. you

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One thought on “Online school payments: how to register

  1. Great to see Aberdeenshire Council utilising such methods to intergate change. An extra piece on how to add funds may have been of use to some though (like me) but the help number will no doubt suffice in the morning. Many Thanks.

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